Philips HX6411/02 Datasheet

Philips HX6411/02 Datasheet
Philips Sonicare
Rechargeable sonic
In-between Clean
Provides a better clean in between teeth
• Sonic technology in a battery toothbrush
• Cleans in tight spaces, with unique brush heads
• Consistent brushing performance
Rechargeable sonic toothbrush
Cleaning performance
• Speed: Up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute
Ease of use
• Suitable for these models: FlexCare+, FlexCare,
HealthyWhite, HydroClean, EasyClean
Items included
Technical specifications
• Battery: Rechargeable
• Operating time (full to empty): Approximately 5
Design and finishing
• Color: Sky Blue
Sonic technology
Powered by patented sonic technology, the specially
designed battery toothbrush, with hard working
HydroGuides, provides a brushing experience like no
other battery toothbrush.
HydroClean Brush Head
• Batteries: 2
• HydroClean handle: 1
• Battery operated: Uses two replaceable AA
batteries (included)
• Smartimer: 2-minute timer helps ensure
recommended brushing
The HydroClean brush heads special HydroGuides
work with patented sonic technology to direct fluids
between teeth and along the gum line.
Consistent brushing results
Many battery powered toothbrushes clean less
effectively as their batteries discharge. Only
HydroClean provides consistent performance over
the entire life of the batteries, so that you can be
confident that the each brushing is as good as the
previous one.
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