Sportstec Gamebreaker User Manual

Sportstec Gamebreaker User Manual
Sportstec Gamebreaker User
Hardware Requirements
Apple Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.6.8 operating system or later.
We strongly recommend adding more RAM (up to the current maximum) to any
computer running Sportstec Gamebreaker.
Video Camera
Digital video cameras currently range from Standard definition to Full HD.
To capture directly from the camera without a bridging converter, the camera must
support FireWire (IEEE-1394) output. Cameras that record in HDV or DV will support
FireWire capture. This technology is becoming obsolete, but is still available in most
We support all cameras that record to SD card in .MOV format.
Nearly all cameras have some type of video output whether it be composite, s-video,
component or HDMI. These signals can be captured using a converter. Check your
cameras outputs when choosing a convertor. If you are choosing a new camera, make
sure these connections are convenient to connect to when the camera is mounted on a
tripod or other fixture.
Firewire analog to digital video convertor. Canopus product lines are recommended.
Converters that Support Thunderbolt Technology
The Matrox MXO2 family of products or the Blackmagic Intensity Extreme and
Blackmagic Ultrastudio 3D are recommended. Check that your Apple Mac supports
Thunderbolt before purchasing.
Firewire cables to plug in the camera or convertor to the computer. 4 to 9 pin and 6 to
9 pin are recommended as standard cables to own.
Sportstec Gamebreaker
Composite RCA video or s-video cablesRCA audio cables and HDMI cables to connect
the video source to a convertor and to output movie presentations to a display or
recording device.
HDMI cable to plug in the camera (with HDMI Output) to the converter.
Mini Display port to DVI or VGA to connect to projectors or secondary monitors.
Thunderbolt cables for connecting to Thunderbolt convertors.
Sportstec Gamebreaker
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