Philips SPT5701BC/97 Datasheet

Philips SPT5701BC/97 Datasheet
Wireless desktop
1000 DPI
Wireless desktop
Easy clean, easy comfort
Take control of your comfort with this wireless desktop. Its easy-to-use hotkeys, accurate
optics, 4-way scroll wheel and silicon cushioning take the strain out of computing. While
the spill-resistant keyboard design ensures years of use.
Complete comfort
• Soft silicone for cushioned comfort
Convenient cleanliness
• Spill-proof keyboard survives accidental spillages
Powerful performance
• Low power consumption for >7 months battery life
• 1000 DPI Highly accurate reactions
• 2.4 GHz connection ensures no signal disruption
• High-performance LED optic guarantees precision control
Excellent ease-of-use
• Handy 4-way scroll wheel moves in any direction
Wireless desktop
USB 1000 DPI
System Requirements
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000,
Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP,
Microsoft Windows Vista
• Included accessories: Wireless receiver, IFU / User
Manual, Installation CD
• Batteries: 4 x AA batteries
>7 months battery life
Enjoy battery life for more than 7 months with the
smart power management system. It saves battery
life by turning off the mouse when it's not active.
1000 DPI high accuracy
• PC Link: USB interface
The high 1000 DPI resolution makes this mouse
extremely accurate. That means less movement, less
effort and greater comfort and efficiency.
2.4 GHz connection
With the reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection you
can control your mouse from up to 8 meters away.
The product operates on a higher frequency than
standard wireless devices so you will not experience
interference from other wireless devices. For extra
reliability, special encryption technology is used to
maintain a non-interrrupted connection.
4 way scroll wheel
Scroll in any direction with the handy 4-way scroll
wheel of your mouse. Perfect for games or large
spreadsheets, you can stop dealing with annoying
scroll bars and move anywhere onscreen freely and
Precise optical sensor
Philips optical technology ensures extra accuracy and
responsiveness. You can work with it on most
surfaces, including wood, plastic or paper.
Spill-proof keyboard design
The keyboard is built to resist accidental spillages.
Designed with drainage holes and separation
between the electronics and the plastic, this
keyboard guarantees a longer lifespan.
Issue date 2009-12-14
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