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Fantec MM-HDRTV+WiFi DVB-T Recorder
ENGLISH: First Steps
When you use the player the first time, connect it to the TV with the AV-cable first!
The device will initialize, when you turn on the power and after a minute it will change to standby.
To turn on the device press the power-button.
The HDD have to be formatted first!
- for this purpose open the setup-menu by pressing the setup-button
- choose the tab “system”
- open the option “hdd format”
- select hdd-format from the menu and an assistant, which helps you to format the HDD, starts
- a warning will be shown. Select “OK” for verification
Step 1:
In this menu you can choose, how many space on your HDD you want to reserve for the time shift
function. One hour time shift uses 4 GB space on your HDD. You can use time shift for 4 hours at
maximum that is equal to 16GB space on your HDD.
How many space you should reserve, depends on how often and long you want to use the time
shift function and the available space on your HDD. Default is one hour.
Use the navigation buttons
Select “OK” to get to the next step.
to select the size.
Step 2:
In this menu you can choose the size of the record- and multimedia partition. If you want to
record films very often, increase the record partition.
Please note that you can not access on the record and time shift partition directly via USB
from your Windows PC. But you can copy the files on your multimedia partition every time. After
this you can access the data from your PC.
Use the navigation buttons
Select “OK” to get to the next step.
to select the size.
Step 3:
Now you can select how to configure the multimedia partitions. You can split the space between a
FAT32 and a NTFS partition. You can access both partitions from your PC.
Indeed the player is only able to read data from the NTFS partition. Writing on this partition is not
possible. The player can only write on the FAT32 partition. (This limitation only applies to TV use)
Use the navigation buttons
to select the size.
Select “OK” to get to the next step.
Select “OK” when the warning appears and the HDD will be formated.
This will take a while.
After the HDD has been formatted, the player restarts and is ready to use.
English: Hard disk installation guide
1. Remove the middle body from the enclosure‘s cover.
2. Use 4 screws to fix the HDD
on the cradles.
3. Connect the power and data cable
to the HDD and fix the cradles to
the body.
4. After everthing is connected, push the body into the cover.
5. Fix the bottom of the enclosure with 2
stands, screws and rubber.
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