How to access your student email account from a Windows mobile

How to access your student email account from a Windows mobile
How to access your student email account
from a Windows mobile device
You can set up your student email account on a Windows mobile device (phone or tablet) by following
a few simple steps.
Press the Windows key
Swipe to the right and find and select Settings
Find and select email + accounts
Select + add an account
Select Outlook
Tap in the Email address box and enter your full university email address (for example
[email protected])
Tap in the password box and enter your password then tap sign in.
Tap in the Username box and enter your university username followed by
(for example, [email protected])
Enter UNIVERSITY in the domain box then tap sign in.
10 Once the account has been configured successfully you'll see an "account added" message.
11 Tap on your new account link to edit the settings. You can, for example, change the Account
name to one that is more memorable for you and decide how often you want to download new
12 When you are happy with your choices, click the tick to accept the changes you have made
13 To access your email, click the Windows button and scroll down until you see your new account.
Note that you can have more than one account easily accessible from your home screen.
14 You may need to click the Synchronise button to display your most recent email messages
Note - if you access email or other university systems with your own device, you MUST set a
passcode to prevent other people accessing your data or pretending to be you!
For more information, see Email services for students on the Information Services website. This site
also has information on downloading Microsoft Office apps to your device for free.
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Last updated 14 October 2015
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