Video Transmitter Kit USER GUIDE

Video Transmitter Kit USER GUIDE
Video Transmitter Kit
Your 3DR Video Transmitter Kit includes:
5.8GHz 200mW Wireless AV Transmitter Specifications:
• Frequency/channel: 5705-5945 MHz/8 CH
• Output power: 200 mW/33 dBm
• Frequency control: Built-in frequency & phase lock loop
• AV Input: Analog AV signal input
Wireless AV transmitter
• ANT connector: RP-SMA
• Power supply: DC 7-12 volts
• Current supply: 850 mA
• Dimensions: 68 mm x 26 mm x 28 mm
• Weight: 60 g (incl. antenna)
• Gross weight: 85g
5.8GHz Wireless AV Receiver Specifications:
• Receiving frequency: 5705-5945 MHz/8 CH
• Receiving sensitivity: -90 dBm
• Antenna connector: RP-SMA
• Power supply voltage: DC 7-12 volts
• Supply current: 150 mA
• Dimensions: 61 mm x 52 mm x 13 mm
Antennas (2)
Wireless AV receiver
Transmitter cables:
Red and black two-wire cable
Red, black, and white three-wire cable
Wiring the transmitter
Attach an antenna to the transmitter. The red, black, and white
three-wire cable connects the transmitter to the GND, +12V, and
VOUT pins on your on-screen display (OSD) module. The red and
black two-wire cable connects the transmitter to a power source.
Connect OSD module here
Connect battery here
Transmitter wired to battery
and AV input cable
Wiring the receiver
Attach an antenna to the receiver. Connect the AV output cable
to either receiver AV OUT port, and connect the DC power cable
from the DC power port to a power source (shown below with
battery connected).
11.1 v 900 mAh 25C
Battery with JST
Available at
We recommend the following devices for displaying the video
transmitted by your 3DR Video Transmitter Kit.
»» Goggles provide an immersive first-person experience; offers several good models.
»» FPV monitors are a great, portable solution for viewing your
video at the field. We like the 5” M500 monitor from
Thank you for purchasing a 3DR Video Transmitter Kit!
This kit includes a lightweight video transmitter and receiver to
transmit onboard video during flight. This guide will show you
how to wire the transmitter and receiver.
Micro Compact
Super Vision
CCD Camera
»» Turn your computer into a video capturing platform with this AV-USB adapter: (This solution requires an AV female-to-male adapter.)
Receiver cables:
DC power cable
AV output cable
Transmitter wired to battery and AV output cable
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