100% Copper - a better value 24 AWG Wire

100% Copper - a better value 24 AWG Wire
100 ft Cat5e Green Snagless RJ45 UTP Cat 5e Patch Cable - 100ft Patch Cord
StarTech ID: 45PATCH100GN
The 45PATCH100GN Cat5e Patch Cable (100 ft) meets or exceeds all Cat 5e specifications to ensure reliable
Ethernet network connections, and features a durable green PVC jacket that enables you to color code your network
cable runs as needed.
To ensure long-lasting performance, this high quality Cat5e patch cable features a snagless design that protects the
RJ45 connector clips from damage and makes the cable less prone to snagging during installation. The cable also
features molded PVC strain relief that prevents the RJ45 connector termination points from bending at sharp angles
- reducing the risk of cable damage, which could decrease network performance.
Constructed of only top quality materials, this Cat5e Patch Cord delivers reliable performance and is backed by our
Lifetime Warranty.
100% Copper - a better value
StarTech.com Cat5e cables are manufactured using high-quality copper conductors. While many cable
manufacturers offer a "cheaper" cable, based on a copper-coated aluminum core, we make no compromises on
quality to ensure you receive top value and performance for your network cable investment.
24 AWG Wire
This Cat 5e cable is constructed with 24 gauge copper wire, to support a broad range of Ethernet applications such
as Power over Ethernet (PoE). Because we use a high quality copper wire, our cables easily sustain the power
required for Power over Ethernet applications, whereas the inferior quality offered by copper-coated aluminum
cables may be subject to insufficient power delivery, heat buildup, equipment damage and potentially, fire.
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50-micron Gold Connectors
This RJ45 patch cable offers high quality connectors comprised of 50-micron gold, to deliver optimum conductivity
while eliminating signal loss due to oxidation or corrosion.
Designed for use with Fast Ethernet networks
Patches from hub to distribution panel
Connects workstation to wall outlet
Extend the reach of your Ethernet network devices by 100
RJ45 connector clip protectors
Carefully constructed and tested, to keep Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) well within acceptable limits
Colored hoods for departmental color coding
Molded strain relief prevents the cable from being bent at sharp angles at the RJ45 connector, to minimize
the stress at the plug termination point
Constructed with top quality components
High quality 24 AWG copper wire
Technische specificaties
Aantal geleiders
4 pair UTP
Type kabelmantel
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
CM goedgekeurd
Type kabel
Zonder uitsteeksels
Connector A
1 - RJ-45 Male
Connector B
1 - RJ-45 Male
CAT5e - 350 MHz
24 AWG
30.5 m [100 ft]
Lengte product
30.5 m [100 ft]
Verzendgewicht (verpakt) 1 kg [2.3 lb]
1 - 100 ft Green Snagless Cat5e UTP Patch Cable
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Certificaties, rapporten en compatibiliteit
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