Input/Output Module Model CM-01
Input/Output Module
Model CM-01
When using electrical products, basic safety precautions should
always be followed, including the following:
The Input/Output Module, model CM-01, can be used to control
UPB devices using a low-voltage trigger input (e.g., a contact
closure, voltage, current, doorbell, telephone ring, etc.), and to
activate low-voltage outputs based on UPB commands. The
module accepts up to 3 inputs and 2 outputs. For safety reasons,
you should not connect voltages higher than 30VAC (42VDC) to
the input/output terminals, because doing so can present a shock
The Input/Output Module is designed for indoor use with devices
that plug into a power outlet. To install the CM-01 module:
Locate a wall outlet near the wiring to be connected. Plug
the CM-01 module into the wall outlet (see illustration below).
Connect wires from the item(s) to be monitored/controlled to
the terminal block located on the bottom of the module.
See reverse side for examples of applications and proper
wiring diagrams. To make connections, use a small tool to
depress the orange release lever above the wire hole until
the wire can be inserted or removed.
If desired, another device can be plugged into the socket on
the front of the module, which is always powered.
Keep away from water. If product comes into contact with
water or other liquid, unplug immediately.
3. Never use products that have been dropped or damaged.
4. Do not use this product outdoors.
5. Do not use this product for other than its intended use.
6. Do not connect multiple lamps or appliances that, when
combined, exceed the maximum load ratings of the product.
7. To avoid risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electric shock,
install this product out of reach of small children.
8. Do not cover the product with any material when in use.
9. This product uses polarized plugs and sockets (one blade is
wider than the other) to reduce the risk of electric shock.
These plugs and sockets fit only one way. If they do not fit,
consult a technician. Do not use with an extension cord
unless plugs can be fully inserted. Do not alter plugs.
To configure the CM-01and assign it to one or more
controllers, please refer to instructions for the controller.
When configuring a UPB system, it may be necessary to
place the CM-01 in SETUP mode. To do this, press the
Program Switch (see illustration) five times rapidly using a
non-metallic toothpick. The indicator will continuously blink
GREEN when the unit is in SETUP mode. To exit SETUP
mode, press the Program Switch once or wait five minutes.
CAUTION: Do not insert metal objects into the module
while it is connected to power.
Inputs applied to the CM-01 module can be set to activate or
deactivate other UPB devices or scenes based on either the
presence or absence of the input, or both. When the input is
applied, the corresponding INPUT indicator will glow GREEN.
Outputs operate according to commands sent by a controller or
UPB device. When the output is ON, the corresponding OUTPUT
indicator will glow GREEN. Note that outputs can only be
activated via UPB commands, and not via inputs within the same
To restore the following default settings, place the CM-01 in
SETUP mode and then press the Program Switch ten times. The
indicator will flash RED. Press the switch twice to exit this mode.
Network Name
Room Name
Device Name
Unit ID
Network ID
Network Password
“Network 1”
“New Room Name”
“New CM01”
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Revised: April 28, 2005
Input/Output Module (continued)
The CM-01 module can accept up to 3 inputs and 2 outputs.
Each input has different wiring configurations, depending upon
the type of input being sensed:
Input #1 can accept a phoneline (for ring detect) or a
low-voltage input.
Input #2 can accept a dry contact closure or a lowvoltage input.
Input #3 can accept a current input (wired in series with
a doorbell switch), a dry contact closure, a low-voltage
input, or a line audio input with a choice of two trigger
Telephone Ring Detect Input
Input #1: Tip and Ring connect to terminals 5 and 6.
Contact Closure Inputs
Input #2: Connect wires to terminals 9 and 10.
Input #3: Connect wires to terminals 15 and 16.
Voltage Sense (triggers on a 4-5VAC/DC threshold)
Input #1: Connect wires to terminals 6 and 7.
Input #2: Connect wires to terminals 8 and 9.
Input #3: Connect wires to terminals 14 and 15.
Doorbell Detect (current sense, triggers at around a 200mA
Input #3: Wire in series, preferably at transformer,
connecting wire from doorbell switch to terminal 14 and
connecting wire from terminal 13 to the transformer.
Audio Sense (-30dBV or -10dBV audio sense)
Input #3: From line audio source, connect center
conductor to terminal 11 for -30dBV or terminal 12 for
-10dBV. Connect the shield to terminal 13.
Low Voltage Outputs (60VAC/DC @400mA max.)
Output #1: Connect wires in series with a source of lowvoltage power and the load to terminals 1 and 2.
Output #2: Connect wires in series with a source of lowvoltage power and the load to terminals 3 and 4.
LED Indicators
Model CM-01
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