Product Overview
AB1520H Product Brief
Stereo Speaker/Headphone/Sound bar with wireless subwoofer Solution
For DSP Intensive Audio Applications
Product Overview
Block Diagram
AB1520H is an advanced single-chip solution
which integrates baseband and radio for Stereo
headset and speaker applications. It is Bluetooth
4.2 certified and supports wide band speech
which is defined at HFP1.6, AAC decoder, and
2-Mic for better noise reduction and echo
cancellation performance. AB1520H embeds
serial flash which is more flexible for customer
SW upgrading and 3rd party SW porting is
supported. With optimized MCU structure,
interface arrangement and better DSP algorithm,
AB1520H provides higher performance and crystal
voice and music quality in most of the Bluetooth
audio application such as Headphone, Speaker
and Sound bar systems. AB1520H supports
“AiroStereo” which two speakers can connect to
each other, play left channel in one speaker and
play right channel in another speaker as a wireless
stereo system. “AiroStereo” can let end users have
great stereo experience without wire connection.
AB1520H also supports “AiroShare” which can
relay the music from one audio device to another
device wirelessly that users can easily share the
music with their friends or family from the same
audio source. AB1520H supports “AiroWoofer”
which can play stereo in the sound bar and send
the bass signal to subwoofer with very low latency.
It means customers can quickly and easily develop
high-quality sound bar with wireless subwoofer as
2.1 channel products.
Key Features
BT 4.2 including low energy profiles
Embedded 96MIPS dual-MAC DSP
2-Mic Noise reduction and Echo cancellation
Programmable EQ
Support Packet loss concealment
Multipoint for HFP and A2DP
Support wide band speech, wide band voice
prompt and customized voice prompt
Support Voice command
Support AAC_LC decoder
Support AiroStereo. AiroShare. AiroWoofer
Build in Battery service, proximity profiles.
Support adaptive volume control
Support for battery status shown at iPhone
and Android phones
Stereo Headset, Headphone and Speaker
AiroWoofer for 2.1 Channel product and
Sound bar system with wireless subwoofer
AiroStereo headset and headphone
AiroShare headphone
Bluetooth v4.1 Dual mode
Frequency Band
2.4GHz ISM
Bluetooth Profile
HFP v1.6 with WBS
HSP v1.2
A2DP v1.3
AVRCP v1.5
SPP v1.2
Output Power
Maximum 8 dBm
-92 dBm at 1Mbps
IC Package
QFN 6x6 48 pin
Physical Inteface
Audio Interface
FCC Radiation Exposure Statement
multi-transmitter policy,
This equipment complies with FCC radiation
exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled
environment. This equipment should be installed
and operated with minimum distance 20 cm
between the radiator & your body
multiple-transmitter(s) and moudle(s) can be
operated simultaneously without C2P.
This device is intended only for OEM
integrators under the following
1) The antenna must be installed such that 20
cm is maintained between the antenna and
users, and
2) This device and its antenna(s) must not be
co-located with any other transmitters except
in accordance with FCC multi-transmitter
product procedures. Referring to the
Federal Communications Commission
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the following two
 This device may not cause harmful
interference, and
 This device must accept any interference
received including interference that may
cause undesired operation.
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