Network Security Platform M-2750/N-450 Slide Rail

Network Security Platform M-2750/N-450 Slide Rail
Slide Rail Assembly Procedure
Revision B
McAfee® Network Security Platform
This document describes the slide rail assembly procedure for McAfee® Network Security
About the rack-mounting kit
The kit includes a set of three-in-one rails for rack mounting. Each rail set includes the
Two rails that mount to the rack.
Two rails that slide into the mounted rail.
Two rails that attach to the chassis.
Figure 1 Collapsed three-in-one rail set
Two rack-mounting ears (used with the rails) are located in the accessory kit that comes with the
Figure 2 Rack-mounting ear
Before you start, verify that you have all the parts you will need: two three-in-one rails, two chassis
ears, and fourteen flathead screws. (Provided in the accessory kit.)
Before you install the rails and ears on the chassis, make sure that power is OFF. Remove
the power cable and all network interface cables from the Sensor.
Each rack-mounting rail and ear has holes that match up with holes in the chassis.
Rack-mounting the Sensor
To install the rails and ears on the chassis, follow these steps using a screwdriver to secure the screws:
Disassemble the slide rail.
Pull the inner rail out and push the side latch in to separate.
Figure 3 Extended three-in-one rail set
Attach the inner rail to the chassis. Fasten the rail with the screws provided.
There are five screws provided for each side of the chassis. (Ten screws total.)
Figure 4 Chassis to rail attachment
Attach the ear to each side of the chassis.
There are two screws provided for each ear. (Four screws total.)
Mount L-shape and external rail to your rack frame.
Figure 5 Attaching L-shape and external rails
The adjustable end of the L-shape rail is intended for placement at the back of your rack. Adjust
the rail as needed for length.
Insert the chassis into the rail cabinet.
Figure 6 Rack-mounted Sensor (with attached ear)
Because of the weight of the appliance, McAfee recommends that two people place the
chassis into the rail cabinet.
Push the chassis into the rear of the rail cabinet until you hear the inner rail snap in place. Then
press in the release latch on each side of the chassis and continue to push the chassis into the
rack. The levers in the rear will lift and lock in place.
Figure 7 Rail release latch for the Sensor
If you cannot push the chassis completely in, pull the chassis forward. Ensure you press
in the release latch and then push the chassis toward the rear.
Removing chassis from the rack
When removing the chassis from the rack, pull the chassis forward until you hear the inner rails snap
in place. On each side of the rails, press in the release latch and continue pulling the chassis forward.
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