Downloading RHPL eAudiobooks to your iPod/MP3 Player

Downloading RHPL eAudiobooks to your iPod/MP3 Player
Downloading RHPL eAudiobooks to your
iPod/MP3 Player
Before You Begin
1. Download and install the free OverDrive Media Console software onto your computer.
2. Open up OverDrive Media Console. Click on Tools, then click Windows Media Player Security
Upgrade. Click OK. Windows Media Player will open.
a. If you see the message “The file or device that you are trying to use requires a component of
Windows Media Player to be upgraded. Click Upgrade to download and install the required
component.” – Click Upgrade
b. When you see the message: “The Component was upgraded successfully.” – Click Close
Logging in (use a personal computer to complete
this step, not your Kindle’s browser or smartphone)
1. Go to Click on eAudioBooks
on the top of the screen
2. Click on OverDrive eAudioBooks. You will be
redirected to the MetroNet Online Lending Library.
3. Click Log In at the top of the screen. Select RHPL from the drop down list and enter your library
card number
Finding a book
1. Click on Advanced Search at
the top of the screen
2. Type in the title or author or
leave the space blank to
a. If you have an iPod, Change
the format to MP3
b. If you have an MP3 player,
change the format to WMA
c. If you would like to find a
book that is checked in
right now, click the box
next to only show titles with copies available
Checking out an eAudiobook
1. Once you have a found a book that you would like to check out, click Add to my eCart. (If a title
is available, it will say add to my ecart, otherwise you may place it on hold and receive an email
message when it is your turn to check it out)
2. On the next
verify that
added a Kindle Book to your cart and then click Proceed to Checkout
3. Select your lending period (7, 10, or 14 days) and then click on Confirm Check Out
you have
1. Click the Download button under the
book’s cover image.
2. OverDrive Media Console will open
and you will be asked where to save
your eAudiobook file. Click OK to
accept the default folder location.
3. Select which parts of the eAudiobook
you would like to download and click
4. Your eAudiobook will download, with progress indicated at the bottom of the OverDrive Media
Console window. Note that the download may take several minutes depending on the length of
the book.
1. Make sure your iPod or MP3 player is connected to your computer. Select the title you wish to
transfer, and click the Transfer button.
2. Click Next and OverDrive Media Console will search for your portable player. Then select the
parts of the eAudiobook you wish to transfer and click Next again (all parts will be selected by
3. If you are transferring to an iPod, you may be prompted to set your device to Manually manage
music and change your Import Settings to Spoken Podcast. Follow the steps provided by the
transfer wizard to change these settings.
4. The eAudiobook will transfer to your player (this could take several minutes). When it has
successfully transferred, click Finish and disconnect your player from your computer.
If you have any questions or need additional assistance with this process, please call us at 248-650-7130
or fill out our Support Request Form online.
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