Deep Water camera Housing
Deep Water camera Housing
Professional aluminium underwater housing.
Made in USA.
The housing is straight forward, easy to use, and
designed to fit a stock Red Dragon or Red Weapon
camera with Hawk, Zeiss or Cooke lenses. Various
spherical and anamorphic lenses can be utilized in
conjunction with interchangeable dome or flat ports
to provide the cinematographer with a full range of
options underwater, on the surface, or on a wet set.
External controls are provided for iris, focus and video
power. Internally mounted lights can be switched on to
read T-stop, focus and footage counters.
Multiple 3⁄ 8”-16 holes top and bottom facilitate
a number of mounting configurations, and our
mounting accessories allow easy rigging to jib arms,
dollys and cranes.
For above water filming in rainy or wet sets, an
optional lens port spray deflector system shoots air
across the lens area, keeping drops of water from
registering on the image.
When the video tap is used in conjunction with an
underwater speaker system, a director can view a
thru-the-lens image plus maintain communication
with a crew below.
Deep Water
Red Weapon/Red Epic
Dimensions l x h x w
Weight in air
49 x 46 x 41 cm
38.5 kg (fully equipped)
Weight in saltwater
1.4 kg
Operating depth
50 m
Lens port
6” underwater monitor
dome & flat
Hawk V-Lite
Hawk C-Series
Vantage One
Zeiss UP Series
Zeiss Macros
Cooke S4 Series
Further detailed information on our website (underwater section)
We also supply underwater housings for 35 mm and 16 mm film cameras. Contact us for details.
For further information contact Vantage Film, Phone +49 961 26795, Fax +49 961 62983,
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