x series - Galanti Classic Organs
gm-x | front panel
rp-x | front panel
rear panel
gm-x | rp-x
USB port
pedal connections
MIDI in/out/thru
72 notes max.
64 notes max.
64 MB
50 PCM-physical model sounds stero/mono
248 PCM-physical model stero/mono;
GM-GM2 compatibility
4 parts
16 parts
Digital effects
audio outputs
left/mono - right
(1/4” jack)
audio inputs
left - right
(phono RCA)
6 Reverbs: Room - Small, Medium, Large;
Hall - Large, Medium, Stage
4 Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Stereo Delay
4-band Parametric EQ (progr.)
2 Insert effects: Wah-Wah, Compressor
6 Reverbs: Room - Small, Medium, Large;
Hall - Large, Medium, Stage
4 Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Stereo Delay
Single, Layer, Split
GM2, Performance (Single, Layer, Split)
Volume pot, on/off switch, perf button, data <> buttons, edit button,
edit indicators: part (ch), sound, volume, velocity, transp, tune, efx, rev
3 LED / 7 segments
Extra infos
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Output L/R, inputs L/R, USB, MIDI In/Out/Thru, pedal 1 - 2, 12 D.C. in
RP-X Editor / GM-X Editor
PC software editors to control the sound modules via MIDI or USB
218 x 44 x 198 mm / 8.58” x 1.73” x 7.8”
2,5 kg / 5,5 lbs
generalmusic technologies srl - sales & marketing via delle rose, 12 s. giovanni m. (rn) 47842, italy tel. +39 0541 959511 fax +39 0541 957404 www.generalmusic.com
371490 ENG | Generalmusic reserves the right to change specifications without notice
DC 12V
x series
GEM’s acclaimed DRAKE™ technology housed in a series of affordable &
easy to use, half-rack sound modules. DRAKE™ sound quality and power
stems from its totally programmable DSP software architecture, allowing
many types of sound generation algorithms, effects and post processing
including the exclusive physical models pioneered by Generalmusic.
GM-X is the ideal module to create today’s music
and professional songs in the field of multimedia
production and computer music applications.
Thanks to the USB connection along with the software editor it’s like having a quality “plug-in sound module”
always on line, without slowing down the computer CPU. In
addition, the compact shape makes GM-X the perfect instrument for
anyone requiring a complete set of sounds to be accessed via MIDI while
playing live. The exclusive DRAKE™ processor in the GM-X in combination with
the 64MB of new samples provides 248 stunning, high definition sounds with 64
notes max polyphony and 16 multi-timbral parts.
X SERIES Software Editor
RP-X Editor and GM-X Editor are custom made software programs
developed to totally manage and control the two X-Series modules
offering a quick and easy access to the internal sounds, parts and
MIDI channels parameters.
The editors are a must in Computer MIDI Recording applications
where the two X-Series modules can be used just like independent
plug-in instruments, without affecting the computer CPU.
GM-X Editor
The GM-X Editor features a complete set of controls for the multi-timbral configuration of:
GM-X Editor - Main
GM-X features two main configurations:
• Sounds and relative parameter assignments (Volume, Pan, Pitch, Filter, Rev/Efx
Send, Amp, Env, etc.)
• Effects parameters (Pre-delay, Decay, Time, etc.)
• Control of “Global” parameters (Volume, Pitch, Tune, Velocity)
• Control of pedals and relative assignable parameters
The GM-X Editor makes editing and creating your own custom performances (up to
99 locations) quick and easy due to the intuitive graphic interface. The GM-X Editor
also functions as a librarian in order to back-up multiple sets of performances to
your PC which can be re-loaded into the GM-X with ease.
• GM Mode - the default mode in which every MIDI channel matches a sound that can be recalled via MIDI program/bank
changes enabling the GM-X to always be ready to perform any GM/GM2 compatible song.
• Performance Mode - which allows the storage and recall of presets (combinations of sounds, effects and their control parameters) ideally suited to professional live performance applications.
Each of the GM-X’s 16 parts can access any of the 248 internal sounds. The parts
can originate an equal number of completely independent keyboard sections: Layer
(overlapping), Split (separate) or controlled by velocity switch.
GM-X Editor - Part View
The RP-X is specifically dedicated to the emulation of
stunning acoustic pianos and vintage instruments ideal
for stage or studio use. In addition to the superb grand
piano patches, the selection of Rhodes®, Wurlitzer®,
and Clavinet® are reproduced with stunning reality.
The DRAKE™ (Dsp Risc Advanced Keyboard Engine) technology,
acclaimed for its astonishing performances in the Promega & Realpiano
Series pianos, is now available in the RP-X module. Offering musicians the
possibility of always having available a wide selection of the best electric and acoustic piano sounds including the famous Fazioli F308®.
The GM-X makes use of a MIDI common channel to enable the use of particularly
complex multi-channel performances when using master-keyboards transmitting on a single MIDI channel i.e. digital pianos.
By using the MIDI ID (MIDI identification number) it is possible to access via your computer multi GM-X modules simultaneously
without conflicts.
RP-X Editor - Main
RP-X features an impressive 72 notes max polyphony, 64 MB of stereo/mono samples, + physical modelling generation. The combination of sounds, effects and their control parameters may be stored in the presets for immediate
recall during live performance.
The user interface is extremely easy to navigate with a minimum of front panel buttons to access essential
controls and functions.
RP-X Editor - Equalizer
The rear panel features stereo audio output, aux stereo input, MIDI in/thru connections along with
a USB port for a direct connection to the computer (Windows). The “X Series” is accompanied by
a custom PC-based editor that allows easy control, simultaneous change and storage of the
vast number of internal parameters.
The RAM and flash memories allow the “X Series” modules to be fully updated via
software just like all the other GEM instruments powered by DRAKE™.
RP-X Editor
The RP-X Editor allows the rapid and easy creation of instrument performances (up
to 99 locations). The RP-X Editor also functions as a librarian in order to back-up
multiple sets of performances to your PC which can be re-loaded into the RP-X with
Any of the 50 stunning internal sounds can be promptly selected for each of the 4
sections, creating personal execution parameters. The 4 independent keyboard
sections can be set for: Layer (overlapping), Split (separate) or controlled by velocity
The MIDI common channel allows the use of multi-channel performances when
using master keyboards only transmit on one MIDI channel like digital pianos.
In addition to the reverb and modulated effects such as Chorus, Tremolo, Phaser,
Delay etc., the RP-X features a fully programmable 4 band parametric equalizer whose
parameters can be saved per
The connection of the modules to a computer running the GM-X/RP-X
Editor software through MIDI or USB offers full remote-control of
every parameter thanks to an intuitive graphic interface.
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