Types of Memory Cards
Types of Memory Cards
Memory cards come in all shapes and sizes, but they all
serve the same purpose which is to store images.
Memory cards are used to store information from cameras
and other devices. They are based on flash memory which
requires no power to store data recorded to it.
Understanding memory cards looks complicated, but the
important thing to remember is that image quality is unaffected by your choice of memory
card. However, the cheaper cards may be slower and less reliable.
Types of Memory Card
Secure Digital (SD)
SD cards the most common type of memory card. They are
compatible with the majority of digital cameras.
They are fine for everyday use and are inexpensive.
SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)
These have a higher capacity than SD cards and have a maximum
capacity of 32GB.
If your camera was made before SDHC came along it may not
recognise it.
SDXC (Secure Digital 'Xtra Capacity')
These cards have a higher capacity and faster processing speeds.
These have a maximum capacity of 2TB (Terabytes).
Micro SD
Micro SD cards were initially a popular method of storing images in
mobile phones and are commonly seen in GPS systems and MP3
players. However a small number of digital cameras are also
compatible with them.
Compact Flash (CF)
Compact Flash cards offer very high storage capacities and fast
processing times. They are usually only found in the most
advanced DSLRs.
They are larger and stronger than SD cards and more suitable for
use in adverse temperatures.
xD Picture
xD Picture cards (standing for 'eXtreme Digital') are a Fujifilm
format used in some (older) Fuji and Olympus cameras.
Memory Stick Duo
Memory Stick Duo was launched, and is still used, by Sony digital
cameras. Most Sony cameras are now also compatible with SD
Transferring images to a computer
Although it’s possible to connect a camera to a computer in order to transfer images from
a memory card, a far better solution is to invest in a separate card reader as this doesn’t
require you to use a camera (thus preserving its battery). These can also be found
relatively cheaply and can read a number of different cards at the same time, simply
through the USB port on your computer.
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