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Internal Blu-Ray ReWritable Drive


Internal Blu-Ray ReWritable Drive


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Blu-Ray has arrived with the I/OMagic Blu-Ray internal ReWritable drive. With the ability to store 25GB* up to 50GB* of data on a single and double layer Blu-Ray Disc, and the ability to playback high definition video, the I/OMagic Blu-Ray drive is your bridge to the latest in high definition technology.

Backing up to Blu-Ray discs saves time and energy compared to DVD media. With its huge storage capacity, you can back up entire video projects that require tremendous space, or even backup an entire operating system. Store your music library, save pictures at the highest resolution, even full length movies without breaking a sweat.

The I/OMagic Blu-Ray Internal Drive naturally also supports burning to DVD and CD media just like the way it should be. Why compromise when you can do it all with the triple writer I/OMagic Blu-Ray Internal Drive.

1 KB = 1 thousand bytes, 1 MB = 1 million bytes, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes

Your total accessible memory/storage/data capacity will be less than stated as a result of operating system and other factors.

[Blu-Ray] maximum speed


BD-R SL / DL : 2x / 4x

BD-RE : 2x


BD-ROM SL / DL : 8x / 8x

[DVD] maximum speed


DVD+/-R :16x

DVD+/-RW : 8x/6x

DVD+/-R9 DL : 4x


DVD ROM /+R/-R :16x

DVD+RW/-RW/DL : 8x

[CD] maximum speed


CD-R : 40x

CD-RW : 24x


CD-R/RW : 40x


• Store up to 25GB* on single layer BD Discs, or 50GB* on double layer discs.

• Triple Writer supports BD,

DVD, and CD media

• Includes SolidBurn and

Write-Right technologies

• triple-laser optical pick-up

• Store up to 2 hours of High

Definition Video or up to 13 hours of standard-definition

TV content.

• Serial ATA interface

Package Contents

Internal Blu-Ray ReWritable drive

Serial ATA Cable

Quick Install guide

BD/DVD/CD Burning & Playback


Part #


Country Of Origin


1 Year Warranty


Retail Package Dimensions

Inner Pack Dimensions

Inner Pack Quantity

9002 ISO #

HSN Tariff #

UPC Code

SCC-14 Code


Inner Pack Weight

Master Pack Dimensions

Master Pack Quantity

Master Pack Weight

I/OMagic Corporation

4 Marconi

Irvine, CA 92618


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Key Features

  • Stores up to 50GB of data on a single disc
  • Triple Writer supports BD, DVD, and CD media
  • Backs up entire video projects or even an entire operating system
  • Suitable for storing music library, pictures at the highest resolution, and full-length movies
  • Triple-laser optical pick-up

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum storage capacity of a Blu-Ray disc?
50GB for double-layer discs
What types of media does the drive support?
BD, DVD, and CD media
What is the maximum write speed for Blu-Ray discs?
4x for double-layer discs