Philips 0361833 Datasheet

Philips 0361833 Datasheet
Total body grooming
Trim and shave
High-performance trimmer
Extra-Sensitive XS trimming
Professional Performance
The only Bodygroom optimised for sensitive zones
The all-over Bodygrooming system, with uniquely designed attachments: for a perfect
trim and shave, even in sensitive bodyzones.
The most perfect body trim and shave
• High-performance trimmer
• Extra-Sensitive (XS) trimming comb
• Fast Extra-Large (XL) trimming comb
• Smooth shave
• Extra-gentle and safe
• 5 lock-in length settings
Total body grooming system
• Trim and shave all body zones
• Wet & Dry
• Fit for groin area
• Fit for underarms
• Fit for chest and abs
Power system
• LED battery level indicator
Fast Extra-Large XL trimming
Smooth shave
Total body grooming system
Product highlights
Shaving system
• Maintenance-free: Self-sharpening blades never
need lubrication
Power system
• Rechargeable: 8-hour charge for up to 50 minutes
of cordless use
• Charging time: 8 hour(s)
• Operating time: 50 minute(s)
• Store and charge stand
Country of Origin
• Made in China
• 2-year guarantee
Trim and shave
The all-in-one body-grooming system, exclusively for men,
trims and shaves all body zones. It's safe and easy.
High-performance trimmer
For quick and easy results, even with thick hair.
Extra-Sensitive XS trimming
to comfortably trim hair in the groin area and underarms.
Fast Extra-Large XL trimming
To quickly trim hair in large areas, like chest and abs,
legs, back and shoulders.
Smooth shave
for a clean, smooth shave anywhere on your body.
Extra-gentle and safe
Hypoallergenic foil - protection against nicks and cuts.
Wet & Dry
For use in or out of the shower.
5 lock-in length settings
Choose the length you want, from 3 to 11 mm/ 0.1 to 0.4
LED battery level indicator
Shows full, low and charging status.
Convenient store and charge stand
The bodygroom and all attachments can be neatly stored
in the charging stand.
Issue date 2008-08-04
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12 NC: 8852 030 10000
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