Philips MyAccent AccentColor Reflector G08727900536058 1 W GU10 Green

Philips MyAccent AccentColor Reflector G08727900536058 1 W GU10 Green
Philips AccentColor
GU10 Green
Playful coloured light
Adds impact to your activities
The reliable decorative lighting solution that provides coloured light for an open and
cheerful home that reflects your mood.
Sustainable choice
• Save energy from the moment you turn the switch
• Carbon footprint
Easy to recycle
• Safe for any room and convenient to recycle
Direct light when turning the button
• Instant start
Create a cheerful and open atmosphere
• Highlight areas in or around your home
1 W GU10 Green
Technical specifications
Shape: Reflector
Light effect: Green
Wattage: 1 W
Wattage standard bulb: n/a W
Fitting/Cap: GU10
Voltage: 230–240 V
Dimmable: No
Lifetime of lamps: 20 year(s)
Lifetime of lamps: 20,000 hour(s)
Carbon footprint
Energy savers reduce the amount of energy in your
home, which results not only in a lower energy bill,
but also in less carbon (CO2) output by your energy
supplier. Together we make this a better world to
live in.
Energy efficient
All Philips energy savers save energy from the
moment you turn the switch. During their lifetime
they use fewer kW and thus also result in a lower
energy bill. The level of energy saving differs per lamp
type and technology.
Instant start
Immediate light when switched on: that is the
promise of our instant starting energy-saving lamps.
No hazardous substances
LED lamps contain absolutely no hazardous
materials, making them safe for any room and
convenient to recycle.
Coloured accent lighting
To highlight a certain area in or around your home,
Philips offers a range of coloured and LED lamps.
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