L-band Tac ti cal Antenna - Quorum Communications, Inc.

L-band Tac ti cal Antenna - Quorum Communications, Inc.
L-band Tactical Antenna
2.3 Meter Weather Satellite Receive Antenna with Integrated Feed
• 2.3 meter ( 7.5 ft. ) antenna diameter
• 10.5 dB typical G/T at 1691 MHz
• Integrated cavity dipole feed and low noise 45K
block downconverter
• Integrated signal level meter for easy alignment
• 2.3 meter tripod platform provides stability
• Leveling adapter allows setup and operation on
up to 20 degree tilt
• Only a single tool (allen driver, supplied) is
required for assembly. Most components pin
• Elevation over Azimuth configuration
• Acme screw elevation adjustment provides
quick release setup and manual fine adjustment
necessary to track inclined orbit satellites
• Six petal antenna is custom manufactured of
heavy wall aluminum tubing and heavy duty
mesh for enhanced durability
• Mount components are hard black anodized.
Antenna petals are powder coated
• Total antenna and tripod weight of 45.5 Kg
(100 lbs)
• Assemble and operational in less than 15
for enhanced durability. The antenna petals are
powder coated.
The Quorum Tactical Antenna is designed for easy
transport and setup for reception of worldwide high
resolution weather satellite downlinks. The antenna
provides a typical 10.5 dB G/T which allows it to be
used for reception of downlinks from GOES,
Meteosat, Meteosat Second Generation, GMS,
MTSAT and other similar weather satellites.
The Tactical Antenna can be set up and operational
in under 15 minutes. Almost all components
including the antenna petals pin together with
captivated pins. A few components require an allen
driver which is also captivated in the elevation over
azimuth mount. Provisions are made for tie-downs,
stakes and sand bags to stabilize the base.
The Tactical Antenna consists of a heavy duty wide
base tripod mount, leveling adapter to allow setup
and operation on up to a 20 degree tilt, elevation over
azimuth mount with both quick release and manual
fine adjustment to track inclined orbit satellites, a
heavy duty custom manufactured six petal mesh
reflector, a high performance dipole buttonhook feed
with integrated low noise downconverter and an
integrated signal level meter for easy alignment.
The system includes a signal level meter that is
powered up the IF coax, along with the Integrated
Feed / Downconverter, that does not require feedback
from the system receiver. The feed polarity is easily
adjusted and locked from the rear of the antenna
using the provided allen driver.
The mount is made of heavy duty hard black
anodized aluminum for scratch resistance and
durability. The antenna petals are manufactured of
heavy wall aluminum tubing and heavy duty mesh
A typical receive system would include the Quorum
MetCom DSP Second Generation multi-mode
receiver fitted for all current and near term future
downlinks installed in a Quorum Tactical “lunch
box” computer system.
Transport cases are available separately.
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