Merlin - Elan Audio

Merlin - Elan Audio
The Merlin 8 is a compact, portable broadcast audio mixer suitable for on air mixing, media training, and outside
broadcasts. The Merlin range of broadcast mixers have full broadcast performance specifications, equal to other
Elan Audio professional on-air mixers with low distortion, flat frequency response, low noise and generous
overload margins.
The Merlin 8 is versatile, reliable and tough and does not require permanent installation. This makes it not only
sound good, but also easy and forgiving to operate.
The Merlin 8 features:
8 input channels made up of:
2 microphone channels (with phantom power)
2 channels, switchable microphone / line (unbalanced stereo)
1 channel selectable line (unbalanced stereo) / telephone (mono balanced)
2 channels line (unbalanced stereo)
1 channel line, has a 5 way input selector (2 stereo balanced, 3 stereo unbalanced)
Monitor facilities: split cue, VU meters (left, right and cue), cue speaker, announcer and 3 guest headphone
outputs (with volume control).
Cue channel output, mono - can be used as second output bus for voice tracking, off air recording etc
Off air receiver input, external monitor input, monitor output.
Program output: unbalanced, balanced stereo, balanced mono.
Mix minus output for use with telephone hybrids.
2x 12V DC outputs (for powering accessories)
Overload and On Air Light indicator relay's.
All settings externally selectable via dip switches on bottom panel - no need for internal adjustments.
Solid aluminium construction with wooden end plates.
Options available: MRLN8-RC remote machine start/stop and MRLN8-AES AES-EBU Digital Output.
All connections are plug in using XLR’s, RCA or ¼” jacks. This makes it easy to install and portable.
2 Steel Court, South Guildford, Western Australia
P: 08 9277 3500 F: 08 9478 2266
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