Philips AQ4140/98 Datasheet

Philips AQ4140/98 Datasheet
Radio Cassette Recorder
Enjoy great music from different sources
in excellent sound quality
Tune in to your favorite FM/AM/SW stations on the striking Philips radio cassette
recorder, with SW fine tuning and ALC for exceptional signal reception. Plus, it has a
cassette deck with Auto-stop and One-touch recording functions.
Enjoy your music from different sources
• FW/AM/SW tuner
• Cassette deck with auto stop
Fully featured recorder
• Built-in flat mic for excellent quality sound recording
• ALC helps prevent audible distortion of input signals
Easy to use
• SW fine tuning for better reception
• Fast forward and rewind functions
• Headphone jack for better personal music enjoyment
Radio Cassette Recorder
• Sound system: mono
• Volume control: rotary (analogue)
• Output power: 0.5 W RMS
• Speaker grille finishing: metal
Audio playback
• Cassette deck technology: mechanical
• Cassette Playback Modes: fast wind/rewind, full
auto stop, pause key
Audio recording
• Tape recording enhancement: one-touch
• Tape recording source: built-in condensor
FW/AM/SW tuner
FW/AM/SW tuner
• Antenna: AM antenna, FM antenna
• Tuner bands: FM, MW, SW
SW fine tuning
Built-in flat microphone
Product weight: 2 kg
Main unit depth: 90 mm
Main unit height: 130 mm
Main unit width: 300 mm
Battery voltage: 1.5 V
Battery type: D size (LR20)
Number of batteries: 4
Power type: AC Input
SW fine tuning for better reception
High-quality built-in condenser microphone for
excellent quality sound recording
Fast forward and rewind
Fast forward and rewind functions
Headphone jack
Headphone jack for better personal music
Automatic Level Control (ALC)
This smart electronic circuit ensures that the audio
input level is automatically adjusted to the right level,
preventing distortion and preserving your listening
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