LaCie 130884
LaCie Cover
Design by Sam Hecht
Lightweight, Mobile Protection
Cover Up Your Hard Drive
Scratch Protection and Mobility
With the LaCie Cover, you’ve got a great new way to protect
your favorite gear. Designed by Sam Hecht, the designer
behind our popular “Little Disk” line of drives, the Cover
provides a soft, comfortable second skin for your hard drive.
By covering the entire area of your drive, the LaCie Cover helps you
keep your drive scratch-free. The LaCie Cover is lightweight, thin,
and fits perfectly inside a bag or purse, meaning you can take your
hard drive with you anywhere.
Inside Accessory Pocket
A Complete Range for Your Drives
A hidden pocket on the inside of the bag helps your LaCie Cover
hold even more of your secrets. However, if you don’t have any
tangible secrets, it will also easily and reliably hold your cables
and accessories.
With the two different sizes in the LaCie Cover line, it’s easy to find
the one that’s right for you Choose from two sizes, both of which
are compatible with most hard drives on the market. For example,
our 2.5” bag is perfect for drives like the LaCie Little Disk, and our
3.5” bag is ideal for products like the LaCinema Classic. Whichever
size you choose, you can be confident that your LaCie Cover offers
convenient, mobile protection for your drive.
LaCie Cover, Design by Sam Hecht
Item Number
Internal Dimensions
2.5” Hard Disk
3.5” Hard Disk
6.7 x 4.3 in. / 170 x 110 mm
10.2 x 7.5 in. / 260 x 190 mm
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