FM made friendly – and cost-effective

FM made friendly – and cost-effective
People First
People First is our promise
to empower people
to communicate freely,
FM made friendly
– and cost-effective
interact naturally and
It takes a truly dedicated approach to help children
with hearing problems achieve their full potential.
That’s why we deliver the solutions and services
that professionals and caregivers need to provide
children the opportunities they deserve.
This is what child-friendly hearing care is all about.
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The flexible and cost effective FM solution
With the Amigo range of FM equipment, Oticon offers a
quality FM solution in all price categories.
The Amigo family is characterised by its reliability and ease
of use, and the T5 carries on this unique tradition.
Certainty The LED light on the Amigo T5 provides instant
visual confirmation that the transmitter is fully charged,
charging, or muted.
Durability The internal components and external casing have been designed to withstand continuous use in
demanding environments such as
Flexibility The Amigo T5 is fully compatible with most FM
receivers and transmitters, cochlear implants and hearing
Convenience The operation and set-up of the Amigo T5
is extremely user friendly. The easy-to-use push buttons
combined with a clear display make system use and troubleshooting very easy.
Cost effective The T5 represents the most cost efficient
solution in the Amigo family. So even more children can
gain access to clear sound!
LED light
Amigo T5 transmitter
Channel display
Amigo T5 has three different microphone
options depending on your need:
- Directional lapel
- Omni directional lapel
- Boom
Channel up
Channel down
Amigo T5 comes with a wall charger that
can charge 2 units simultaneously.
Fail-safe battery charging
The Amigo T5 uses rechargeable AAA batteries, but
it is safe to use standard alkaline batteries because of the
intelligent battery detection scheme.
Quick & Easy Mute
The microphone can be muted when the FM signal is of no
actual value - e.g. when the teacher is moving around in
the classroom but not actually speaking.
Clear and simple user controls
The informative display, clearly marked jacks and easy
to operate buttons make the Amigo T5 user friendly, even
for inexperienced users.
LED on the Amigo
The built-in LED light let you know that the system is
charging, the battery level is low or the transmitter is
Mute button
• External antenna built into
the microphone cord
• One-touch mute
• Fail safe charging
• FM transmission range ~ 30 m
• LED light
How Amigo can help
The Amigo T5 can be connected to external audio sources (such as a TV, PC or MP3
player) with the aid of auxiliary cables.
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