Equipment Available for Loan

Equipment Available for Loan
Microphones and PA Systems
Portable sound systems - reinforce sound to an indoor
or outdoor audience
Handheld P.A. speakers - to reinforce a lecturer’s
speaking voice to a smaller group
Micro P.A. Speaker - lightweight, battery operated unit,
for portable sound reinforcement
Mini Sound Systems - sound reinforcement from a
device to smaller groups
Conference Microphone PA System - Daisy-chained
portable sound system designed for panel discussion
Wireless lavaliere microphones - clips to speaker’s
lapel for non-tethered speaking
Wired lavaliere microphones - clips to speaker’s lapel
for clearer, more consistent audio
Handheld wireless microphones - Hand held usage or
with a microphone stand for non-tethered speaking
Handheld wired microphones - Hand held usage or
with a microphone stand for clearer, more consistent audio
USB condenser microphones - wired microphone for
recording audio directly into a computer via a USB port
USB wireless mic - lavaliere microphone clips to a
speaker’s lapel for recording into a computer via USB
Audio cables - For sending audio signals between devices
Video cables - For sending video signals between devices
Ethernet cables - Access the internet via a network jack
DVI cables - to connect select computers to certain
projection systems
USB Cables - Connect standard peripherals to a computer
Firewire Cables - IEEE 1394 standard to connect to high
storage capacity peripherals
VGA (monitor) cables - standard monitor cable to
connect a computer to a projection system
AC power cables - For common grounded electronics
Ground adapters - Converts 3 prong grounded power
cables for use in 2 prong outlets
Extension cords - 25’, 16 gauge
Power strips (surge protectors) - 6 outlet multi strip
HDMI Cables - For connecting devices enabled with high
definition multimedia interfaces
Other Accessories
Equipment carts - Transport equipment for indoor use
Transportation carts - Use to transport large equipment
Projection stands - For setting up A/V equipment in areas
with limited presentation surfaces
Other Accessories (continued)
Portable table top lecterns - Forms a lectern for
presenter’s notes to rest in an area with a flat surface
Portable free standing lectern - Self sufficient lectern
for presenter’s notes in an open presentation space
HDTV - High definition LCD monitor with TV tuner
Dissolve units - Seamlessly interchange between two
different 35mm slide shows
35mm wired remotes - Wired remotes for 35mm slide
35mm RF remotes - Wireless remotes for 35mm slide
35mm lenses - Long or short throw for varying distances
Slide carousels - Standard 80 slots for 35mm slides
Film reels - Spools a 16mm film in reel-to-reel usage
Laser pointers - low wavelength laser pointers to
Available for Loan
enhance your presentation
Mini laser pointers - smaller pointers with a higher
2 Way radios - For short range 2 way communication
Tripods - Secure to a camcorder or still camera for stable
and consistent pans & tilts during a recording or pictures
Canvas carry bags - messenger style bag to transport
A/V equipment
Caption decoders - Decode captioning text on any video
tape that is caption enabled for the hearing impaired
Instant easels - easel skeleton for resting poster boards
Tripod screens - portable 6’ projection screen for usage in
spaces without installed equipment
Table top screens - table top 3’ projection screen for a
smaller presentation in a conference room style setting
Hanging projection screens - mountable projection
screen for areas with fixed equipment
Table top microphone stands - for resting a
microphone in a panel discussion style format
Boom stands - Used to position a hand held microphone
Camcorder battery chargers - recharge compatible
batteries for mini DV or HDD camcorders
Audio Visual Services
Javits Lecture Center - Room 104
(631) 632-9400
Audio Visual Services
Javits Lecture Center - Room 104
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2699
(631) 632-9400
The Audio Visual Service Counter provides portable equipment to Faculty and full time Staff for classroom instruction and lecture based events. To reserve this equipment,
or inquire about other available equipment, please contact us at (631) 632-9400 or stop in at the AV Services Office in the Javits Lecture Center - Room 104.
Computers and
Computer Accessories
Our inventory is available to support a wide variety of educational uses with equipment such as:
Laptop computers (Windows & Macintosh) - To connect to a media system for presentations
Tablet PCs - PC with convertable slate for wirless operation and writing using a stylus pen
CD burners - Copy up to 700MB of data to a blank CD-R
DVD burners - Copy up to 4.7GB of data to a blank DVD-R
ZIP drives - Access data from a 100 or 250MB Zip disk Floppy drives - Access information from a 3.5” diskette
Wireless network cards - Enable a PC with wireless internet USB Hubs - Connect multiple USB devices into one USB port
Wireless mice - RF remotepoints, to control mouse functions at a distance
Wireless presentation remotes - RF navigators for use with Powerpoint
Wireless keyboards - Type from a distance during a presentation
Bluetooth writing slates - AirLiner tablets, for use with SMART notebook software
Student Response System - Portable kit of 25 Turning Point® transmitter “clickers” and one receiver used to compile interactive,
wireless responses from students onto any computer enabled with the associated software
Media card readers - To retrieve information from a multimedia card (CF, SD, XD, Pro Duo, etc.)
Ethernet hubs - Connect multiple computers into one network connection
USB Speakers - Enhance computer audio to levels greater than the internal speakers on a laptop
Portable USB Hard Drive - 200 GB storage device for moving large files between computers
Apple display adapters - Turn a non-standard display port on a MAC into VGA or DVI
Mouse pads - Improve tracking and provide support while using a mouse
USB Lamp - Illuminate your workspace with this USB powered lighting device
Video Projection Options
TV/VHS/DVD combo - All in one video unit for transport
TV/VCRs - Ideal for simple video monitoring purposes
Data (Multimedia) projectors (LCD & DLP) - Primarily
used for projection from any computer
DVD projectors - Multimedia projector with integrated
DVD player and stereo speakers
VHS projectors - Multimedia projector with integrated
VHS unit and speakers
Overhead projectors - To project transparency sheets
Opaque projectors - To project images of a 3D object
35mm Slide projectors - For showing slides stored in a
standard 80 slot carousel tray
16mm film projectors - plays moving images stored on
16 gauge analog film
Super 8 film projectors - plays moving images recorded
on 8 gauge analog film
Document cameras (visualizers) - To project images of a
3D item to an audience through a multimedia (data) projector
Video Players / Recorders
and Cameras
AV   S e r v i ce s   O f f i ce   •   J a v i t s   Le c t u r e   C e n t e r   -   R o o m   1 0 4   •   ( 6 3 1 )   6 3 2 - 9 4 0 0   •   a v s e r v i ce s @ s t o ny b r o o k . e d u
VHS players - Plays standard North American, Japanese, and Korean VCR (VHS) tapes
DVD players - Plays standard Region 1 DVDs
VHS/DVD combination players - Both a VHS and DVD player in one unit
Laserdisc players - Plays optical video discs
Webcams - Broadcast video over the internet via a USB port
Hi-8 deck - Play tapes from the analog camcorder format
VHS-C playpacks - Play a VHS-C tape in a standard VCR
PAL format players - Play a VCR tape from Western Europe or China
SECAM format players - Play a VCR tape from Eastern Europe or parts of the Middle East
Multiregional DVD players - Play a DVD from any of the coded DVD regions in the world
DVD recorders - Transfer video to a recordable DVD
Mini DV Players - Play a tape recorded on a mini DV camera without transferring
VHS camcorders - Records video onto a full size VHS tape
Hard disc drive (HDD) camcorders - Records video directly onto an internal hard drive and saves as a file
High definition (HD) camcorders - Consumer level camcorders that record in full resolution high definition for crisp, high quality video
Micro Digital camcorders - Low resolution “point-and-shoot” camcorders for recording short video snippets
Mini DV camcorders - Camcorders which record on the digital video tape format
Flash Memory camcorders - Flash memory based camcorders are smaller, lighter, faster and more convenient
Digital Still cameras - Take pictures and save them as digital files
Audio Players / Recorders
CD Players - To play commercial or burned music on CDs
CD Recorders - Burn music or audio onto a recordable CD
Cassette Recorders - dub audio between analog cassettes
Record Players - play audio recorded on the vinyl format
Mini Cassette Recorders - record audio onto a mini cassette
Digital Recorders - record audio to a Compact Flash card
Micro Digital Recorders - digitally record audio with a
handheld recorder
CD/Cassette Combination Units - Play audio media from
different formats with the same portable unit
Portable Assisted Listening Devices - amplify ambient
room audio for the hearing impaired
Headphones - listen to audio from a device privately
Mixers - mix and blend incoming audio from multiple devices
Digital Mixers - Dock an iPod to mix and record incoming
audio from multiple sources
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