To store a frequency: 1. Select the desired band: AM, FM1, or FM2. 2

To store a frequency: 1. Select the desired band: AM, FM1, or FM2. 2
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To store a frequency:
1. Select the desired band: A M ,
FM1, or FM2.
Main Menu
2. Use the TUNE or SEEK
function to find a desired
3. Pick the preset button you
want for that station. Press the
button and hold it until you
hear a beep.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to store a
total of six stations on AM and
twelve on FM.
Once a station's frequency is
stored, simply press and release
the proper preset button to tune to
it. The number of the preset
button you have selected is shown
in the display.
The preset frequencies will be lost
if your vehicle's battery goes dead
or is disconnected.
SCAN — The SCAN function
samples all the stations with
strong signals on the selected
band. To activate it, press the
SEEK/SCAN button until you hear
a beep, then release it. The system
will scan up the band for a station
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with a strong signal. When it finds
one, it will stop and play that
station for approximately five
seconds. If you do nothing, the
system will then scan for the next
strong station and play that for
five seconds. When it plays a
station that you want to continue
listening to, press the
SEEK/SCAN button again.
Table of Contents
Main Menu
Adjusting the Sound
Bass, Treble, Balance, and Fader
are each adjustable. You select
which of these you want to adjust
by pressing the MODE button
several times. The selected mode,
BAS, TRE, FAD, or BAL is shown
in the display.
Balance/Fader — These two
modes adjust the strength of the
sound coming from each speaker.
B A L adjusts the side-to-side
strength, while FAD adjusts the
front-to-back strength.
Select BAL or FAD by pressing
the MODE button. Adjust the
Balance or Fader to your liking by
pressing the
key by the
MODE button. The number in the
display (from R7 to L7 for BAL,
from R7 to F7 for FAD) shows
you the current setting.
Treble/Bass — Use these modes to
adjust the tone to your liking.
Select TRE or BAS by pressing
the MODE button. Adjust the
desired mode by pressing the
key. The displayed number
(from — 5 to 5) shows you the
current setting.
The system w i l l automatically
return the display to normal mode
about seven seconds after you stop
adjusting a mode with the keys.
Radio Frequencies and
For information, see page 136.
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Operating the Cassette Player
The ignition switch must be in
ACCESSORY or ON. Make sure
the tape opening on the cassette is
facing to the right, then insert the
cassette most of the way into the
slot. The system will pull it in the
rest of the way, and begin to play.
The tape direction indicator will
light to show you which side of
the cassette is playing. The
indicates the side you inserted
facing upward is now playing. If
you want to play the other side,
press the
(preset 2) button.
If the cassette was recorded using
Dolby noise reduction, turn it on
by pressing the
(preset 5)
button. You will see
in the
You can switch between the
cassette and the radio by pressing
the FM/AM and TAPE buttons.
When you press the FM/AM
button with a cassette playing, the
radio begins to play and the
cassette stops but does not eject.
To begin playing the cassette at
the same point, press the TAPE
When the system reaches the end
of the tape, it will automatically
reverse direction and play the
other side. If you want to remove
the cassette from the drive, press
the EJECT button.
When you turn off the ignition
switch, the system stops the tape
but does not eject the cassette. It
will begin to play when you turn
the ignition switch back on. To
eject the tape, even with the
ignition switch off, press the
EJECT button.
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Table of Contents
Main Menu
Tape Search Functions
With a cassette playing, you can
use the FF, REW, or APS function
to find a desired program.
FF/REW — Fast Forward and
Rewind move the tape rapidly.
Press and release the
(preset 1) to rewind, or the
button (preset 3) to fast forward.
You will see REW or FF in the
display. Press the
button to
return to PLAY mode. If the
system reaches the end of the tape
while in fast forward or rewind, it
automatically stops that function,
reverses direction, and begins to
To return to the beginning of the
current song or passage, press
once. To return to the beginning
of the previous song, press
Table of Contents
APS — The Automatic Program
Search function allows you to find
the beginning of a song or
passage. Use the
(preset 4) or
(preset 6) buttons to activate
For example, the first song on the
cassette is playing, and you wish
to listen to the third song. Press
twice; you will see FF and 2
displayed. The system will fast
forward the tape to the beginning
of the third song, then return to
PLAY mode.
Main Menu
If the system reaches the end of
the tape before finding the
selected song or passage, it
reverses direction and returns to
PLAY mode.
To cancel APS, press the
The APS function uses silent
periods on the tape to find the end
of a song or passage. This feature
may not work to your satisfaction
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if there is almost no gap between
selections, a high noise level
between selections, or a silent
period in the middle of a
Caring for the Cassette
Damaged cassettes can jam inside
the drive or cause other problems.
See page 141 for information on
cassette care and protection.
Comfort and Convenience Features
Table of Contents
Main Menu
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