FM-2D/K Frequency Converter

FM-2D/K Frequency Converter
Frequency Converter
Special Features
The FM-2D/K is a µP-controlled frequency converter
with two pulse inputs. It can be applied in linking the
signals of two input pulses with flow direction signals.
Two freely programmable pulse outputs with flow direction processing
Flow-totalization of 2 water meters
Variable pulse provider types connectable
Current output freely scaleable and separated for forward and reverse flow
Output for current type with direction identification (-20 mA...+20 mA)
Separate relay outputs for forward and reverse volumes
Flow accumulation
2 Opto-coupler outputs used for pulses and direction signals or limit value 1 and
limit value 2
Forward and reverse totalization
Pulse divisor for pulse output, adjustable
Flowrate indicator
Integrated LC-Display for the display of volume, momentary flowrate and
programming data
Monitoring of limit values
M-Bus/Minibus-Data connection for reading of instant values
Remote reading
Programmed data is retained after power failure
Remote transmission
Galvanic isolation from supply, entry and output
Programmable on site by 5 buttons
Test mode as installation help
For single or compound meters
Housing equipped for wall or top hat railing
UK & Ireland Enquiries
Sensus Metering Systems
11 The Quadrangle, Abbey Park,
Romsey, Hampshire SO51 9DL UK
T: +44 (0) 1794 526100
F: +44 (0) 1794 526101
International Enquiries
Sensus Metering Systems GmbH Ludwigshafen
Industriestrasse 16,
67063 Ludwigshafen Germany
T: +49 (0) 621-6904-0
F: +49 (0) 621-6904-1409
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Description of Symbols
Connection Diagram
For cable length’s more than 3 m we propose to use screened cable for all inputs
and outputs
Connection Examples
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Menu Structure FM-2D/K
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Technical Data
Power supply
230 V AC (209...253 V), 115 V AC
24 V DC (20...27 V), 24 V AC (17...27 V)
Power consumption
8 VA
max. 1000 Ohm (at nominal supply voltage)
(max. 700 Ohm with connected 3-wire pulser)
100 x 73 x 124 mm (W x H x D)
approx. 650 g
Protection class
Housing IP 40; Terminals IP 20
Temperature range
operation: 0 ... +50 °C
storage: -10 ... + 80 °C
Universal sensor input for Opto-pulser
(Namur EN 50227), Reed- and opencollector-pulser
8.2 V, approx. 1kOhm
Current output
0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA (selectable)
Response time
16 step selectable (no damping = 0, max. damping = 15)
Max. transmission distance
approx. 14 km at 500 Ohm-load with a cable cross section of
1 mm2
Relay-pulse output
Relay closed, max. 48 V AC/DC, 1 A voltage free,
closure time 400 ms, max. 1 Hz, pulse value free selectable
Max transmission distance
approx. 500 m with direct connection
approx. 12 km with transistor relay
Opto-coupler outputs
max. 30 V, 30 mA, 150 mW, digit pulse 500 µs transmitted
Direction and limiting value continuous contact
Auxiliary voltage for feeding 3-wire sensor
12 V,10 mA
M-Bus output:
in compliance with IEC 870
Input frequency range
0 ... 300 Hz
(0 ... 150 Hz Flow direction identification)
Maximum cable length
approx. 6 km
(depending on cable quality and pulser type)
Contact bounce suppression
(depending on the input frequency and sensor type)
Liquid crystal display(LCD):
- Momentary flowrate
- Counter reading
- 8 Maximum-values (3 hour interval of the last 24 hrs);
- 8 Minimum-values (3 hour interval of the last 24 hrs);
Programming data:
- Flowrate range
- Input pulse validity
- Output pulse validity
- Standardized current range 0/4 ... 20 mA
- Response time(16-levels)
- Limit value
Lightning protection
To protect the device from voltage surges caused by lightning, installation of
lightning protection devices is recommended.
Intrinsic safety
If the water meter / pulser is to be installed in a hazardous area the FM-2D/K must
be installed in a safe area with the pulser inputs isolated by means of suitable
transistor relays.
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L S 5200 INT / 002-0204 • Subject to change without notice
5-input keys used in conjunction with LCD, configurable program protection
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