Philips SIC4714BB Digital Camera

Philips SIC4714BB Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Photos, video and music
Shoot photos or video, play music and record voice memos all on a single device. Slip it
into a purse or pocket and it'll go anywhere you do. Includes USB cable. Fully
Easily compose great pictures
• 1.5" color TFT LCD screen
• 1.3 Megapixel sensor
Simple to use
• Easy control menu
• Easily transfer images to your PC
Snap and share
• Records video with audio
• SD expansion slot
Fully rechargeable
• Lithium ion rechargeable battery
Environmentally friendly
• Environmentally friendly lead-free construction
Digital Camera
Video & snapshot capturing
Storage Media
• Expansion slot: SD
• Sensor resolution: VGA
• Size (inch): 1.5 inch
Still Picture Capturing
• Built-in memory capacity: 16MB
• Mass storage class compliant
• Image sensor type: CMOS
1.5" color TFT LCD screen
This bright display screen makes it easy to compose
pictures and offers access to the control menu.
1.3 MP sensor
The number of megapixels determines the clarity of
the image.
Easy control menu
Get exactly the shot you want with convenient
access over all aspects of your imaging: resolution,
exposure, flash and magnification.
Transfer images to your PC
User-friendly software allows you to easily upload
your pictures to your PC. You can then print them,
edit them and share them with others.
Records video with audio
Enjoy a live soundtrack that accompanies your video
SD expansion slot
Expand the camera's memory with picture storage
disc cards.
Rechargeable battery
May be used over and over again to power the
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