Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Assembly Instructions
Raspberry Pi Camera Mount
Assembly Instructions
This portable compact camera mount is a great addition for your Raspberry Pi
camera projects. This enables you to take perfect still shots of your subject and
at the best angle.
Contents of the Raspberry Pi camera mount should include the following:
x 1 mini Tri-pod with rubber feet
x1 ABS camera mount
x1 M5 Stainless steel nut
x4 M2 Nylon screws
x4 M2 Nylon nuts
1. Peel off plastic protective sleeving from camera mount
2. Feed Pi Camera cable through the slot and place front of camera through the cut out
hole on the mount.
3. Turn over the camera and plastic mount then place the additional back plastic cut
out over the back of the camera, making sure it fits over the ribbon cable connector
4. Turn over the Camera and mount so the Pi camera is now facing towards you and
insert x4 M2 Nylon screws into the holes in the plastic mount and camera. Make sure
the screw fits through all three layers.
5. Turn over the Pi camera mount once more making sure the screws do not fall out
and place all x4 M2 Nylon nuts onto the screws tightening all 3 layers together so
they fasten in the Pi Camera.
6. Insert the stainless steel Nut into the cut out at the base of the Pi camera mount
pressing down firmly.
7. Take the Tripod and thread the screw through the nut on the camera mount using
the wheel thread. Tighten to your desired level.
8. Finally bend the tripod legs for the perfect camera shot an attach to your Raspberry
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