Roger™ Repeater - Roger™ Earpiece

Roger™ Repeater - Roger™ Earpiece
Application sheet
Roger™ Repeater
The Roger Repeater expands the range of Phonak’s Roger Earpiece. The Roger communication system, renowned for
being virtually invisible and delivering unrivalled sound quality with plug-and-play setup, now also offers an unlimited
range thanks to the Roger Repeater.
Roger Communication System
Primary Transmitter
Secondary Transmitter
Roger technology uses the latest digital standards and operates on the license-free 2.4 GHz band. The system features
a transmitter, an advanced wireless microphone, and the comfortable yet virtually invisible Roger Earpiece, which
includes an integrated receiver. The Roger communication system is ideal for people working in broadcasting and
show business, who rely on seamless communication with directors, producers, and sound technicians. The system
is utterly discreet, easy to use and install, and offers unrivalled intelligibility.
Roger™ Repeater
Application sheet
Roger Communication System
The range between a repeater and a transmitter or between two repeaters is greater than toward an earpiece. This
must be understood by the fact that the built-in antenna of the Roger Earpiece provide a lower sensitivity then the
repeater’s antenna.
Transmitter to transmitter range
50 - 70 m
Transmitter to receiver range
15 - 40 m
Application sheet
Roger™ Repeater
Setup example
Please note that in the diagrams below, while the range of transmitters or repeaters is represented with a perfect
circle, the real radiation pattern of Roger devices varies according to orientation. Refer to the dedicated section of
this document to know more about the radiation pattern of the repeater.
Central stage coverage
Primary transmitter
Secondary transmitter
Roger Repeater
Roger Earpiece
Two stages coverage
Full stage coverage
Roger™ Repeater
Application sheet
Unnoticeable handover
The Roger Earpiece can move freely within the entire covered area with virtually
unnoticeable handover between repeaters.
Automatic start-up Thanks to the embedded start-up mechanism, Roger devices will automatically
configure the optimal network architecture.
Automatic reconnection
if a repeater loses its connection to a transmitter, it will automatically search for
it, or for another available repeater, and connect to it.
Power supply
The Roger Repeater features an integrated rechargeable battery, and can operate
for a working day without recharging. It can be powered or recharged through a
standard micro-USB connection.
Repeater radiation pattern
Mounting bracket
A mounting support is provided with the Roger Repeater, which can be fixed to the wall. In addition it offers a
standard ¼-20 tripod mount.
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Please be aware of the radiation pattern of the repeater’s wireless signal, and adapt its position to your room and
the area you would like to cover.
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