Somerset College gains network clarity from HP

Somerset College gains network clarity from HP
Somerset College gains network clarity from
HP AllianceONE Networking solution
“With our new HP Networking platform working in
conjunction with InMon’s Traffic Sentinel application,
we keep on top of potential issues and deal with them
proactively. The network operates more efficiently
and we have complete control. Identifying and
resolving problems now takes minutes rather than hours,
enhancing service delivery.” Tom Ranson, IT Network Engineer,
Somerset College, UK
Somerset College needed a unified switching
platform to accommodate current wireless and
Internet Protocol (IP) technologies, support
future network expansion and deal with
network management and security issues
HP customer case study:
Somerset College deploys
an HP Networking
solution to resolve network
manageability and
security issues
Further and Higher
After choosing wired and wireless infrastructure
specialists Pervasive Networks to design and
implement a suitable solution, the College
deployed an HP Networking solution that
includes an HP AllianceONE Services zl Module,
incorporating InMon Traffic Sentinel
IT improvements
• A reliable, scalable and unified network
platform supports activities across the campus,
enhancing the students’ learning experience.
• HP Networking software works with InMon’s
Traffic Sentinel to enhance manageability,
security and network visibility.
• InMon offers complete network visibility,
enabling rapid identification and resolution of
performance issues and security threats.
Business benefits
• The College runs InMon Traffic Sentinel on an
HP AllianceONE Services zl Module, rather
than a separate server system, which consumes
84 per cent less power, thereby lowering
energy costs.
• Identifying and resolving network problems
now takes minutes, not hours, which saves
money and frees administrators’ time for more
strategic work.
• Open standards-based technology supports
current wireless and IP capabilities and
provides choice by enabling the deployment of
cost-effective technologies from other vendors.
Somerset College, part of the University of Plymouth
College network, is a community college based
in Taunton, England. Formed in 1974, it provides
full-time and part-time education courses to
approximately 9,000 students. The College provides
six core learning disciplines; arts and design,
construction, foundation learning, service industries,
social and professional studies, and technology.
As part of a £15 million campus redevelopment
scheme, the College has constructed numerous
new buildings including a conference centre, a
health and social care centre, a three-storey atrium
and several pavilions. The atrium houses the main
reception, shops, classrooms, common rooms and
the service industries division whilst the pavilions
contain seminar rooms and lecture theatres.
“Given that we already employed HP
Networking technology and were very
pleased with Pervasive’s technical support,
we were convinced this combination
would provide an attractive, cost-effective
Tom Ranson, IT Network engineer,
Somerset College
Mixed platform lacked manageability, HP AllianceONE Networking
security and scalability
Effective technology is essential to facilitate
an effective learning environment and support
administrative functions. Somerset College employs
an extensive wired and wireless networking
infrastructure to deliver services across the campus
and aid activities within several learning centres.
With approximately 1,500 workstations linked to the
network, the system supports applications such as
media streaming, video and computer-aided design.
However, prior to the redevelopment, a multi-vendor
switching architecture had evolved over time. The
heterogeneous wired network also supported
wireless technology and Mitel IP telephony.
“Organic growth had created a mixed switching
platform that lacked scalability, manageability and
traffic visibility,” explains Tom Ranson, IT Network
Engineer, Somerset College. “We could not control
abnormal traffic flows or deal with network issues
before they disrupted services. Security standards
were also a concern because students were regularly
bypassing our web-filtering process. We needed to
spend less time fire-fighting sporadic network issues
to deliver both improved service and efficiency.
Somerset College saw the redevelopment as an
ideal opportunity to implement a future-proof
network. The College therefore approached
Pervasive Networks, an HP Gold Preferred Partner,
to discuss refreshing the Local Area Network (LAN)
and explore a suitable sFlow solution. Pervasive
Networks provided pre-sales technical support to
identify problems with the College’s existing network
and demonstrate the value of a robust, scalable HP
Networking solution. It also explained the value in
the HP AllianceONE Networking Specialisation,
which reinforces HP Networking’s commitment to
open standards-based technology.
The College runs InMon’s Traffic Sentinel
application on an HP AllianceONE Services zl
Module. This HP blade consolidates the software
onto a common platform, optimises rack space
and lowers operational costs. Under the alliance,
HP Networking and InMon collaborate to help
customers strengthen security, simplify and improve
network manageability and boost network
“Given that we already employed HP Networking
technology and were very pleased with Pervasive’s
“We needed a unified switching platform to support
technical support, we were convinced this
our current wireless and IP technologies, aid future
combination would provide an attractive,
network expansion and accommodate appropriate
cost-effective solution,” continues Ranson. “However,
management and traffic monitoring tools to deal with
what really clinched it was the HP AllianceONE
potential problems proactively. To monitor, analyse
programme with InMon. We can run an InMon
and report network traffic, we were keen to integrate
application on an HP blade module linked to a
InMon’s sFlow® technology.”
chassis switch rather than a separate rack server.
This is a very economical approach.”
HP AllianceONE Services zl Module
integrates InMon Traffic Sentinel
Customer solution at a glance
To refresh Somerset College’s wired infrastructure
and deliver 1 GB connectivity, the HP Networking
solution comprises two HP E8212 zl core switches in
a redundant configuration, 17 HP E5412 zl switches
and 12 HP E3500 yl edge switches. Power over
Ethernet (PoE) supports some 400 Mitel IP handsets
and the wireless infrastructure, which has 120
strategically positioned access points.
Primary applications
InMon, the inventor of sFlow technology, pioneers
the use of statistical sampling to develop scalable,
cost-effective solutions for network-wide traffic
monitoring, analysis and reporting. By surveying
the College’s wired and wireless networks, Traffic
Sentinel offers complete network visibility, enabling
rapid identification and resolution of performance
issues, security threats and suspicious behavior.
Primary software
To complement Traffic Sentinel’s capabilities,
the College also implemented HP PCM+,
HP Network Immunity Manager (NIM) and
HP Identity Driven Manager (IDM). HP PCM+ allows
College administrators to configure, update, monitor
and troubleshoot wired switches centrally whilst
HP NIM automatically deals with virus attacks,
boosting network availability. HP IDM dynamically
applies security, access, and performance settings
to the College’s network infrastructure devices based
on user, location and time. Combining this software
provides granular control and network-wide visibility,
all across a common user interface.
•Network management
•Unified communication & collaboration Primary hardware
•2 x HP E8200 zl Switches
•17 x HP E5400 zl Switches
•12 x HP E3500 yl Switches
•1 x HP AllianceONE Services zl Module
•HP Identity Driven Manager
•HP Network Immunity Manager
•InMon Traffic Sentinel
Pervasive Networks designed the solution and
managed the entire project. Refreshing a network
to this extent can take months. However, to minimise
the disruption to staff and pupils, Pervasive Networks
deployed and customised the solution during the six
week summer vacation, working extended hours,
every day.
HP Networking and InMon solutions
yield complete visibility
Today, the College has a highly reliable and
scalable wired networking infrastructure that
supports both Aruba wireless technology and
Mitel IP telephony. InMon Traffic Sentinel software
operating on an HP AllianceONE Services zl
Module works with three HP Networking software
applications to deliver a secure and easily managed
network environment.
Consequently, potential network traffic and security
problems are clearly visible to the College’s IT
personnel, allowing rapid resolution of issues and
safeguarding service delivery across the campus.
“We are leveraging the interoperability benefits of
the HP Networking solution and the HP AllianceONE
Services zl Module running Traffic Sentinel. This
lowers Total Cost of Ownership,” adds Ranson.
Moreover, compared to a traditional rack server with
a typical power consumption of 500W, the HP blade
consumes 84 per cent less energy as it takes power
directly from a switch.
“This HP AllianceONE solution dynamically monitors
the entire network and we apply traffic policing on
flows we dislike. The HP Networking technology
provides complete control from core to edge and
integrates well with InMon’s sFlow technology. I can
identify issues and determine the root cause of a
problem quickly without leaving my desk or from
anywhere in the world,” concludes Ranson.
Partner at a glance
InMon offers a full spectrum of traffic monitoring and analysis
solutions, ranging from sFlowTrend, a free troubleshooting tool,
to Traffic Sentinel, an enterprise solution that can monitor the
largest of networks. All products run on standalone systems and
Traffic Sentinel is also available for the HP AllianceONE Services
zl Module. InMon’s customers include leading Enterprise, Service
Provider, Educational, Healthcare, Government and Media
organisations around the world.
Company: InMon
Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
Telephone: +1 415 283 3260 (US) +44 131 202 6291 (EU)
Business: Developer of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed
switched networks
Products: Traffic Sentinel, sFlowTrend, sFlowTrend-Pro and
Virtual Probe
Partner at a glance
Company: Pervasive Networks
Headquarters: Newbury, UK
Telephone: +44 870 004 0002
Business: Integrator and managed service provider of secure
business communications
Products: Storage, network infrastructure, IP communications,
mobility and security solutions and services
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