Bolus Calculator 2.1

Bolus Calculator 2.1
Bolus Calculator
Version: 2.1 - 2016-12-22
1 First Steps
1.1 Key Features
Dosing insulin for meals and to correct high blood sugars
depends on many factors, and there are many calculations
involved. The mySugr Bolus Calculator supports you and
your diabetes therapy by keeping track of the changing
variables and calculating the meal or correction insulin doses
for you. However, the mySugr Bolus Calculator cannot
assess, nor compensate for, circumstances such as the
influence of stress, illness, or activity. These individual
circumstances may affect the required insulin dose and need
to be monitored and adjusted as necessary for your
individual therapy. The mySugr Bolus Calculator depends on
the accuracy of information entered. It will not work correctly
if you enter an inaccurate carbohydrate count or mistype a
therapy factor. You are always responsible for verifying the
recommended insulin dose and using your best judgement
based on personal experience. The mySugr Bolus Calculator
is an approved medical product and carries the CE mark
(Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC). Use of the mySugr
Bolus Calculator is completely independent of other products
and you should continue to use your other diabetes products
and medications as advised by your medical care provider.
1.2 Installation
mySugr Bolus Calculator is an extension of mySugr App.
Just download mySugr App from the Apple App Store or the
Google Play Store
1.3 Calculation
1.3.1 Activate
When you live with type 1, type 2 or LADA diabetes and use
short acting insulin, you might find the mySugr Bolus
Calculator helpful. To get started, open a new entry screen in
mySugr App and tap on the calculator symbol (just above the
insulin fields). The first time you use the Bolus Calculator,
we’ll ask you a handful of questions about your personalized
settings. IMPORTANT: These settings determine how your
insulin dose is calculated, and as you can imagine, it’s
important to get them right. Please do not choose your
settings without consulting your doctor or diabetes coach.
Note that mySugr Bolus Calculator may only be used with
the insulins listed in the settings and should especially not be
used with either combination or long acting insulin. mySugr
Bolus Calculator will ask you to review these settings every
three months. You can also setup, enable and disable the
Bolus Calculator in the "Settings" - "Therapy Settings" screen
in the side menu.
1.3.2 Calculate
To calculate an insulin dose, enter your current blood
glucose value and / or carbs and then press the calculator
symbol. NOTE: The bolus calculation cannot be done when:
you are in a hypo (blood glucose value is below your
defined target range)
your blood glucose is above 500 mg/dL or 27.7 mmol/L
the time of the log entry is not within the last 15 minutes.
Ideally, you should calculate immediately after measuring
your blood glucose and before eating
The Bolus Calculator window will open and show the result.
Typically, the calculation result is an insulin dose, and the
window is colored turquoise. However, the Bolus Calculator
may suggest carbohydrates! This is because you have
enough insulin on board from a previous insulin dose that a
hypo (low blood sugar) is likely to occur without additional
carbs. In that case, the result will be colored olive.
1.3.3 Confirm
If you agree with the suggested result, press the confirm
button. The calculated values will automatically be saved in
mySugr App and the Bolus Calculator window will close.
IMPORTANT: The Bolus Calculator makes insulin dose
suggestions based on the information you enter. If the
information you enter is incorrect or incomplete, the resulting
insulin dose suggestion will not be accurate! Additionally, the
calculation does not consider influences like stress, activity,
illness, or other factors which may affect your blood glucose.
1.3.4 IOB (Insulin on Board)
The Bolus Calculator also continually calculates your IOB
based on the last insulin doses you logged and your duration
of insulin action setting. The IOB value will be shown with
each calculation as part of the calculation formula. If there is
no insulin on board, the Bolus Calculator will show a pop-up
message asking you to confirm that you haven't taken any
insulin recently. If you remember a bolus you took earlier
(within your duration of insulin action time) but forgot to log,
you should select "Cancel" on the pop-up message. Make a
new entry with the details of that previous bolus (remember
to adjust the time as needed in that entry) so that the Bolus
Calculator will factor that IOB into the result. IMPORTANT:
Only confirm that you have no IOB when you are sure that
you did not inject insulin within the active insulin duration.
1.3.5 Save
By saving the log entry, the confirmed insulin dose (food and
correction) or carb suggestion will be saved into the
corresponding fields. Note: Neither result sum of the bolus /
carb correction nor the IOB will be saved in the log entry.
2 Miscellaneous
2.1 Deinstallation
mySugr Bolus Calculator can be activated or deactivated in
the mySugr App settings. Go to the Side Menu and select
Profile & Settings. Under the Settings tab you can deactivate
mySugr Bolus Calculator.
2.2 Warnings
2.2.1 mySugr Bolus Calculator is not intended for use
The mySugr Bolus Calculator can, in general, be used
wherever smartphone use is permitted. This gives the
advantage of not being limited by location and allows you to
calculate a bolus with the help of the app, wherever you are.
However, there are some exceptions. The mySugr Bolus
Calculator is not intended for use in locations where the use
of a mobile phone is prohibited. These may be, for example,
certain areas in hospitals, in airplanes, while driving, and
wherever else the use of a smartphone is not allowed.
2.2.2 Limited Use
mySugr Bolus Calculator should not be used by persons
who, due to lack of mental capacity, lack of technical
understanding, or lack of medical understanding, are not
able to properly manage or treat diabetes, or who generally
have difficulty with the operation of a smartphone.
2.2.3 The mySugr Bolus Calculator does not replace
professional medical advice
The mySugr Bolus Calculator is a registered medical device
used to support the treatment of diabetes. However, the app
cannot replace regular visits to your diabetes care team,
doctors, and the regular review of your long-term blood
glucose (HbA1c). Additionally, mySugr Bolus Calculator
assumes no independent delivery of insulin. You are
responsible for continued self-management of blood glucose,
independent of mySugr Bolus Calculator.
2.3 Troubleshooting / Support
If you have questions about mySugr App, need help with the
app, or have noticed a mistake or problem, please contact
us immediately at [email protected], or by telephone at
+1 (855) 337-7847 (US toll-free), +44 800-011-9897 (UK tollfree), +43 720 884555 (Austria), or +49 511 874 26938
2.4 Data Security
Your data is safe with us. And that's close to our hearts.
mySugr Bolus Calculator is a medical device. As such, it is
required to meet the highest data security and reliability
standards. All medical data is stored exclusively on Amazon
sourced servers based in Europe.
2.5 About the manufacturer
mySugr GmbH
Schottenfeldgasse 69/3.1
A-1070 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +1 (855) 337-7847 (US toll-free), +44 800-0119897 (UK toll-free), +43 720 884555 (Austria), or +49 511
874 26938 (Europe)
E-Mail: [email protected]
CEO: Frank Westermann
Company Registration Number: FN 376086 v
Jurisdiction: Commercial Court of Vienna, Austria
UID-Nummer: ATU67061939
User's Manual Version 2.1 (en), 2016-12-22
2.6 Compatible devices
mySugr Bolus Calculator can be used on any iOS device
with iOS 9.3 or higher. It is also available on most Android
smartphones with Android 4.3 or higher.
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