Specifications: SA502 Mounting hardware included

Specifications: SA502 Mounting hardware included
Specifications: SA502
Input Impedance
Input Sensitivity
THD+ Noise
Frequency Response (± 3 dB)
Max Gain
Power per Channel @ < 10 % THD
Power per Channel @ < 1 % THD
Bridged Mono Power @ < 1 % THD
Power Output
Power Requirements
Signal to Noise Ratio
Amplifier Output Power
Port length
Height (SM = Height)
Diameter (SM = Width)
SM Depth (Including Bracket)
Accessories Optional
Regulatory - UL
Regulatory - CE
Regulatory - RoHS
Regulatory - CCC
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Mounting hardware included
47 kohm line level, 600 ohm balanced
0.5 v line input
<.1% below rated output power
20 Hz – 20 kHz
34 dB (8 ohm)
55 watts (8 ohm) 2 x 70 watts (4 ohms)
50 watts (8 ohm) 65 watt (4 ohm)
90 watts (4 ohm)
50 Hz – 20 kHz +0, -3 dB
32 v DC, 3.75A
> 83 dB (50 watts)
50 Watts RMS >.5% THD
101.6 mm (4.0 in.)
RCA Unbalanced/Single Euro Block Balanced - 500 mV
for full output
30.5 mm / 1.2 in
99.1 mm / 3.9 in
101.6 mm / 4.0 in
0.26 kg / 0.56 lbs
Rack Mount Adapter (AC-SA502-RMA)
34 dB maximum gain with 2
x 50 watt output. Three
operating modes: stereo,
mono or bridged mono.
Three user selectable inputs:
balanced stereo (Euroblock),
stereo unbalanced mini jack,
or high level Euroblock.
External 12-32 V trigger.
Signal detecting auto
standby to con- serve
energy. Dual concentric gain
controls for inde- pendent
channel control. 20 Hz- 20
kHz frequency response. 120
Hz high pass switch. Small
size- 1.2″ x 3.9″ x 4″. Rugged
aluminum housing.
Small, powerful and costeffective, theSA502 is
engineered for external
amplification with
SoundTube and other highfidelity speakers. Additional
applications include digital
signage, education, point of
purchase,museums, surgical
centers, AV carts or any
application where a small
amplifier is needed to boost
a limited source output
(e.g.,computers, A/V
projectors, etc.).
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SoundTube and MSE Audio
Group constantly develop
new technologies that
enhance audio product
performance. SoundTube
innovations are protected by
multiple U.S. and
international patents, which
explicitly cover SoundTube
dispersion, enclosure and
dome technologies. MSE
Audio Group actively
defends its patents in order
to protect SoundTube
resellers and end users.
Technical Data
and Specification
Technical Data
SoundTube Entertainment
strives to provide complete
and effective technical
information and data to
dealers, engineers and
designers. All data are
available from SoundTube
Entertainment or at
Technical data and
downloads include: EASE™
data – 3-D polar plots.
EASE™ Address – 2-D
modeling for distributed
systems Autodesk® Revit®
software Tech Sheets –
Technical information and
architectural specs for
system engineers
SoundTubeSPEC™ –
Proprietary speaker
placement software
Data Acquisition and
All data for SoundTube
speakers are independently
collected from and verified
by NWAA Labs
(www.nwaalabs. com) using
their proprietary MACH
testing system. All data are
collected and analyzed
according to ASTM, ISO and
AES standards using EASRA,
TEF and MLSSA. Full
balloon data including both
phase and magnitude are
compiled into a variety of
formats including EASE 4.x,
GLL and CLF.
•34 dB maximum gain with 2 x
50 watt output.
•Three operating modes:
stereo, mono or bridged mono
•Three user selectable inputs:
balanced stereo (euroblock),
stereo unbalanced mini jack, or
high level euroblock.
•External 12-32 V trigger
•Signal detecting auto standby
to conserve energy
•Bi-color LED on front panel
indicateswhen unit has power
(red) and when signal is sensed
•Dual concentric gain controls
for independent channel
•20 Hz- 20 kHz frequency
•120 Hz high pass switch
•Small size- 1.2″ x 3.9″ x 4″
•Rugged aluminum housing
•Optional Accessories: rack
mount adapter kit (AC-SA502RMA)
The amplifier shall be a 50watt per channel (8 ohm)
Class D amplifier.The
amplifier shall provide three
inputs including a balanced
stereo euroblock,
enbalanced line level mini
jack, and a stereo speaker
level (amplified) euroblock
input for applications with
low wattage speaker
outputs. The SA502 also
includes a variable 34 dB
maximum gain control. The
amplifier shall provide three
operating modes including
stereo, dual mono, or
bridged mono. Performance
specifications of a typical
production unit shall be as
follows:50 watts per channel
(20 Hz – 20 kHz, 8ohm,
stereo) or 65 watt per
channel (20Hz – 20 kHz, 4
ohm stereo) at 1% THD. The
high-pass filter shall have an
f3 of 120 Hz and a slope 12
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dB per octave. The external
wiring output connector
shall be a Euroblock
connector that accepts from
12 – 22-gauge wire. The
power input shall either be
by three pin Euroblock that
accepts from 12 -22-gauge
wire or barrel connection.
The system shall be for
indoor applications. The
enclosure shall be
constructed of extruded
aluminum with integrated
heat-sink fins. Overall
cabinet dimensions shall be
no more than 30.5 mm(1.2
in.) in height by 99.1 mm
(3.9 in.) in width and 101.6
mm (4.0 in.) in depth. The
system shall include the
amplifier,pole/surface mount
adapter, power supply,
stereo RCA female to mini
male adapter, two male 4pin euroblock connector
sand two 3-pin eurblock
connectors. The system shall
be the SA502 for
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All SoundTube products come
with a 5-year limited warranty.
Mechanical Drawings
Optional Accessories
Rack Mount Adapter (AC-SA502-RMA)
SoundTube Entertainment manufactures a complete line of speakers for: Open-Ceiling • In-Ceiling • Surface-Mount • Outdoor • Sound-Focusing All
SoundTube products are designed and engineered in the USA.
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