Philips HR2967/00 Datasheet

Philips HR2967/00 Datasheet
Philips Walita
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Special set of knives that completes your blender
The Philips blender accessories complete your blender. This set of knifes is developed for
cutting hard and frothing soft ingredients. Easy to use and easy to clean!
For perfect end results
• Cutting knife for cutting hard ingredients like chocolate
• Frothing knife to make perfect milkshakes and mousses
Design specifications
Special cutting knife
• Material knives: Stainless steel
Cutting knife for cutting hard ingredients like
chocolate, parmesan cheese, ice cubes, or coconut
Special frothing Knife
Frothing knife to make perfect milkshakes, frothed
egg white, mousse or mayonnaise.
Issue date 2012-02-25
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