2-port USB KVM Switch with Audio and Microphone

2-port USB KVM Switch with Audio and Microphone
Uniclass Product Specification
Prima 4 – 8-port USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM Switch
4-port 19” Cascadable Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM Switch w/ OSD,
Front-panel Buttons and Keyboard Hotkey Control
4-port Cascadable Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM Switch w/ OSD
The Prima 4 is a 4-port USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM
Switch that is designed for computer/server
management on a central console in corporate, factory
as well as in campus computing environment. It
provides the OSD Menu for intuitive KVM switching
operations. Its cascadable feature can help upscale the
server number to hundreds. Its enhanced hot-plugging
capability allows you to plug off and on the KVM
cablings without powering down a whole rack of servers, especially convenient when you are working on a sever rack
configuration. Both USB and PS/2 interface support on both console side and PC side offers maximum convenience in a
computing environment that accommodates both newer USB-enabled computers and older computers with only PS/2
OSD Menu offers more intuitive and convenient control
The full-feature OSD menu function gives an intuitive menu-driven operation most users will find indispensable for a truly
convenient KVM switching experience. The Prima 4 provides features such as Auto Logout, Password Protection and
Firmware upgrade, etc.
USB and PS/2 interface support on both Console and PC Side
The USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM Switch supports both USB interface and PS/2 interface on both console side and PC
side. You can use either PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse on the console side as well on the PC side. It is especially useful
when your server room is inhabited with legacy computers with only PS/2 interfaces and also with newer computers
equipped with only USB interfaces.
Port-capacity scalable up to hundreds of computers via daisy-chaining multiple KVM Switch
Multiple units (Prima 4/ Prima 8 / Prima 16) could also be daisy-chained up to 8 levels and provide a total port capacity of
up to two hundred more of PCs (depending on the unit combinations). Daisy-chaining distance can be up to a total of 30
Centralized Rackmount Management
The Prima 4 features a console port to connect your shared keyboard, video and mouse, and 4 PC ports to connect to
your computers/servers. The rackmount design offers a neat placement of the KVM Switch units on the rack for
centralized management and also for security enhancement that could be provided by a locked server room. You can
simply place it on desktop or mount it on a standard 19” rack for more secured and centralized management.
Robust and Reliable for Corporate Server Room / Industrial Floor
The Prima 4 USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM Switch is robust and durable in metal enclosure and provides better shielding
against electromagnetic interference commonly seen in lab or factory environments. The metal case offers a sturdy
protection needed to withstand accidental impact.
Uniclass Technology Feb 2006
Uniclass Product Specification
Prima 4 – 8-port USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM Switch
4-port 19” Cascadable Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM switch with OSD
Cascadable up to 8 levels using daisy-chain cable
Daisy-chaining distance up to a total of 30 M
Port capacity scalable up to 116 PCs with multiple units in daisy-chain configuration
USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side
Support Microsoft IntelliMouse®, IntelliMouse Explorer®, Logitech NetMouse® and other compatibles
Direct channel selection and operation using front-panel push buttons and keyboard hotkeys
Support for DOS, Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux, MacOS, etc.
Numerical LED display and LED indicators for easy bank/port status monitoring
Hot-plugging PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM Switch or PCs
Enhanced PS/2 mouse reset hotkeys for non-PnP OS such as Win NT 4.0 and Linux
Plug-and-Play for PnP OS, no Windows driver software needed
Buzzer sound for hotkey and port switching confirmation
Autoscan mode for quick browsing of all connected computers
Autoscan delay time programmable 5 ~ 100” through OSD Menu option
Search PC by name
Password protection
Auto-logout timeout support
High VGA resolution 2048 x 1536
19” rack mount design with metal enclosure for best shielding and protection
Model No.
PC Port
Console Port
Daisy-chain port
Daisy-chain level
Max. PC Connections
PC Port Connectors
Console Port Connectors
PC selection
PC port LED s
Scan delay time
Keyboard/Mouse emulation
VGA Resolution
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Dimension (L x W x H)
Power Adapter
Safety / Emission
2 x ( 1 x In; 1 x out)
116 PCs (Prima 4 + 7 x Prima 16)
8 x HDB 15-pin Female (VGA, USB and PS/2 interface
2 x USB Type A
1 x PS/2 Keyboard 6-pin Mini Din female
1 x PS/2 Mouse 6 pin Mini Din female
1 x VGA HDB 15 pin female
Push buttons / Hotkeys
4 x Green ; 4 x Red ; Numerical x 1
5 ~ 99 sec. programmable through OSD Menu option
USB and PS/2
2048 x 1536
PS/2 and USB interface power
0 ~ 40°C
- 20 ~ 60°C
0~90% RH, non-condensing
Standard 19” rack mount / 1U
Metal enclosure
410 × 165 × 44.5 mm
(Optional) DC 9V 1A
2200 g
Ordering Information
Prima 4 4-port Cascadable Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM Switch w/ OSD (Metal case)
Uniclass Technology Feb 2006
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