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Dicota Connect Pro
Connect Pro
3 in 1 retractable Ethernet, telephone and USB cable
The new "Connect Pro" from DICOTA is a multi-functional
Ethernet, phone and USB cable. Connect Pro features three
alternative connection options on both sides, LAN/ ISDN
(RJ45), modem (RJ11) und USB (USB A and Mini B). The
USB cable allows Notebooks or PCs to be connected to most
USB peripherals, for example digital cameras, MP3 players or
PDAs, provided that they have a compatible Mini-USB
connection. The USB/Mini 5P connector folds away with a
simple click and the LAN/ ISDN (RJ45) connector is ready to
plug into networks and ISDN devices. The RJ11 connector
can be used with analogue modems and telephone sockets
simply by pushing back the adaptor cover.
The connectors can be used with the following combinations:
RJ11 with RJ11, RJ45 with RJ45, USB with Mini-USB.
Connect Pro has a 1.5 metre intelligent retractable cable,
which makes it easy to stow away. Connect Pro offers a userfriendly solution for simple connectivity.
The combination of fast Ethernet/ ISDN (RJ45), telephone
(RJ11) and USB 2.0 into one cable
Data transfer up to 100BASE-T for LAN and 480 Mbit/s for
USB 2.0
Right connections: RJ11 with RJ11, RJ45 with RJ45, USB with
Retractable cable with 1.5 m length
Art. Nr.: Z22238Z (black)
Material: ABS synthetics
Weight: 0.04 kg / 0.09 lbs
Dimensions: 1500 x 15 x 15 mm / 59.1 x 0.6 x 0.6 inch
DICOTA House, Eastheath Avenue, Wokingham
RG41 2PR Berkshire
Phone: +44 - 870 - 382 1000
FAX: +44 - 870 - 382 1000
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