SMART Board 600i System Flowchart: Is there audio from the Unifi

SMART Board 600i System Flowchart: Is there audio from the Unifi
Fast Track Troubleshooting:
Is there audio from the Unifi™ 35 projector speakers?
1. Is your audio output device
plugged in and turned on?
Confirm that you have the audio cable plugged in
then turn on the audio output device.
Check that the two RCA audio cables from your audio source are securely connected to
the Extended Connection Panel (ECP).
2. Is the audio source
operating correctly?
Check that the audio from your computer is connected to the ECP mini stereo jack.
Check the ECP cable’s audio connection to the projector base.
See document 107283.
Check that your audio source, such as a DVD player or computer,
is operating correctly by connecting it to another speaker system, if possible.
Use the same cables to verify that they are working.
3. Is the volume set too low
or muted?
Use the remote control or the controls available on the device
to adjust the volume. Turn the volume control knob located on the pen tray clockwise
to increase the volume. Press the control module’s volume control knob to restore the
sound. Press it again to mute the sound. See document 107283.
Confirm that the 3.5 mm stereo and/or RCA cables are in the correct receptacles
on the ECP. See document 107283.
Press the MENU button on the projector’s remote control, choose from Input on the left
side of the remote, and then select Audio. Confirm the following minimum requirements:
Bass: 5, Treble: 5, Audio Mode: Stereo, Digital Audio Delay: 0.
See “Unifi 35 Projector Configuration” in document 87643.
NOTE: If the Loading screen doesn’t refresh, touch the
on-screen menu to refresh the screen.
Press the Menu button on the projector’s remote control and select Settings > Configure
Inputs > Properties. Select your audio input source and confirm that the selection
matches the audio cable you’re using. See “Customizing the Input Configuration”
in document 87643.
4. Is the audio cable plugged
in to the correct audio input on the
extended connection panel (ECP)?
5. Do you have the right
Unifi 35 audio settings?
6. Do the Unifi 35
on-screen menu settings
match the audio cable
in use?
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