lighting control - Visual Productions

lighting control - Visual Productions
lighting control
CueluxPro is an advanced and scalable lighting
control application. The software is designed to
control medium to large lighting installations, for
both architectural and live-entertainment situations.
CueluxPro works in combination with the CueCore
and QuadCore as its DMX interfaces. IoCores can
be connected to provide GPI and GPO ports. The
The CueluxPro software is also the tool for designing and
B-Station is supported as a remote control unit. All devices are
programming lighting scenes and effects that can be stored
connected by Ethernet.
inside the stand-alone memory of the CueCore and QuadCore.
Cross Platform
CueluxPro is available for Windows, Mac & Linux.
VisualTouch is an external program that runs on
It can be installed on multiple computers; the
Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It features buttons
one connected to the hardware becomes ‘live’.
and faders to trigger CueluxPro.
Cuelist System
Matrix Pixel Mapping
The application uses the cuelist system for
LED matrix control is a feature deeply embedded
programming the fixtures; an industry-standard
within CueluxPro. It is very intuitive to control
system that is familiar to most lighting operators.
the matrix in unison with the other fixture types.
Timeline Editor
CueluxPro is a scalable system. Starting from
CueluxPro features a timeline editor for
a single CueCore you can expand up to 16
programming accurate light-shows, it can be
CueCores and QuadCores. Plus several IoCores.
synchronized by various time-code protocols.
Multi Protocol
Support for various protocols including DMX-512,
The software can be fully controlled by OSC. A
Art-Net, MIDI, UDP, OSC, MTC, SMPTE, RS-232 &
TouchOSC template is available that mimics the
GPI. To be used for triggering and conversions.
software’s GUI, including feedback.
CueCore Programming
CueluxPro can be used to program the internal
Multiple MIDI control surfaces can be connected
memories of the CueCore and QuadCore. This
to enhance the GUI of CueluxPro. Adding MIDI
is particularly time-saving in a multiple CueCore
controllers offers the tactile feel of knobs and
The CueCore2 is a 1,024 DMX channel lighting controller
The QuadCore is a solid-state lighting controller that features
for permanent installations. The device is completely solid-
2,048 DMX channels across 4 DMX outputs. The onboard flash
state, with no moving parts; it is an extremely secure and
memory allows for storing DMX shows.
low-maintenance installation control solution that has only a
The QuadCore includes a 4-universe license of CueluxPro.
minimal power consumption.
Larger universe numbers are achieved by stacking more
All operating and programming is done through its dynamic
QuadCores. Targeted at channel hungry projects that typically
involve pixel mapping, the QuadCore reduces the cost per DMX
universe in a CueluxPro installation.
web interface. Each CueCore includes a 2-universe licence for
the CueluxPro software.
Stand-Alone Playback
Simultaneous playback of dynamic DMX shows
The units are constructed without any moving
or static lighting scenes. They can be recorded
part or forced cooling. Data is securely stored in
from DMX, Art-Net, sACN or CueluxPro.
onboard flash. Designed for maximum reliability.
Show Control
Internal Clock
Events can be triggered via weekdays, date,
The internal clock is used for scheduling events
time, sunrise, sunset, DMX, Art-Net, sACN,
based on time, date or weekday. NTP is supported
for synchronising with an external server.
Trigger events, convert or synchronise playback
Multiple Cores can easily be used together.
by time-code. Both units support Art-Net,
Only the master needs to have its triggers
CueCore2 also features SMPTE and MTC.
programmed, the slaves will follow in sync.
MIDI (CueCore2 only)
Ethernet-DMX node
IN and OUT port supporting MIDI, MSC and
The devices can also function as a 2- or
MMC. Incoming messages can be used to
4-universe bi-directional Ethernet to DMX node.
trigger functions within the CueCore2.
It supports Art-Net, sACN and KiNet.
GPI (CueCore2 only)
DMX Merging
The GPI port features 4 dry contact-closures,
The QuadCore can merge incoming data
which can trigger any event within the
from DMX, Art-Net and sACN. The merging
CueCore. The ports can also be set to 0-10V
behaviour can be de ned by setting the HTP,
level input.
LTP or Priority options.
The IoCore is an expansion module in the product family of
The B-Station is a wall-mount button panel with 6 push-
solid-state lighting controllers. It offers interfacing to digital and
buttons. It can remote control any function within the CueCore,
analogue inputs and digital outputs and supports various other
QuadCore or CueluxPro. The buttons are back-lit and can
protocols that are common in lighting and show control.
provide visual feedback, for example, to indicate the selected cue
The compact and versatile IoCore is the ideal expansion for
or active show. Multiple units can be networked together.
the CueCore and QuadCore in projects that demand more
The B-Station fits European and North American gang boxes.
IO. Furthermore, IoCore is equally well suited for standalone
Easy to wall-mount, even when no gang box is available. The
IO interfacing or working together with any third-party show
B-Station contains an inbuilt lighting controller that is sufficient
control system.
for most small architectural projects.
Flexible Inputs
6 Push-Buttons
The digital inputs allow for an easy connection
The buttons are backlit by white LEDs. There is
with switches and sensors. When set to
complete freedom in choosing which function
analogue, they support 0-10V and 1-10V levels.
is assigned to the buttons.
Relay-Switch Outputs
Stand-Alone Controller
Fitted with relays for switching of devices like
Control small architectural installations stand-
A/V equipment, curtains or blinds. They can be
alone with the in-built lighting controller for 32
triggered through DMX, RS-232, Art-Net, OSC
fixtures, up to 768 cues, 6 zones, including FX
and UDP.
RDM Splitter (Terminal)
RDM Splitter (RJ-45)
Optically isolated splitter for distributing and boosting DMX-512
Optically isolated splitter for distributing and boosting DMX-512
6 DMX-512 Outputs
Optical isolation per port
Terminal connectors
DIN Rail mounted
9-24V DC
6 DMX-512 Outputs
Optical isolation per port
Terminal connectors
DIN Rail mounted
9-24V DC
The Cuelux software is a very intuitive
Windows and Ubuntu Linux. The
operate the software. Combined with its
mid-range software lighting control desk,
software is shipped with a USB-to-DMX
affordable price, Cuelux is available to
incorporating a range of easy and clever
adapter cable that easily fits in your
a large audience of Light Jockeys, DJ’s,
features. Cuelux is a DMX-512 lighting
laptop bag.
free-lance technicians, rental companies
and tour bands.
controller for intelligent lights, LED,
dimmers, lasers and various other effects.
Key to the design of Cuelux is its
intuitive graphical user-interface. It
A fresh and feature-rich design has made
The programme is platform independent
is specially designed to reduce the
Cuelux the ideal controller for many
and available on Mac OS X, Microsoft
amount of time required to learn how to
Lighting Professionals.
DMX-512 + Art-Net
512 channels
Unlimited Cuelists, Groups and Sub-masters
64 playback faders + 64 buttons
Shape generator
iPhone Remote App
MIDI Controller mapping
3800+ Personality files
32-bit and 64-bit hardware drivers
Includes Personality Builder
Available in 13+ languages
Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that
turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. Easy
to use and budget friendly, Cuety enables you to take
full advantage of the iPad’s mobility and multi-touch
display. The controller has full support for moving
heads, LEDs, conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects.
The Cuety app requires the LPU-1 or LPU2 Lighting Processing Unit. This device
is connected via ethernet and offers a
optically isolated DMX-512 port.
The system architecture of the Cuety and LPU is
designed for robustness. The LPU contains the engine
that runs your show, calculates fade times and renders
DMX Channels
dynamic FXs. The App is your user-interface.
Cues per Playback
Cuety adapts a cuelist based system that is the standard
FX Generator
in the professional lighting industry. You will be program-
Personality Files
ming your lights according to the same workflow that
LDs use for stadium-size events. Cuety just simplifies it.
An inbuilt FX generator provides you with automatic
movements for pan & tilt, various intensity chases and
colourful RGB effects. The FX generator can be tweaked
by changing its speed, size and phase parameters.
The Cuety Remote is a simple and intuitive app for
your iPhone. It allows you to remote control your LPU.
You can use it to call up your pre-programmed cues
with-out the risk of inadvertently making a change.
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