iMediaChassis Series Data Sheet

iMediaChassis Series Data Sheet
iMediaChassis Series
SNMP Manageable Fiber Connectivity
Platform Supports Multiple Protocols
Reliable and flexible, the iMediaChassis series has
the highest port density of any modular, intelligent,
carrier-class optical access platform in the industry.
The iMediaChassis series is an intelligent, carrier-class optical access platform that supports conversion for Ethernet to fiber and a variety of other telco networking technologies, including ATM/SONET, T1/E1, DS3/E3/STS-1 and WDM. The iMediaChassis
Series enables network operators to drastically reduce the capital and operational
expenses by providing all copper-to-fiber and multi-mode to single-mode conversions, network distance extensions and Ethernet Private Line services from the same
managed chassis platform. Having the highest port density in the industry, along with
a robust design, hot-swappable architecture, SNMP-management, and redundant
power supplies for fault tolerance, makes the iMediaChassis ideal for installing in the
central office (CO) where a multitude of diverse applications, using a variety of protocols, is required. Pair this multi-slot chassis with a MediaChassis* or another standalone IMC Networks unmanaged device at the customer premises, for complete endto-end management. The iMediaChassis series includes:
• 3-slot and 6-slot (1U high), and 20-slot (3U high) models all carrying the same
iMcV series modules*
• An independent SNMP-management slot to isolate management data from user
• A Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client that makes initial configuration easy by automatically assigning an IP address for the iMediaChassis when
connected to a local area network with a DHCP server
• An SNMP Write Lock switch that protects the configured settings of installed
modules from being overwritten when removing the management module from
the chassis.
• Automatic Trap Notification for real-time alarm reporting to identify and troubleshoot problems quickly:
• A Loss of Link trap notifies network operators of potential problems by reporting which module/port (along with its description) is experiencing difficulty
• The Last Gasp trap announces when the AC line fails, when power supplies
are powered down or in the possibility of a power supply failure
• Additional traps and LEDs indicate problems with fans and power supplies,
and elevated chassis temperature levels, etc.
• Redundant AC or DC power supplies
• Mix and match AC and DC power supplies in the same 3 or 6-slot chassis
• Field-replaceable fans and power supplies for 20-slot chassis
• Temperature controlled fans in 3 and 6-slot chassis activate only when chassis
reaches a certain temperature, thereby extending the life of the fans
• Remote temperature monitoring on all chassis
Versatile chassis series meeting a wide
range of installation/application requirements:
• 3, 6 and 20-slot models supporting low to high
density deployment
• Accepts a wide variety of IMC Networks'
media conversion and optical demarcation modules*
• SNMP management using optional SNMP
management module
• 19” Rack or rack shelf mountable
Flexible powering options:
• 20-slot chassis: Dual (redundant) user-replaceable AC or DC power supplies
• 3 or 6-slot chassis: Select any combination of
up to two AC and DC fixed power supplies - mix
and match
SNMP management module includes:
• GUI-based iView² application software
• SNMP V2c agent
• Support for the Unified Management Agent
(UMA) - manage the chassis using a single IP
• DB-9 connector and cable for serial configuration
• DHCP and TFTP client
Application Example
Install iMediaChassis at a central office and pair with MediaChassis populated with
iMcV series modules at each remote location, to allow end-to-end monitoring of all
connections from the central site.
• Support for Telnet
• Last Gasp feature which sends notification of
AC line failures and power supply failures
Easy troubleshooting
• SNMP management and LEDs assist with
• Fan test featured on 3 or 6-slot chassis
• User-replaceable fans (20-slot version only)
* Refer to the respective datasheets on the MediaChassis
series, UMA, and each iMcV module for more information.
Easily configure and manage converters with the GUI-based iView²:
The iMediaChassis' management module includes the iView² SNMP management application software, a DB-9 port for initial configuration, an RJ-45
port for management, plus support for Telnet sessions. Using a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client, initial configuration is simplified by
automatically assigning an IP address to the iMediaChassis chassis when connected to a local area network with a DHCP server. iView² allows for easy
configuration and the setting of management traps in minutes. iView² runs standalone on Windows NT/XP/2000, as a standalone Java Application for
other operating systems,as a snap-in module for HP OpenView, as a Web Server running under IIS or as a Java Web Servlet. For assistance in selecting
the right version of iView², refer to
The iMediaChassis series also supports the Unified Management Agent (UMA); UMA allows management of all installed devices, including those with
on-board intelligence, such as FiberLinX, with a single IP address from a central location.
Technical Specifications
All iMediaChassis
• SNMP-manageable with use of SNMP
• SNMP Write Lock switch protects the
SNMP-configured settings
• Built to NEBS-III requirements
• Last Gasp feature sends notification of
AC line failures and power supply failures
• Available with AC or DC power
• Available with redundant power
Regulatory Approvals:
· FCC Class B · UL/cUL, CSA, CE
Operating Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0°
to 50°); 5% to 90% (non-condensing), 0 –
10,000 ft. altitude
Storage Temperature: -13° to +158°F (25° to +70°C); 5 to 90% (non-condensing)
• Highest port density, 20 slots
• Includes fan tachometers
• Feature user replaceable fans and power
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs (13.60 kg)
Dimensions: 5.2”H x 19.0”W x 13.8”D
(13.21cm H x 48.26cm W x 35.05cm D)
AC Input Load: 100/240 VAC ±10%~
50/60Hz, 115V = 10A and 230V = 5A
DC Input Load: -38VDC 15A max /
-48VDC 12A max (redundant)
• Only 1U high
• True load sharing with dual power supplies for reliability
• Temperature controlled fans
• Feature user replaceable power supplies
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs (5.90 kg)
Dimensions: 1.75”H x 17.35”W x
10.65”D (4.45cm H x 44.07cm W x
27.05cm D)
AC Input Load: 100/240 VAC
115V = 0.8A and 230V = 0.4A (redundant)
115 - 1.6A and 230V = 0.8A (single)
DC Input Load: -48VDC = 1A max
(redundant); 2A max (single)
• Only 1U high
• Temperature controlled fans
Shipping Weight: 3.6lbs/1.6kg (w/two
power supplies);3.2lbs/1.4kg (w/one power
Dimensions: 1.75"H x 7.5"D x 8.6"W
(4.45cm x 19.05cm 21.8cm)
AC Input Load: 100 - 240 VDC,
0.60 - 0.25A
DC Input Load: 75 Watts, Nominal 2.1A
@ 48 VDC
iMediaChassis SNMP Module
• Installs in any iMediaChassis
• SNMP V1 and V2c compatible
• Includes GUI-Based iView²
• Supports Unified Management Agent
• Includes DB-9 connector and cable for
serial configuration
• Includes DHCP and TFTP client
• Supports Telnet
• Includes diagnostic LEDs
· Port Type · Fan speeds
· Traps
· Fiber Type
· Module Type
· Link Status of Ports
· Chassis temperature
· Power Supply Type/Status
· User-Definable Name/ID of Product
· User-Definable ID/Name of Each Port
· Enable/Disable Ports
· Enable/Disable FO/FX LinkLoss
· Enable/Disable TP/TX LinkLoss
· Enable/Disable FiberAlert
· Enable/Disable Auto-Negotiation
MIB-II (RFC 1213):
(NOTE: This information is for the iMediaChassis’ SNMP
agent only)
· Packets Transmitted
· Packets Received
· All Standard MIB II Objects
Ordering Information
SNMP Manageable Modular Chassis
iMediaChassis/3-AC — 3-slot, one AC Fixed Power
850-10949-2AC iMediaChassis/3-2AC — 3-slot, two AC Fixed Power
iMediaChassis/3-DC — 3-slot, one DC Fixed Power
850-10949-2DC iMediaChassis/3-2DC — 3-slot, two DC Fixed Power
850-10949-ACDC iMediaChassis/3-ACDC — 3-slot, one AC, one DC Fixed Power
iMediaChassis/6-AC — 6-slot, rackmountable, includes one
PS/125-AC Power Module; option for redundancy
iMediaChassis/6-2AC — 6-slot, rackmountable, includes two
PS/125-AC Power Modules (dual power)
iMediaChassis/6-DC —6-slot, rackmountable, includes one
PS/125-DC Power Module; option for redundancy
iMediaChassis/6-2DC —6-slot, rackmountable, includes two
PS/125-DC Power Modules (dual power)
50-10953-ACDC iMediaChassis/6-ACDC —6-slot, rackmountable, includes one
PS/125-DC Power Module and one PS/125-AC Power Module
iMediaChassis/20-Dual-AC — 20-slot, rackmountable, includes
two PS/401-AC Power Modules (dual power)
iMediaChassis/20-Dual-DC —20-slot, rackmountable, includes
two PS/300-DC Power Modules (dual power)
iMediaChassis SNMP Management Module
iMediaChassis SNMP Management Module
Back Up Modular Fans
Modular Fan Assembly for iMediaChassis/20
Redundant Power Supplies
PS/125-AC Power Module — 125 watt, 100/240 VAC ±10% (for 6-slot)
PS/125-DC Power Module — 125 watt, -48 VDC ±10% (for 6-slot)
PS/400-AC Power Module — 400 watt, 100/240 VAC ±10% (for 20-slot)
PS/401-AC Power Module — 400 watt, 100/240 VAC ±10% (for 20-slot)
PS/300-DC Power Module — 300 watt, -48 VDC ±10% (for 20-slot)
Rackmount Shelf
Rackmount shelf for iMediaChassis/3
For information/part numbers for iMcV series modules, please refer to the datasheet for
the respective product. Refer to the UMA datasheet for information .
Products that are RoHS compliant contain an “8” at the beginning of the part number, making is eight digits long. When ordering the RoHS version of a product, add an “8” to the
front of the standard part number, eg. 56-10730 becomes 856-10730. Call for RoHS product availability.
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