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Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shaver HS8023
Philips NIVEA
Realize your style
Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shaver
NIVEA FOR MEN shaving conditioner is dispensed through the shaving heads directly
onto the skin, moisturizing it while shaving. The conditioner contains chamomile and
vitamins to protect your skin against irritation.
Moisturizing and soothing shave
• NIVEA FOR MEN conditioner dispensing system
Easy shaving conditioner refill
• Integrated cartridge refill system
Skin protection system
• Flex Tracker system
Superior gliding
• Glide rings
Shave in or out of the shower
• Wet use
Conditioner dispensing system
Flex Tracker system
Shaving Performance
• Shaving System: Lift & Cut technology
• Contour-following: Flex Tracker system
• Skin Comfort: NIVEA FOR MEN conditioner
dispensing system, Glide rings
Ease of use
Display: Battery low indicator, Charge indicator
Charging: Rechargeable
Charging: 8 hours
Wet & Dry: Shower use
Shaving time: 10 days
Cleaning: Washable
NIVEA FOR MEN moisturizing shaving conditioner
is dispensed directly onto your skin
The Flex Tracker automatically tracks the curves of
your face and helps to protect against skin irritation.
Integrated cartridge refill system
Glide rings
• Finishing: Lacquer
• Creams & Lotions: 28 ml shaving conditioner
starting can
• Stand: Charging stand
• Maintenance: Protection cap
Simply pump the NIVEA FOR MEN shaving
conditioner from the refill can directly into the
Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shaver.
The shaving heads have unique glide rings to help the
shaver move smoothly over your face.
Wet use
Shaving in the shower saves time and gives you the
fresh sensation of wet shaving.
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