BASSBOSS SSP118 Profundo Subwoofer - D

BASSBOSS SSP118 Profundo Subwoofer - D
Profundo Powered Subwoofer
Ultra Deep sound from a Single 18” box
• Solid, Flat Response To 24 Hz, 21 Hz from Pairs
• 2400W Class D High-Current Amplifier
• Reliable, Protected, Self-Powered System
• Deepest Response Mobile Sub on the Market
• Quick And Easy Setup, Just Power and Signal Cables
• Full Warranty Includes Drivers & Voice Coils
The ZV18 is an extended low-frequency loudspeaker that redefines the
capabilities of portable, single 18-inch subwoofers. The ZV18 will change
your perspective on what is possible from a single 18” sub.
It will produce the notes and effects that are totally lost on ordinary
subwoofers. It offers a way to reveal elements of music that make
it more real, bigger, more powerful, emotional and involving.
Based on the ground-breaking ZV28 subwoofer design, the ZV18 will
reproduce the lowest of low bass frequencies. It combines the
performance of the ZV28 with the BASSBOSS high-power single-18" sub
designs perfect for mobile applications. After many requests for a smaller
version of the ZV28, we shrank the cabinet, but not the performance or
frequency range, offering unheard of lower frequency response in a
single 18" cabinet.
A single ZV18 is capable of reproducing frequencies as low as 24Hz.
Multiple boxes will allow for low-frequency extension to 21Hz.
The unprocessed frequency response of the ZV18 is 23Hz to 180Hz,
+-3dB. The low-pass filter is adjustable from 68 to 80Hz, thus with the
high-pass and low-pass filters engaged, the operational frequency
response is +-3dB from 24Hz to 68Hz through 80Hz (adjustable.) The
measured maximum continuous output of the loudspeaker is 127dB,
which puts peak output at 133dB for a single, 139 dB for a pair.
The ZV18 features a single 18-inch diameter woofer that has a
4.5-inch diameter voice coil and is rated to handle 1700W RMS and
3400W program power. The ZV18 also features a 2400W RMS
high-current amplifier along with a comprehensive DSP package that
incorporates high-pass filters, low-pass filers and a full complement of
protections to allow the system to operate at maximum output levels for
extended periods.
The amplifier on the ZV18 is recessed into the back of the cabinet. This
protects the connectors and controls from damage should something be
bumped into the cabinet or if the cabinet is pushed into a wall or set on
its back, even with the cables still connected. The recess also helps to
reduce the exposure of the amplifier to moisture from spills or light rain.
With optionall custom-cut faceplate
There are 4 large ports to maximize low-frequency performance.
The ports are deliberately not covered by the speaker grill so as to
prevent air-flow noise that can be caused by air being forced through the
grill. The port openings and amplifier recess also offer grab points on the
front and rear of the cabinet. The port walls, handles and amplifier recess
are all designed to serve as braces in addition to their primary purposes,
making the cabinet extremely rigid.
The cabinet features a pole-socket to allow a mid-high or full-range
speaker to be supported on a pole above the subwoofer. There are 2
large handles on each side of the box. The handles are backed by a
large common chamber to allow for cable storage when the cabinet is in
transit. The handles are centered on the mass of the cabinet, slightly
forward of the physical center of the cabinet. The handles on each side
are placed and shaped to allow the cabinet to be lifted and carried by two
hands when horizontal or by one hand when vertical.
It's made in the USA from premium 18mm Baltic Birch. The ZV18 cabinet
measures 29.5 inches wide by 24 inches high by 36 inches deep. The
sub features four large rubber feet on the bottom and four matching
recesses on the top of the cabinet for secure stacking of multiple boxes
while in use or in transport. The feet also fit into matching recesses on
the available transport cart, ensuring the loudspeaker stays on the cart
when rolling into and out of venues.
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Profundo Powered Subwoofer
Loudspeaker Description:
Extended Low-Frequency Single 18 Inch Powered Subwoofer
Frequency Response (±3 dB, Pair):
21 Hz - Adjustable from 60 to 95 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
Frequency Response (±1.5 dB):
Maximum Sustained Output:
Maximum Sustained Output, Pair:
Short-term Peak Output:
Short-term Peak Output, Paur:
Nominal Dispersion (°H x °V):
22 Hz - Adjustable from 60 to 95 Hz
127 dB SPL, 1 meter, half-space (ground plane)
133 dB SPL, 1 meter, half-space (ground plane)
133 dB
139 dB
360 x 360
2400 Watt RMS Class D Amplifier
Integrated comprehensive DSP provides high pass, low pass, delay and limiting
Electrical Connector, Mains:
NEMA5-15 (Edison)
Electrical Input Connector:
Voltage Operating Range:
Current Draw, Nominal:
Signal Input Connector:
Signal Output Connector:
Neutrik Powercon input (Blue) NAC3FCA
90-132VAC, 55-65Hz
565 W, 4.7A
XLR-M pass-through only
Enclosure Type:
Cabinet Construction:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Direct radiating, vented enclosure, optimally tuned for low frequency response with high sensitivity and high power handling
1 x 18 in. diameter (457 mm) woofer with 4.5 in. (115 mm) copper winding voice coil and 60 mm (2.36") peak to peak excursion.
Waterproof fiber composite cone
18 mm Baltic Birch plywood, extensive integrated bracing. Equipped with 4 handles, 1 pole socket and interlocking rubber feet
24 in. x 29.5 in. x 36 in. (24.75 in. high with feet)
Net Weight:
161 lbs
Exterior Finish:
Weatherproof bonded high-pressure polyurethane
Shipping Weight:
185 lbs
Perforated, powder-coated steel
Heavy-duty padded nylon transport covers for 1 to 2 cabinets
Optional custom-cut aluminum faceplate
Transport Dollies:
Dolly cart with 4 locking casters and recesses to accept interlocking cabinet feet for transporting 1 or 2 cabinets
Online Information:
Suspension System:
Rack Amplification:
Flying Hardware:
16 x 3/8-16 tpi threaded flypoints
Complete power package including DSP in two space rack chassis for permanent installations
Side-pull anchors and/or shoulder eyebolts
Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.
Profundo Powered Subwoofer
With optionall custom-cut faceplate
Response Graph
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