the Most Advanced Surface-based rapid rescue/recovery System

the Most Advanced Surface-based rapid rescue/recovery System
Water Rescue Systems, Inc.
The Most Advanced
Surface-based Rapid
Water Rescue Systems, Inc.
ou are on an Engine or
Truck company being
dispatched to a call of a
person through ice or swimmer in distress. You arrive on
scene and realize the victim
has apparently drowned. Now
you must wait for a dive team
to arrive before the body can be
located for recovery; more often
than not, rescue operations like
this becomes a time-consuming
process that ties up limited
manpower for hours.
The Surface-based Rapid
Rescue/Recovery System was
developed with the idea that we
need to find ways to deliver first
response to drowning victims
in the quickest, safest, most
efficient manner possible. With
numerous departments facing
budget cuts, the very existence
of dive teams will continue to
be challenged.
It now becomes obvious,
the successful employment of
this low-tech, purpose built,
rescue/recovery tool makes it
possible for first on-scene responders to make a difference.
safer distance
Reach Pole Systems
Reach Pole
System 1
(RPKB 1)
Boat hook w/handle is
used to fend boat away
from danger. On scene
of a drowning incident,
search bottom to a
12' depth vertically by
pole fastened Grapnel.
Reach Pole System 2.1 (RPKB 2.1)
From a safer distance of nine feet, the rescue devices in this kit
allow one to extend a tethered buoyant sling or pet rescue lasso.
Reach Pole System 3 (RPKB 3)
From land or boat, search bottom to a 20' depth. Extend a
buoyant sling for rescue, or the shepherd’s crook for rescue/
Adding the Surfacedbased Rapid Rescue
Recovery System
to your equipment matrix is
the answer that solves the
Missing Puzzle Piece
(see page 21 for details).
Reach Pole System 3.1 (RPKB 3.1)
For safer distance ice- or
System 3 contents plus 110' pet rescue bag/lasso.
water-rescue response, fire
service personnel have more
options. To view these options
you can browse the products of
this catalog in the following way:
• Reach
• Throw
• Row
• Go
• PAtient care
• rescue & recovery
Reach Pole
System 4 (RPKB 4)
With boat hook adapter attached, buoyant
pole is used to fend boat away from
danger or pull boat to safety. System
includes storage bag, a spiral tow line
hook adapter, tow hook, and buoyant tow
line. Ideal for small lightweight tows such
as a personal watercraft.
Reach Pole System 6 (RPKB 6)
Used from a boat or embankment, this swift-water rescue tool
is designed to catch and recover free-floating unconscious
victim(s) to safety. Overall length with shepherd’s crook attached
is 13.5'. This heavy-duty recovery tool is completely buoyant.
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safer distance
dog rescue
any years ago as a teenager, while walking through a
swamp I came upon a rat. Startled by my presence,
the frightened animal jumped into a long narrow
drainage canal, dove underwater and swam for about 15
feet. Resurfacing, it saw
me on the embankment
blocking its escape and
again, dove underwater
and swam in the
opposite direction.
This swimming escape
attempt was repeated
a third time. Finally,
feeling trapped and
threatened the animal
charged and attempted
to bite me.
Every winter, I hear
of incidents where man’s
Shepherd’s crook holds the lasso in the best friend bites a public
opened lazy “D” position.
safety responder who’s
been called upon to save someone’s off-leash ice-immersed
dog. It’s common to see these “dog-bites-rescuer” video clips on
YouTube. Perhaps our direct-approach rescue method to save
this not-so-friendly friend is causing the animal to think we are
intentionally blocking its path of escape. Like the rat, feeling
trapped and threatened, the dog attacks. The completely buoyant
Reach Pole System 2.1 is the answer for both the dog and rescuer.
Reach Pole System 2.1
he multi-functional Reach Pole System 2.1 is purpose built for
safer dog (as well as child, adult, or multi-victim) rescues.
To improve the rescuer’s safety, the system lets him use a
lasso-rigged pole that forms a lazy capital “D” shape. That allows the
animal to be approached from a not-so-threating side. Lying on the ice
from this safer position with pole and Pet Rescue tether in hand, the
rescuer quickly sweeps the D shaped lasso over the dog’s neck.
In quick succession, the tensioned lasso pulls free from crook, the
pole is dropped, and the tether is quickly tightened by the rescuer.
When ready, this tensioned lasso is transferred to a shore-based team
for animal extraction. With large dogs, the rescuer can assist by placing
the pole-attached crook around the animal’s hind end.
LOnger Distance
throwing Rescue
75' Work Rescue
Throw Bag (B5 WR)
• Designed for long-term
outside storage
• Same features as the B5
75' Rescue Throw Bag
• Includes grab handle
Second Chance Rescue Throw Bags
50' (B4), 75' (B5), 90' (B5 PRO), 110' (B5 110)
• Designed for full-distance first, and if you miss,
second throws within 20 seconds
• 50' to 90' bags feature 1800 lbs. BS 9mm, 110' bag
1500 lbs. BS 7mm polypropylene Kernmantle
• Mesh bottom minimizes bucketing
• Whiffle™ ball improves throw distance and release
Line Throwing Ball (B13)
• Designed for throw line attachment
• Enables one to make a second
attempt by re-casting rescue line
• Hollow buoyant ball with
stainless-steel washer
Second Chance Bag w/Light (B5L)
• Same features as above
• Includes military-grade chemical light
Life Ring Line Bags,
60' Bag (B6a) 100' Bag (B6b)
• Built for tough service and constant
exposure to nature’s harsh elements
• Bag’s color-fast fabric is treated for
protection against ultra-violet
light exposure
• Brass connection snap fastener included
150' Rescue Long Throw (B10)
• Doubles your throwing reach
• Used as a messenger to advance a heaver
line, PFDs, or buoyant device
• 2,500 lb. strength Spectra
Life Rings with Line Bags
20" Ring/60' Bag (RFD20.6),
or 100' Bag (RFD20.10)
24" Ring/60' Bag (RFD 24.6),
or 100' Bag (RFD24.10)
30" Ring/100' Bag (RFD30.10)
Throwable Rescue Sling (RFD35)
• Can be thrown accurately 100 feet or farther
• Automatically inflates in seconds when immersed in water
• Provides emergency flotation for multiple victims
• Easy to re-arm and repack
150' Tag Line Messenger (B9)
• Used as a messenger to advance a heaver line
• 500 lb. test strength parachute cord
• Free practice training ball included
Figure 3
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 9
Figure 10
Figure 11
Figure 12
MARSARS 75' Second Chance
Throw Bag
Figure 13
Figure 14
Instructions for full distance first and second throw:
Figure 1. You need to develop hand/eye coordination
Figure 2. Cast unopened bag back and forth
Figure 3. Remove and hold ball in weak hand
Figure 4. Holding ball – cast bag
Figure 5. Aim to place line within arm’s reach
Figure 6. If you miss; (if you make it, skip to Figure 14)
Figure 7. With dominate hand make V with middle and index fingers
Figure 8.
Place and hold barrel knot between both finger knuckles
Ball is now suspended from dominate hand
Figure 9. Retrieve and place each coil atop opened dominate hand
Figure 10. Make sure no coil is LOWER than ball
Figure 11. With empty bag retrieved
Figure 12. Cast coiled heaving line
Figure 13. Underarm casting method works well
Figure 14. A well-thrown line should land full distance within arm’s reach
SMall Boat
100' Lightweight
Buoyant Towline
Small Boat
(LWTL 100)
Many public safety small-boat
rescue crews lack towing
experience. A towline fouled
propeller is often the results of
this inexperience. To help you
assist others, MARSARS offers
a lightweight buoyant towline for
small boat-to-small boat towing.
Constructed of 5/8" diameter,
multi-filament polypropylene.
Our all-in-one
Kit includes a
Tow Reel loaded
with ½'' or 5/8''
diameter Towline,
Tow Bridle Set, Skiff Hook, Buoyant Boat Pole, Boat Hook Adapter,
Spiral Hook Adapter, combination Rescue Line Bag/Heaving Line.
Contents, specifications and features listed below.
Line Reel
MARSARS portable line
deployment reel is
completely buoyant,
non-corrosive and
designed for years of rough
service. Features include:
Detachable handle, rubber
feet and an adjustable
over-spin control cover.
Weight with line (Dry) –
25.2 lbs, Width 21" –
Height 13.5"
Length with handle – 20",
without – 15 ¼"
Do you need a safer
way to manage
your towline?
Spool, Shield and
Shackle Assembly
Unlike conventional
thimbles, this connector
assembly is easily installed
into or removed from the
towline's soft eye. 1.1 Ton
Working Load.
200' or 300'
Small Boat
Tow Line
We offer ½" or 5/8"
diameter yellow Double
Braided Nylon (DBN)
Towline. Both ends feature
large two ft. tow eyes with
movable chaffing. All eyes
are factory spliced and
lock stitched.
10' Tow Bridle Set
Bridles are used for towing
sail and larger recreational
vessels. With this kit you'll
receive a pair of 10' x ½"
diameter double braided
nylon Tow Bridles. Each leg
includes movable chaffing,
and large 2'-length eyes.
Boat Pole/Datum Marker Kit
Included with your MARSARS Boat Pole System is the new Skiff Hook
(described below) with a detachable Boat Hook and Spiral Tow Adapter. Did
you know our buoyant stainless-steel Boat Pole doubles as a Datum marker? For day/night SAR use, we have added a safety colored external float
and SOLAS grade reflective tape. 66" Pole length, 72" length with adapter.
Detachable Skiff Hook w/ Spiral Adapter
This unique Skiff Hook eliminates
the unsafe practice of having to lean
overboard to detach the hook. To rig
for towing, the Spiral Adapter equipped
Boat Pole is readied. Skiff Hook is
opened by hand and connected to end
of Tow Line's eye. Fairlead tow line
through the center of Spiral Adapter.
Pull towline end thru adapter until
hook's spur and metal adapter make
contact. Hook will now remotely open or
close as towline is pulled or slacked.
Boat Based
rescue/recovery gear
Body Recovery
Net (GNET)
Most recovery nets are made of
buoyant polypropylene fiber that
floats. Take it from your fellow
public safety folks that found it's
not fun trying to sink a buoyant net
beneath a bloated body. MARSARS
high quality recovery net features:
• Hooks on storage case for hull
• Non-buoyant polyester net
• Ballasted to sink net
• Buoyant outer boom keeps
submerged “U” shaped net afloat
Underwater Body Recovery Drag (A18)
Side Scan SONAR technology will soon make recovery by body drag a
thing of the past. Until then, MARSARS will offer this high-quality
“Made in USA” recovery device that features:
• Stainless-steel rod construction
• Quick assembly
• 46" sweep width, 11.5" hook spacing
• Storage container
Reach Pole System 4 (RPKB 4)
With boat hook adapter attached, buoyant pole is used to fend boat away from danger or pull boat to
safety. System includes storage bag, a spiral tow line hook adapter, tow hook, and buoyant tow line.
Ideal for small lightweight tows such as a personal watercraft.
Recovery Sling
Hoisting Adapter
This boat-based recovery
device is designed for vertical
hoisting of uninjured victim
from water. Optional 6' length
hoisting adapters are available
for greater hoisting heights.
Body Recovery
Bag (M8)
Poly mesh construction facilitates
fluid drainage. 7' overall length
bag, with full length entry
zipper, and 6 carry handles.
Reach Pole System 6 (RPKB 6)
Used from a boat or embankment, this swift water rescue tool is designed to catch and
recover free floating unconscious victim(s) to safety. Overall length with Shepherd's
crook attached is 13.5'. This heavy-duty
recovery tool is completely buoyant.
75' Throw Bag, Constant
Exposure (B5 WR)
Made for prolong exposure to sunlight.
Hang from ship's bulkhead, lifeline or boat's
center counsel. Ready in an instant for manoverboard rescue situations. Or, with line
removed, coiled, and casted as a heaving line.
Ice rescue Suits
& Ice Rescue Kits
Mustang IC9002
Ice Rescue Response Kit A
Ice Rescue Response Kit B
Includes: Stearns DriFlex Suit, Helmet, Helmet
Search Light, Red Personal Market Light for
Helmet, 200' Ice Rescue Tether w/Ice Anchor
Kit, Cold Water Rescue Sling, Response
Bag, Anti-Slip Soles, 110' Second-Chance
Rescue Throw Bag, Swim Fins, Ankle Weights,
Inflatable Rescue Tube, Instructions for use.
Includes: Mustang Ice Commander Rescue Suit,
Helmet, Helmet Search Light, Yellow Personal
Market Light for Helmet, 200' Ice Rescue Tether w/
Ice Anchor Kit, Cold Water Rescue Sling, Response
Bag, Anti-Slip Soles, 110' Second-Chance Rescue
Throw Bag, Swim Fins, Ankle Weights, Inflatable
Rescue Tube, and Instructions for use.
Engine Company Kit
• Essential Ice Rescue
PPE gear for a two –team
200' response
• Open Water rescue gear
• PFDs for four shore-based
• Colored coded gear for day/
night identity
Engine Company Kit,
Enhanced (IRRK D)
Neoprene i595
DriFlex i596
• Underwater (12' depth)
recovery gear
• Ice and Open Water rescue gear
• Safer single or multi (side-byside) victim rescue by pole
• Safer for rescuer,
Dog Rescue gear
• Swift water victim recovery
by pole extended Shepherd's
Order Ice Rescue Suits from MARSARS
& Receive 1 FREE 75' Second Chance Throw Bag
One rescue bag per customer. From participating MARSARS distributors.
Ice rescue
Ice Awls
Dry Suit Hanger
Stearns Ice
Suit Repair Kit
Ice Awl Wrist Case
Rescue Grip Awls
w/Wrist Case
Electric Dry
Suit Hanger
Marker Light
Ice Saw
Swim Fins
Aqua Seal
¾ oz.
Life Jacket
Storage Bag
Ice Rescue Helmet
Ankle Weights
item (i6)
Response Bag
Ice Helmet,
& PML Lights
Fin Keepers
Helmet Light
Dry Suit Liner
13 or 22cm
Ice Screw
Radio Case
(i3 or i4)
Ice Anchor Kit
Ice Rescue
Suit Repair Kit
Ice Rescue
Dry Suit Liner
safer distance Ice Rescue
Extrication sled Kits
MARSARS Ice Rescue Extrication Sled Kits
This tough 6' long x 24" wide plastic sled is designed to disburse outbound
rescuer's weight. On scene, sled is first extended for victim's self-rescue
attempt. If weakened, patient in buoyant
sling is loaded aboard. During haul back,
sled protects both patient and rescuer's
body from injury. All kits includes: Sled,
buoyant Sling, and Ice Rescue Reel.
IRS Kit A (300'/91M)
IRS Kit B (600'/182M)
IRS Kit C (900'/274M)
MARSARS Ice Rescue Safety Shuttle Kits
IRSS KIT A (300'/91M)
IRSS KIT B (550'/167M)
IRSS KIT C (850'/259M)
Used Nationwide by the U.S.
Coast Guard, this sled was
purpose built to save lives
from a safer distance. Used
properly, rescuer stops a sled
length away, dismounts, and
extends the empty sled for
victim's self rescue attempt.
With forearm through
orange-colored sling, patient
is gently hauled aboard by
shore-based line tender(s).
If semi/unconscious, patient
is placed in buoyant sling,
connected to sled's 4:1
ratio haul system and gently
pulled aboard. Sled provides
shielding to both patient
and rescuer.
Ice rescue
Extrication handling
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 5
Figure 9
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 10
Figure 11
Figure 12
15 Advantages of the Ice Rescue Safety Shuttle (IRSS)
Advantage 1. Sled is long, lightweight and durable
6’4” long, 27” wide, 7” high, 35 lbs. weight (Figure 1)
Advantage 2. Completely buoyant, no assembly required (Figure 2)
Figure 13
Advantage 3. One person portable, Quick to deploy (Figure 3)
Advantage 4. Walk, swim, or ride sled to incident (Figure 4)
Advantage 5. Stop, dismount, and remain one sled length from victim (Figure 5)
Advantage 6. Sled is used as a reaching device (Figure 6)
Advantage 7. If able, victim assists in own rescue (Figure 7)
Advantage 8. Haul system brake is released (Figure 8)
Figure 14
Advantage 9. On signal, line tender(s) hauls patient aboard sled (Figure 9)
Advantage 10. Sled features a unique built-in 4:1 ratio “Haul System” (Figure 10)
Advantage 11. During haul out phase, rescuer remains at a safer distance (Figure 11)
Advantage 12. Patient’s weight breaks ice mantle, sled’s rescue end lowers (Figure 12)
Advantage 13. Patient is gently hauled horizontally to safety (Figure 13)
Advantage 14. Returning sled shields both patient and rescuer’s torso (Figure 14)
Figure 15
Advantage 15. Patient is gently transported from ice to ambulance (Figure 15)
Safer Distance ice rescue
tethers & poles
200' Ice Rescue Tether Kit (TIR 19)
300' Ice Rescue Tether Kit (TIR 29)
Ready for rescue, our high-quality MARSARS, 200' or 300' Ice Rescue Tether kits offer the following features:
Pre-rigged with stainless-steel carabineer and rope thimbles. Yellow float prevents disconnected tether from sinking.
When two teams are deployed at night, to avoid confusion, bag's base holds optional colored identity light. Tether
bags available in red or yellow. Optional military grade lights (P29a) are available in red, yellow, green, or blue.
Cold Water
Rescue Sling (RPG)
200' Ice Rescue Tether Kit with Sling (TIR20)
300' Ice Rescue Tether Kit with Sling (TIR30)
We include the versatile Land/Ice Based Anchor Kit (6' endless sling/carabineer/ice screw). These tethers are pre-rigged for
our Cold Water Rescue Sling. This essential device is needed to establish victim's “Independent positive buoyancy”.
200' Ice Rescue Tether Kit w/Sling/Handle/Bag (TIR 20H)
300' Ice Rescue Tether Kit w/Sling/Handle/Bag (TIR 30H)
Both water and ice rescuers are placed at risk of being grabbed and climbed on. To counter this risk, passing buoyancy
to a victim from distance, has over time proven to be a safer method that works. To increase ice rescuer's safety,
MARSARS has refined a method that uses a handle to extend buoyancy from a greater distance.
Safer Distance ice rescue
tethers & poles
Multi-Victim Situation:
Several immersed victims are side-byside holding onto a common unstable ice
mantle. We must assume this cold-water
immersion incident has shunted blood
flow to the legs of both victims, thus
robbing them of their ability to remain
afloat by treading water. Unstable ice now
becomes their only means of surface
support. If we do not outfit both victims
with buoyancy, extracting the first victim
will cause the second victim’s supportive
ice mantle to break, which in turn places
this victim at risk of drowning.
A Safer Solution:
The responding ice-rescue
technician is equipped
with a reach pole and two
independently tethered
slings. Positioned to the side,
lying on the ice from a point
of safety, the rescuer extends
and outfits each victim
with independent positive
buoyancy. Once secured
within their buoyant slings,
the patients are hauled to
safety along with the rescuer.
All MARSARS ice rescue reels come rescue-ready with buoyant pre-rigged
3/8" diameter line, carabineer, and float. Line strength of all hollow-braided “B” series line reels
is 3,500 lbs. Orange-colored (3-strand construction) line reels offer strengths of 3,700 lbs. The
Emily, T350 VLRR reel line is ¼"diameter, 800 lbs. strength. For on-ice safety; All MARSARS reels
float with or without rope, Non-locking carabineers are provided for escape from life-threatening
situations. Yellow floats are installed to prevent disconnected tethers from sinking.
300' (91m) Ice Rescue Reel (T150 B) 300' (91m) Ice Rescue Reel (T150)
550' (168m) Ice Rescue Reel (T250 B) 600' (183m) Ice Rescue Reel (T250)
850' (259m) Ice Rescue Reel (T350 B) 900' (274m) Ice Rescue Reel (T350)
2000' (609m) Emily (T350 VLRR)
• Length w/o Handle: T150 - 14.5", T250 - 18", T350 - 24"
• Height: All 13-3/4", Width: All 15.5"
• Tough ABS plastic frame with polycarbonate cheeks construction
• Removable heavy-duty stainless-steel crank handle
• Ice anchor screw
• Adjustable over-spin control back cover
• Buoyant sling hook-up point (300' only)
• Detachable handle
• Velcro® for optional marker light attachment
• Shoulder carry/anchor strap
• Bumpers for horizontal or vertical stability in storage
Multi-Victim rescue
600' (183m) (T150-6) or 800' (244m) Ocean Rescue Reels (T150-8)
Beach Situation, Suggested Use: Family of four is caught in rip or sweep current. First responder swims to scene
with Rescue Flotation Device (RFD). Buoyancy of device stabilizes situation. Tethered by line reel, second rescue
swimmer arrives on scene with RFD. Family with rescuers is hauled ashore.
• An ideal multi-victim rescue device
• Less time needed for rescue
• Minimizes rescue swimmer’s fatigue
• Quick put-up
• Tangle-free line deployment
• Includes “Rescue Hand Signals”
• Shoulder Carry Strap provides mobility
• This buoyant reel features foam-filled
shoulder strap, ¼" - 800-pound strength
line, swivel hook with float
600' (183m) Ocean
Rescue Bag (T600)
400' (122m)
JB Bucket (T400 JB)
•Easy to grasp grab handles
• Neon Orange colored, ¼"
diameter buoyant line tether
•Tangle-free line deployment
•Bucket’s cover shields line from
damage caused by ultraviolet
light exposure
400' Bucket with Inflatable
RFD (T400 JB RFD36)
• Mesh bag construction
• Shoulder carry strap
• To add length, bottom end of line is detachable
• Buoyant shoulder strap
• The hand-over-hand repack method assures
tangle-free line deployment
• Includes a tether attached orally
inflated 40" Rescue Tube
• Compact storage
• Tangle-free line deployment
•Quick put-up
• Line w/deflated tube is packed and
covered within Bucket
600' (183m)
Ocean Rescue
Bag with
Inflatable Tube
(T600 RFD36)
• Refer to features of
T600 bag and RFD36
Inflatable tube
40" (101cm) Surf Rescue Tube (RFD38a) or
50" (127cm) Waterpark Rescue Tube (RFD38c)
28" Patrol Rescue Can (71cm) (RFD105) or
33" Patrol Rescue Can (84cm) (RFD200)
• Constructed of tough linear plastic
• 2" nylon shoulder strap, 10’ leash
• Pebble-grained surface to reduce slippage
• Weights: RFD105 = 3 lbs., RFD200 = 5 lbs.
• Designed for surf, river, pool,
pond, or lake rescues
• Rounded edges for rescuer comfort
•Ensolite foam construction with
heavy vinyl covering
• Complete with 2" shoulder strap,
and 6' tow leash
• 40" Tube includes snap hook w/rings
• Measures: 40" x 5-1/2" x 3" or
waterpark version that measures
50" x 5-1/2" x 3"
PWC Rescue Sled
10 Handle (PWC LS1)
PWC Rescue Sled
12 Handle (PWC LS2)
Designed for victim extraction within seconds.
PWC Sleds feature:
• LS1 measures: 62"L x 36" W x 4.4"H, 38 lbs. Weight
• LS2 measures: 74"L x 41" W x 4.5"H, 53 lbs. Weight
• 5000 lbs. strength towing point
• 450 lbs. load capacity
• High-impact, foam hull with interior metal skeleton
• Soft to kneel on deck
• Large slip-resistant handles for grasping
• When wet, abrasion-resistant deck, side rails are tacky
• Rear of swallow-tail shaped hull facilitates
centerline loading of victim
PWC Nose Guard
PWC Transom Tow
Adapter (PWC Tow *)
Placed in between sled’s bow and PWC’s
rear seat cowling, Specify year/manufacturer;
Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki,
or SeaDoo.
Rescue Swimmer Set (P37)
Set includes seal mask, sar fins and snorkle.
Fin Belt (P40m)
A waist carry belt for mask, fins, etc.
Size: Adult Universal
Fin Keepers
Prevents accidental
fin loss while
Response Fins w/Fin Keepers
• Fully adjustable back-strap
• 15" blade optimizes thrust with minimal fatigue
• Size: XL
Water Rescue Helmet (P23)
Provides water rescuers with essential head-injury protection.
Includes: Drainage ports to prevent bucketing.
This full-cut helmet is available in sizes: M, Lg, XL, XXL.
Specify color when ordering. Made in USA.
water gear
“Cache Protocol”
Water Rescue
Dry Suit (P43r)
• Internal suspenders for optimum fit
• Latex seals around neck and wrists
• Neoprene seal protectors around
wrist and neck
• Cordura® fabric knees
and elbow for durability
• Built-in socks
• Built-in air-purge valve
• Relief zipper
escape. Common features of these technical vests
include: reflective tape, adjustable escape waist
belt, and adjustable sizing pull tabs.
Stearns® Rapid
Rescue Surface
Rescue Dry Suit (P43p)
Built for extended wear, breathable
fabric for optimum comfort. M-2XL
Tactical (PFD 16g) Universal (PFD 16b) Ranger (PFD 16d)
• 25 lbs. 2 oz. Flotation • 24 lbs. 6 oz. Flotation • 25 lbs. 5 oz. Flotation • 29 lbs. 7 oz. Flotation
• Sizes: M, Lg, XL
• Size: Universal (30"-56") • Size: Adult Universal • Sizes: M, Lg, XL
• Color: Red or Yellow • Color: Red only • Color: Red or Yellow • Color: Red or Yellow
Ice Technician SAR Rescue Vest
(PFD 16m)
• 22.5 lbs. Flotation
• Size: Adult Universal
3mm or 5mm
Kelar Glove (P44b)
Features of this warm comfortable glove:
• Double Kevlar on palms, fingers
and back of fingertips.
• 4-way stretch neoprene panels
provides exceptional comfort and warmth.
• Pre-curved fingers.
• Large wrist opening for trouble-free entry.
• Elastic closure minimizes water exchange.
3mm Sizes: XS, S, M, Lg, XL.
5mm Sizes: XS, S, M, Lg, XL, 2XL
All of the following Swift Water
Rescue Vests are designed for personal
Stearns SwiftWater Rescue
Vests (PFD 16e)
Stearns® Rapid Rescue
Extreme Dry Suit (P43o)
Mustang’s swift-water rescue
suit is offered in sizes M-XXL.
Features of this breathable,
constant-wear dry suit.
• GORE-TEX™ waterproof &
breathable dry suit fabric
• Rapid Repair CCS™
Adjustable Neck Seal
• Rapid Repair neoprene
wrist seals (latex optional)
• Two-point removable
• 5mm neoprene knee and
elbow pads help prevent
Fury (PFD 16)
This SAR vest is designed for quick
donning and rapid pull forward –
sizing adjustment. CCG Approved.
• 22 lbs. Flotation
• Size: Adult Universal (36"-60")
• Color: Orange
• Auxiliary tether system included
Water Rescue Boots (P35)
This boot was designed in conjunction with the
military for use on wet slippery decks, finning
for swimming and running wet rocky shores.
Features includes:
• Heavy-duty soles with traction lugs
• Padded ankle support
• Drainage ports
• Heel pull tab
• Reinforced toe
and heel
• Sizes: 5/6, 7,
8, 9, 10,
11, 12,
13, 14, 15.
Tow Tether
(PFD 16f)
Designed specifically for use with PFD 16e
Allows for right or left shoulder placement .
Mustang Swift-Water
Rescue Vest (PFD 16p)
• 25 lbs. Flotation
• Size: Adult Universal
• Color: Black with Fluorescent Yellow-Green accents
Quick Draw Lace System (P35a)
Made from flexible bungee cord; users can
secure boots faster than traditional laces.
flotation devices
Mustang Anti-Exposure Flotation
Suit (PFD 18d) XS-2XL (PFD 18dx) 3XL
• Neoprene wrist closures for weather
• Insulated hood folds into collar
• Extra-large cargo pockets at hips for extra storage
• Interior radio pocket
• Inflatable head-support pillow for
additional buoyancy
• When tightened, cinches
at wrists, waist, thighs and
ankles minimize
water flushing
Mustang Boat
Crew Dry Suit
(P43Q) XS-2XL
The P43Q is waterproof
and breathable constantwear boat crew dry suit
that is ideal for small
boat operations where
crew members don’t
intend to enter the water
but require hypothermia protection
in case of accidental immersion.
• Rapid Repair CCS™
Adjustable Neck Seal
(latex and neoprene optional)
• Rapid Repair neoprene wrist seals
• Ballistic nylon reinforced elbows,
knees, seat, wrist, and leg over
cuffs that is 6 times more abrasion
resistant than Kevlar™
• 2 chest hand warmer pockets
• Integrated GORE-TEX® Dry Socks
• Two-point removable
suspender system
Mustang HIT
Inflatable PFD (PFD 15g)
• Donn in seconds
• One size fits all
• Automatically inflates when
submerged (HIT)
• Only USCG-approved PFD with HIT Marsars Swift-Water
• 35 lbs. buoyancy when inflated
Stability/Rescue Pole (SWP)
• D-rings for front tether hook-up
As a risk-reduction device, this pole was
• Easy-to-clean Comfort Collar™
purpose built to probe for unseen
• Inflator is maintenance free for
underwater dangers, provide rescuers with
5 years from date of manufacture
greater vertical stability in
(unless inflated)
fast-moving water, and,
• Zippered splash-proof
in life-threatening
phone pocket
situations, extend
rescuer’s reach.
Sized Vest
(PFD 13e)
Mustang Bomber
Jacket (PFD 17g) S-2XL
(PFD 17gx) 3XL
• Designed for out of water
warmth and comfort
• When immersed, closed-cell
insulation provides flotation
and in-water insulation
• Delays the onset of hypothermia
• Neoprene cuffs
• Optional flotation pants
and hood available
• Donn in seconds
• One size fits all
• Three adjustable belts
• Large holes for mobility
• SOLAS tape on shoulders
(PFD 15n)
• Donn in seconds
• One size fits all
• Automatically inflates
when submerged (HIT)
• Only USCG approved Stearns Auto/Manual
Inflatable Vest (pfd 15)
• 35 lbs. buoyancy when inflated
• Donn in seconds
• D-rings for front tether hook-up
• One size fits all
• Easy-to-clean Comfort Collar™
• Automatically inflates
• Inflator is maintenance free for
upon submersion
5 years from date of manufacture
• Manual inflation by pulling (unless inflated)
lanyard or by oral tube
• PU-coated nylon shell improves
• 33.7 lbs. of buoyancy
puncture and abrasion resistance
Family Flood Evacuation
Kit (PFD KIT 1)
Provide evacuees with properly sized
PPE jackets. Kit includes mesh lifejacket
storage bag, 4 Youth/Adult sized, 2 Child
sized, and 1 Infant size Type 1 or Type II
USCG approved vests. During day or night
emergency evacuation these orangecolored vests can be quickly donned rightside or inside-out. Assures proper sizing.
Mustang HIT
Work Vest
Stearns Universal
Sized Work Vest
(PFD 5) Adult Universal
(PFD 5os) Adult Oversized
• Donn in seconds
• One size fits all
• 17.5 lbs. buoyancy
(Adult Universal)
• Hinged back panel
• Heavy-duty nylon shell
• Marine Mesh lining for breathability
• Flotation collar for added protection
flotation devices
Work Vest,
w/ Fall
Restraint Slit
(PFD 1)
Size: Adult Universal.
Vinyl-coated foam
construction. Delran®
buckle or stainless-steel
snap hook fasteners.
Welder Work Vest
(PFD 3c)
Size: Adult Universal. Foam
construction with flame.
Resistant thread, webbing,
and fabric covering.
Sizes: S/M, L/XL,
2XL/3XL, 4XL/5XL.
Large front pockets.
Mesh shoulders offer
mobility and comfort.
High waist. Side
adjustment for dual
sizing. Meets ANSI 107-2010 Class 1.
50 mph strength-tested construction.
(PFD 9m)
Sizes: S/M,
L/XL, 2XL/3XL,
Large front
shoulders offer
mobility and comfort. High waist.
Side adjustment for dual sizing.
50 mph strength-tested construction.
Size: Adult Universal. Foam
construction with flame
resistant thread, webbing,
and fabric covering.
Stainless-steel fasteners.
Compatible with most
fall-protection harnesses.
4-Pocket Vest (PFD 14m)
Shore Based Water
Rescue Vest (PFD 13f)
Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL. Delivers
a more compact, Lightweight
solution for rescue personnel.
Minimum 15.5 lbs. of buoyancy.
50 mph-strength tested.
Assures proper sizing.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL-7XL. Large
armholes for mobility.
Tug-Tite® side adjusters.
Four D-Rings for lanyard
attachments. 50 MPH
dynamic strength-tested
(PFD 13d)
(PFD 13m)
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL,
3XL-7XL. Large arm
holes for Mobility. TugTite® side adjusters.
Non-corrosive zipper.
(P22b) with clip
2 AA alkaline battery
powered. Visibility up
to 2 miles. Lifejacket
Rescue Strobe
Light (P22k)
2 AA alkaline battery powered.
Water or manual activation.
Flashing strobe/SOS/steady-on.
Waterproof. 28-56 hour use.
Distress Strobe
2 AA alkaline battery powered.
28-56 hour use. Waterproof.
Visible up to 3.5 miles.
LED Lifejacket
2 AA alkaline battery
powered. Visibility up
to 2 miles. Lifejacket
Sheath (P20d)
Serrated Sheepfoot
blade is ideal for
cutting synthetic rope
or seatbelt.
ACR Ice Rescue
Signal Whistle (P31c)
High Impact
SAR Vest
Flotation Vest
Strobe (P22)
Mesh Vest
Mesh Vest
Welder Vest, w/Fall
Restraint Slit (PFD 3d)
Sizes: XS/S, M/L,
XL/2XL. 100 mph
dynamic strength-tested
construction. Neoprenelined fitted collar.
Fast-tab radio/light clip.
Mustang Dry Suit Liner (MLS600)
Sizes: S, M, L1, L2, XL, 2XL, 3XL. Compatible with any
Mustang Dry suit. Made of 4-way stretch material.
Pulls moisture away from skin.
Whistle features imprinted ice
rescue whistle signals for STOP,
Included free with all MARSARS
Ice rescue suits and PFD
product sold.
Lanyard (P31b)
Outfit all PPE flotation gear with
means for emergency signaling.
Protection Kit (P16)
Attached to PFD. Kit includes
window punch, seatbelt cutter,
mask, shield and latex gloves.
patient Care
Waterproof HSB Storage Bag (M9)
Stabilizer Bag (HSB)
• Thick polyester pile liner
• Six carry handles
• Snug fit for full body contact
• Full CPR accessibility
• 360° access
• Double zippered for less
invasive access
• Optional compressible
storage bag
• Optional waterproof
storage bag
Compressible HSB Storage Bag (HSBC)
Truncal Rewarming Kit (HTR)
Used in conjunction
with the MARSARS
HS Bag, two 8'' x 24''
reusable heaters of
this kit are placed
above and beneath
the patient’s heart.
rapid rescue/recovery system
The Missing Piece
To Complement Your Water Rescue Tools
The Surface-Based Underwater
Rescue/Recovery System
December 10th, 1995. The Warwick, Rhode
Island, Fire Department recovered three boys that fell
through the ice and drowned. Sudden total immersion
in freezing water triggered the Mammalian Diving
Reflex. Searching in 10 feet of water depth takes time. It
took rescuers 10 minutes to locate and rescue the first
10-year-old-boy. The body of his 7-year-old brother
was recovered in 20 minutes. The last boy, aged 10,
is recovered in approximately 43 minutes. Two out of
three survived. Though astounding as it seems, the boy
recovered in 43 minutes makes a complete recovery. In
fact, he recently graduated from college.
Imagine there was a way to see through the water.
Imagine having a tool to see underwater without having
to wait for the dive team.
We introduce the Surface-based Underwater Rescue/
Recovery System, giving you eyes under the water.
Typical use of this product:
Ice-Based Rapid Recovery
Of a Drowning Victim
A team of two ice rescue/recovery technicians,
outfitted with the Rapid Recovery System, respond. On
scene, floating above point of drowning, rescuers begin
their search. One will hold the waterproof monitor for
viewing as the second one searches the depths with
pole-mounted camera. Body is located. Recovery
hook is attached to victim’s clothing, disconnected
from pole, and hoisted to surface. It is imperative
that the victim’s body is handled gently during
surface extraction. The MARSARS ice-rescue sled
is purpose-built to shield a human torso being
pulled through rough broken ice or atop a snowcovered surface.
Land-Based Use
Of the Rapid Recovery System
The many uses of a rapid recovery system includes:
underwater hull, pier, or bulkhead inspection, damage
assessment, intake or discharge points, evidence search,
documentation, recovery of lost or stolen goods.
For body recovery, a growing number of emergency
service organizations have been using reach pole systems
to blindly probe the depths. This new system makes it
possible to rapidly search a wider area quickly, and resolve
the incident faster.
Low Visibility Search
Every firefighter has been exposed to thick smoke
conditions, smoke so thick that you cannot see the light
pointed at your face from arm’s reach. But, move that light
to your face mask and you’re blinded by the light. The
underwater recovery camera works in a similar fashion.
Let me explain: Our camera is set within a waterproof
housing. A clear acrylic sphere is positioned forward of
the camera’s lens. Press this transparent sphere against
an object or body, and one will clearly see details such
as face, hand, or foot.
Boat-Based Rapid Recovery
Of a Witnessed Drowning Victim
If it is safe, crew member assembles recovery system
as responding boat transits to scene. On-scene, with
eyewitness assistance, buoyant float is used to mark center
of point-last-seen. Rapid recovery pole is utilized to search,
locate, and recover drowning victim.
rapid rescue/recovery system
of Rescu l
Viewable from
water or boat
Boat-Based Recovery
rapid rescue/recovery system
Surface-Based Rapid Rescue/Recovery System
Assembled for
a 10' recovery depth
Recovery Hook
is within
camera view
Hook with body
is disconnected
from pole
and hoisted
Surface-Based Rapid Rescue/Recovery System
• Kit RPK5.1 includes handle and extensions for a 20' depth;
Kit RPK5.2 for a 35' depth
1. Carry/storage bag
2. High-quality 70" length buoyant handle
3. 66" length coated extensions
4. Detachable grab/ hoisting hook with line
5. Topside viewing monitor housed in waterproof Pelican™ case
• Powered by one lithium-ion battery or
8 AAA Alkaline batteries (included)
6. 30' topside power cable constructed of heavy-duty
Kevlar-reinforced polyurethane
7. Underwater video camera waterproof to a 150' depth
• One-year warranty from defects in material and workmanship
• Waterproof camera protected by plastic housing
with clear acrylic sphere
• Low- or high-intensity LED lighting
• Onboard fisheye lens offers 170° field of vision
8. 17" x 8" x 1" buoyant holder for surface monitor
9. Attachable sun shroud for easier daylight viewing
10. Waterproof storage case for camera/accessories
(19"L x 16"H x 7"W)
• Acrylic plastic lens scratch remover kit
• One lithium-ion battery charger
Water Rescue Systems, Inc.
155 Myrtle Street,
Shelton, CT 06484
Phone: (203) 924-7315
Toll Free: (866) 426-2423
Fax: (203) 924-4198
email: [email protected]
The Most Advanced
Surface-based Rapid
Rescue/Recovery System
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