Smart Phone Apps and Websites For Health, Wellness, Cooking and

Smart Phone Apps and Websites For Health, Wellness, Cooking and
Smart Phone Apps and Websites
For Health, Wellness, Cooking and More!
This handout lists nutrition and health apps that were evaluated and recommended by Missouri
Extension Nutrition and Health Education specialists with a brief explanation of each. Reviews and
tips are also included.
 MyFitnessPal
The World's largest nutrition and calorie database. Helps you track your food intake, exercise and
call on your friends to help keep you motivates. Includes access to a million foods and items in a
searchable database that lets you easily add your food log to your smartphone. This app and
service is free, login is easy and a personalized diet profile that helps you set a healthy diet goal
and a healthy exercise goal can be created.
MyFitnessPal for iPhone
MyFitnessPal for Android
 Lose It (Free)
This tool includes an app as well as a website to track progress. Lose It helps you create a
personalized weight loss plan with goals that include a goal weight as well as total wellness and
fitness. Lose It connects to other apps like RunKeeper, Nike+ and a variety of devices and scales to
help you track all of your fitness data. The app includes access to a verified food database that helps
track calories with easy searching, or add custom foods. Recipes can be shared. You can also scan a
UPC to add food.
Lose It for iPhone & iPad!-weight-loss-program/id297368629?mt=8
Lose It for Android
Lose It Kindle
 Fooducate (Free)
Learn about healthy foods and instantly see if foods are good for you by scanning food using the
camera on your smartphone and see a grade for the food you are considering buying or eating. You
can also ask questions in the Fooducate community to learn about healthy foods
Fooducate for iPhone
Fooducate for Android
 Nike+ Training Club (Free)
There are over 100 workouts and the app can help beginners, intermediate or advanced users.
Using AirPlay, ChromeCast or a HDMI cable, the app can be played on your tablet or TV.
Nike+ Training Club for iPhone
Nike+ Training Club for Android
 iPhone Health App for iOS 8
By default on the iPhone running iOS 8, Apple includes a free Health App on the iPhone that can
track steps, stairs climbed and more. iPhone 5s or newer will track a lot of this information
automatically without the need to use another app or a fitness accessory. Can be use to connect to
other apps like MyFitnessPal and others for a central place to track your health on the iPhone.
 Google Fit (Free for Android devices)
Track your activity simply by carrying your Android smartphone or Android smartwatches. Tracks
weight, daily activity specifically the daily heart healthy activity.
Google Fit for Android
 7-Minute Workout App (Free)
Scientific 7-Minute Workout and Advanced 7-Minute Workout high-intensity workouts can help keep
your appetite in control, improve metabolic health and cardiovascular health.
7-Minute Workout App for iPhone
Tap the “Bookmark” button, then “Add to Home Screen.” The app is then usable even if you don’t
have an Internet connection. Or login into to iTunes Store and search for 7-minute workout
7-Minute Workout App for Android
Use the Chrome browser to open link. Then tap the “Menu” button, then “Add to Home Screen.” The
app is then usable even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Or navigate to In
the search box, type in “7-minute workout”. Several free programs to choose from.
Both workouts can also be viewed on your desktop or other devices at
 Kinect Fitness for Xbox One
Not an app for smartphones. Delivered via Xbox One with Kinect. Free and paid options to help you
get in shape. Kinect can tell if you are doing the exercise right also many trainers to choose from and
you can track your progress with the Kinect Fitness app.
Get Xbox Fitness
Spark People (free membership)
Mission is to SPARK people to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. Nutrition, health and fitness
tools, fitness trackers and meal plans, support and resources
 Best calorie count - Calorie King (Yearly Membership)
You eat real food and nothing is off limits. Become aware of eating habits and gain control of them.
Self paced program with support from community members. Daily dairy and mobile apps available
with membership fee.
ControlMyWeight ($4.99 from Calorie King)
Food-o-Meter (free, website)
WebMD's calorie counting. Find nutrition facts including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sugar,
fiber in over 37,000 foods and beverages.
Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) -
Calculates daily nutrient recommendations for dietary planning based on the Dietary Reference
Intakes (DRIs). Most current scientific knowledge on nutrient needs, developed by the National
Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine.
What’s Cooking USDA Healthy Recipe Finder
 Calm: Meditation Guidance
 Look & Cook (android)
interactive cookbook with step-by-step recipes with pictures, detailed instructions and how to videos
 MapMyFitness: (Free for iPhone and Android)
A fitness tracking application which enables the built-in GPS of mobile devices to track fitness
activities. Record workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories
burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. Can save and upload workout data to
MapMyFitness and view route workout data, and comprehensive workout history. Additional apps
available for cycling, hiking, walking and running.
 HealthWatch 360 (Free for iPhone)
monitors 30+ nutrients, counts calories, and tracks 500+ symptoms like energy, stress and acne.
Featured by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Information Center.
 CDC, Can I Eat This? (free for iPhone and Android)
Identifies foods in countries around the world that may not meet food safety standards
 Aegis Shield: (free for iPhone and Android)
Helps keep athletes clean and in the game by providing a website and mobile app designed to quickly
and easily identify the presence of banned substances in dietary supplements. Database of more
than 100,000 products by name or bar-code scan with one-year subscription of $2.99. Register on
 UP Coffee (Free for iPhone)
Understand how caffeine affects your sleep
 Fitness Buddy Free (Free for iPhone and Android)
This is a FREE version of Fitness Buddy w/ over 300+ exercises with detailed descriptions,
animations and an assortment of workouts. paid version contains 1700+ exercises, HD videos, body
metrics tracking and much more. More information at
 Workout Trainer by Skimble (Free for iPhone and Android)
Free workouts; can browse by length, intensity and muscle group. Wesite with login.
 Dash Diet Free (website, no mobile apps)
Provides recipes and tips to prevent and reduce blood pressure
 Farmstand (Free for iPhone)
Fresh food at your fingertips. Locally grown food from over 8,700 farmers’ markets around the
world. Mobile web version
 Ipiit, The Food Ambassador (Free for iPhone and Android)
A scanner app. Scan barcode on US food products for information, create personalized
preferences, compare products, find better alternative products, identify unwanted ingredient in a
packaged food. Website:
 Pocket Dietitian (Free for Android)
Provides menu plans and recommendations for those who have some combination of kidney
disease, heart disease, and diabetes.
 I’m Hungry: Vegetarian Recipes (Free for Android)
Popular vegetarian recipes from around the world
 Cal Cutter (free for iPhone and Android)
Enter recipe and number of servings and app will calculate the estimated calories per serving.
CalCutter can convert recipes into a healthier dish
 Healthy Out (free for iPhone and Android)
Find & order healthy restaurant meals for delivery, takeout or browse for healthy dish suggestions
when you're dining out. Restaurant Nutrition Guide and Healthy Food Delivery by diets like Low
Calorie, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian and more.
 ShopWell (free for iPhone and Android)
Scan products to get personalized food scores, Take your healthy grocery list to the store, Always
have expert nutrition advice with you
Membership required. helps with meal planning, grocery list and budgeting to allow you to create
healthy, home-cooked meals
 Smoothie Rx/Smoothie Pro (cost 1.99 for iPhone and Android)
Helps users create nutritious smoothies
 Garden Tracker (cost $3.99 for iPhone)
Size and plan garden plots, plant vegetables in up to 50x50 squares, and track garden’s progress,
including days to harvest, days since watered, and days since last fertilized. All this info is
conveniently referenced in a grid you design. Website:
 Ask the Nutritionist (free for iPhone and Android)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute created this app to help you find recipes for staying healthy, getting you
through treatment, and living and eating healthy for the rest of your life.
 GoMeals: (Free for iPhone, iPad and Android)
Help to make healthy lifestyle choices at home or on the go. Includes tools for eating healthy, staying
active, and tracking your blood glucose levels.
 Carb Counting with Lenny (free for iPhone and Android)
Child-friendly carb counting game for the young diabetic
 Find Me Gluten Free (free for iPhone, iPad and Android)
 Open FoodFacts
Delivers product nutrition information, ingredients and identifies allergens.
 Seafood Watch (Free for iPhone and Android)
Recommendations help choose ocean-friendly seafood at restaurants and stores. most current
recommendations for seafood and sushi along with complete information about how each item should
be fished or farmed.
 Food on the Table (Free for iPhone and Android)
Meal planning on a budget; the app matches grocery store sale items with your food preferences
 Thryve (Free for iPhone)
A mobile food coach designed to help identify food intolerances
 My Diet Coach
Designed to keep dieters motivated and committed to meeting their weight loss goals
 Hungry Girl
Lisa Lillien (a.k.a. Hungry Girl) is a New York Times best-selling author and the creator of the Hungry
Girl brand. She is the founder of, the free daily email service that entertains and
informs hungry people everywhere. Her television show, Hungry Girl, airs on both Food Network and
Cooking Channel.
Additional APPS shared, no review or recommendation
Cooking Matters, provides healthy easy, and affordable recipes
Glucose Buddy - enter glucose numbers, carbohydrates consumption, insulin
dosage/medication, hemoglobin A1C and activities
Simple Workout Log - track your workouts
Conscious - increase awareness of normal daily activities to help become more mindful
Daily Workouts - allows you to be your own personal trainer
Exercise Calorie Calculator - allows you to enter your exercise/physical activity and track
your total calorie expenditure, based on your individual weight
Healthiest You - keep a health profile and food journal, track your weight, sleep, mood,
stress, food, physical activity, smoking habits
iTreadmill - acts like a treadmill in your pocket
LiveRite - record your daily fruit, vegetable, water intake, physical activity, exercise and
sleep activity
Lose It! - set a daily calorie budget, track your food, exercise
Pact – use to wage money on whether you’ll go to the gym or complete a workout
Pumping Weight – plan and keep track of your workout, strength gains and exercises
Samsung Walking Mate – act as a pedometer, counting steps taken throughout the day,
track exercise and caloric intake
Yoga Studio – videos and pictures with poses
Water Your Body – determine and track how much water you should be drinking daily
Endomondo - uses GPS on pone to track running, cycling, jogging, skating and other
aerobic exercise, can share your progress with friends by connecting to other social media
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