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Additional user’s manual – Karaoke Set
Install the set exactly as indicated in the drawing*** and make sure that you have removed
all connections between the DVD player and the TV!
This will simplify the adjustment to the correct AV input on your TV.
You also need to ensure that all plugs are correctly and firmly connected.
Do you hear a disturbing humming sound?
This indicates that one of the microphones has a defect. After many years of experience, we can confirm
that the transformer is never broken. Connect each microphone separately to the transformer to find out
which microphone has a defect. Contact us by email [email protected] or by phone +31 6 41114440
and we will send you a new microphone immediately.
Does the TV show images, but you cannot hear the sound of the microphones?
You have not tuned in on the correct AV input of your TV.
Please read item 2 of the user’s manual carefully.
The volume has not been turned on or is set at a low volume.
You will hear the sound of the microphones through the speakers of your TV.
This is also the case when you use a Home Cinema Set!
How can I check whether I have tuned into the correct AV input on the TV?
Remove the yellow cable from the TV for a moment whilst the DVD is playing.
When the images are no longer displayed, you have tuned in on the correct input
When the images remain, you have not tuned in on the correct input.
You do not see any images after having removed the scart cable?
This is correct! As soon as you remove the scart cable, the images will disappear. The images will return
as soon as you have selected the correct AV input by following step 2
with the use of the remote control of your TV (the images (video) are transported through the yellow cable.)
That is why it is advisable to let your DVD player play before selecting the correct input.
This only applies when there is one connection between the Karaoke Transformer and the TV,
as indicated in the drawing. You have found the correct AV input when the images return to your screen.
*** What to do if your DVD player does not have red/white/yellow AV output plugs?
You can also use the scart output of the DVD player! An OUTPUT scart adapter for your DVD player
is not included in the Karaoke Studio and is available for approx. € 4. - at all audio stores.
***Does your DVD player have 2 scart output plugs?
Often only one of the two scart output plugs can be used!
The other scart output is meant for other equipment such as Media Boxes! That is why you need
to use the scart output plug you always use(d) for your TV. This output is often indicated
by “AV OUT” or “AV to TV”.
*** What to do if your TV does not have any AV input (red/white/yellow) plugs?
Then you also need to use the scart input of your TV, by using an INPUT scart adapter.
A scart adapter for your TV is not included in the Karaoke Studio and is available for
approx. € 4.- at all audio stores.
***Do you only have an HDMI connection on your TV and/or DVD player?
Basically, this karaoke set is only suitable for AV(red/white/yellow) and Scart- connections.
However, there is a possibility to use a so-called HDMI to AV converter.
In that case, please contact us by email [email protected] or by
phone +31 6 41114440 and we will help you out.
Do you have a Home Cinema Set?
The sound from the microphones will come through the TV speakers and not through the
Home Cinema speakers. That is why the volume of the TV must be switched on,
at a slightly higher volume than normal.
Would you like to hear the sound of the microphones through the Home Cinema Set speakers?
To achieve this you would need an amplifier or a similar device with an audio (red/white) connection.
You then need to connect the red and white AV cables which are plugged into your TV to your amplifier.
Would you like to use the Xbox or Play station?
No problem! You just use your game console as a DVD player. Your game console will already
have an AV cable (red/white/yellow). You just need to connect these to the input plugs of
the Karaoke Transformer: “IN” from DVD Player. You will have one set of AV cable
of the Karaoke Studio left over.
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