bus riding tips
bus riding tips
five tips to remember
Times are estimated. Please arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes early.
Have exact fare ready. Fareboxes accept all coins except pennies and all bills $10 and under. Fareboxes do not make change. Use
quarters instead of smaller coins to avoid delays. Flatten out bills, including corners. You may instead swipe your pass, it’s easier to use
and saves you money, too. Also show proper ID if using a Senior/Disabled Pass each time you board a bus.
When the bus stops, board through the front doors. All buses are accessible to persons with disabilities.
Sit down and enjoy the ride. Help make bus travel pleasant for everyone by riding smart.
• No smoking or eating on the bus. Electronic smoking devices, such as electronic cigarettes, are prohibited on any OCTA bus.
• Drinks must be in a spill proof or covered container. No alcohol allowed.
• No gas powered bicycles, scooters, car batteries, fireworks or other combustible materials allowed on the bus.
• Strollers must be folded prior to boarding the bus.
• Surfboards are permitted as long as they do not exceed 6 feet, 6 inches in length.
• Service animals are allowed to accompany persons with disabilities. That person is responsible for the actions of the animal while
aboard the bus.
• All radios, mp3 players, cd players, and cell phones must be used with headphones.
• Distributing any written material, solicitation or advertisement is not allowed.
• Please keep front seats available for disabled persons and senior citizens.
• Bus schedules can change. Watch for brightly colored Riders’ Alerts in schedule racks on buses.
As your bus stop approaches, signal the driver to stop by ringing the chime or pulling the signal cord. When exiting the bus, go to the
rear and press and release the yellow strips on the doors. Once the doors open, exit quickly, allowing children to go first.
All OCTA buses are equipped with bike racks. Each bike rack holds two bikes. Racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the
rack is full, bikes are not permitted inside buses, except for the last trip of the day, unless it presents a safety concern. Acceptable bicycle
Wheel Size: 20 – 29 inches in diameter Wheelbase: 44 inches maximum axle to axle Tire Width: No more than 2.35 inches maximum
Plan your trip and receive specific trip itineraries 24 hours a day using OCTA’s online Trip Planner. Just visit octa.net and enter your trip
information into the box indicated. The Trip Planner will generate a complete itinerary to view online or print. . In addition, you can get a
complete listing of current routes, timetables, frequency charts, individual and system maps, and Riders’ Alerts to view, download or print.
For regional trips outside Orange County, visit: www.go511.com.
Violent, illegal or disruptive conduct will not be tolerated on board the
vehicle. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in
accordance with:
• Penal Code Sections 171.7, 594, 640, 640.5 and 16590
• Public Utilities Code Sections 99155 and 99170
• Vehicle Code Section 407.5
For more information, please visit ocbus.com/customerconduct
OCTA is committed to providing safe, reliable, courteous, accessible
and user-friendly services to its customers. To ensure quality and
fairness, OCTA will make reasonable modifications to its policies,
practices, and procedures, where necessary, to avoid discrimination on
the basis of disability or where the individual with a disability would
otherwise be unable to use OCTA services, programs or activities. For
additional information about reasonable modification requests, please
visit www.ocbus.com/reasonablemodification.
ACCESS service is OCTA’s paratransit service for persons with a
disability resulting in functional limitations that prevent them
from using the regular bus system. In order to use the service,
you must schedule an ACCESS in-person assessment, please
call ACCESS Eligibility at 714-560-5956 Ext. 2, and meet the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) criteria.
To reserve or cancel an ACCESS trip, check on the status of a ride,
or for general ACCESS information, call ACCESS at:
877-OCTA-ADA (628-2232)
TDD phone for the hearing impaired 800-564-4ADA (4232)
ACCESS Information is also available at www.octa.net.
Information and Reservation Hours
Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
* For information about older adult programs and services,
contact the Office on Aging Information and Assistance
Call Center at 800-510-2020 or 714-567-7500. You may also visit
their website at www.officeonaging.ocgov.com
Build an ebusbook at ocbus.com/ebusbook
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