connector for mentor graphics design manager

connector for mentor graphics design manager
Connector for Mentor Graphics Design Manager manages Mentor Graphics Design Manager designs throughout
the product life cycle to accelerate product development. It leverages the design team collaboration capabilities of
Collaborative Innovation to facilitate a concurrent printed circuit board (PCB) design process resulting in fewer
engineering changes and lower production costs.
Ensuring that the right design data are being properly shared
and managed across the value chain of a company’s suppliers,
partners and customers is vital to its ability to bring products
to market quickly and correctly the first time. In PCB designs,
this effort is complicated by several factors including that
electronic designs are growing exponentially in complexity
(creating several gigabytes of data) and that corporations have
geographically dispersed design teams across multiple time
zones. As design and manufacturing functions continue to
occur outside the walls of an organization, it is increasingly
critical that all members contributing to the PCB design process
have full access to the most recent design data, when they
need it and wherever they are located.
Connector for Mentor
electronic designers to
extended enterprise,
times, reducing design
market faster.
Connector for Mentor Graphics Design Manager allows PCB
development teams to collaborate during the board design
process, and to collect, track, protect and deliver product design
information seamlessly across Electronic Computer Aided
Design (ECAD) systems and other enterprise applications.
Commands are organized into folders depending on the stage
that the design is in within the development process. Within
each stage, the most relevant commands are easily accessible.
For example, the command to generate a bill of material (BOM)
only makes sense if a schematic design exists. Therefore, the
command only exists during the schematic development stage.
Connector for Mentor Graphics Design Manager provides a
simple, yet secure, workgroup and enterprise data management
system that integrates directly into ECAD design environments,
allowing a designer to easily share electronic design data with
other designers, enterprise users and partners.
Connector for Mentor Graphics Design Manager is intended
to work with Collaborative Innovation in order to create a
collaborative environment for managing design data from
multiple electronic and/or mechanical CAD tools. Users are
able to:
• Manage both schematic and layout data as a single object.
• Release the entire design as one CAD model.
• Create derived outputs (i.e. manufacturing data generated
automatically by the ECAD application).
• Manage design variants as defined in the ECAD application,
each with its own derived outputs.
• Assign the design to workspace folders to facilitate
• Synchronize attributes between the ECAD library and parts
in 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.
Graphics Design Manager enables
share design information with the
thereby shortening development
errors and introducing products to
Desktop Cockpit Interface
Users can easily access their ECAD design data and
common Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) commands
through a desktop application and still work in their native
design application.
Task Oriented Commands
Event Window
An event window allows the user to see the status of a
task or command in 3DEXPERIENCE platform or the design
tool. The events can be saved to a log file to record events
automatically in order to provide an audit trail that can be used to
diagnose problems.
Flexible Design and Variant
Configuration Management
Connector for Mentor Graphics Design Manager enables
better control of design data through check-in and checkout of
electrical design data and flexible configuration management.
The product also supports unlimited board assembly variants
without having to maintain duplicate schematics or manually
edit BOMs. This ensures there is one source of the truth
for manufacturing.
BOM Management
A BOM can be generated automatically anytime during
the design process for review by designers, procurement,
and component engineers to estimate cost, part status and
availability. A preliminary BOM can be created for early
concept design collaboration even before an ECAD design is
formally managed in 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The design
BOM can be modified by adding and removing parts manually
or automatically by importing a parts list in a comma delimited
format (CSV). The design BOM can be verified to ensure that
the parts are available for production. When it is ready for
collaboration, the BOM can be made available to users of
Product Engineer to create markups and add comments of
proposed changes. Once approved, BOM markups can be
applied to an Engineering Change Order (ECO) to automatically
implement the change.
Library Information Management
By synchronizing part data between 3DEXPERIENCE
platform and ECAD libraries, designers can make smarter
component choices early in the design process, reducing design
iterations and product development times. This feature allows
bi-directional transfer of part information ensuring that data is
synchronized as changes are made in either 3DEXPERIENCE
platform or ECAD libraries. Therefore, designers can use native
CAD tools to find PCB components and display 3DEXPERIENCE
platform attributes. Furthermore, enterprise users can use
3DEXPERIENCE platform to find CAD parts and display CAD
parameters. Synchronization is based on Product Engineer part
types or Classification Manager classes. Batch mode allows
updates to be made periodically or as needed.
• Maintain accurate representations of the intended
design in the PLM database.
• Achieve centralized management of all CAD files.
• Control work-in-process, engineering changes,
data, documents, and dynamic configurations.
• Give non-engineering personnel direct,
task-specific access to current CAD data.
• Reduce the possibility of redundant, inaccurate
or out-of-date product information.
• Improve design control and business process
management to realize truly functional product
development and delivery.
• Reduce the number of design iterations by
enabling enterprise collaboration throughout the
design process between electrical and mechanical
designers, purchasing, manufacturing, and
partners while protecting intellectual property
from unauthorized access.
• Reduce scrap and re-work costs by
minimizing data transfer errors between
engineering and manufacturing.
• Reduce ramp up production lead times by
providing component information to your supply
chain earlier in the development process through
preliminary BOMs.
Derived Outputs
Derived outputs such as netlists, drawing plots, milling data,
artwork, drill data and other manufacturing information can be
automatically generated and stored with the design.
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