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Philips RI2034 600 W 2 liter Blender
Philips Walita
600 W
2 L with filter and spatula
Excels in the details
Designed to make your life simple
The Philips blender is your gateway to serving variety every day. Make your own fresh
juices. Blend homemade soups. Or create nutritional smoothies. With 600 W, multiple
speed settings and a fruit filter the possibilities are limitless.
Easy to clean
• Quick clean button
For perfect end results
• Break-resistant jar
• Filter for clear juice
• Multiple speeds for soft and hard ingredients
• Long-lasting serrated blades
• Transparent lid
• Spatula for safely stirring while blending
600 W 2 L with filter and spatula
Break-resistant jar
Quick clean button
After usage, fill the blender with detergent and water
and press this button for easy cleaning.
Long-lasting serrated blades
• Filter
Design specifications
Color(s): White with lavender accents
Material blender jar: Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN)
Material housing: PP
Material blade: Stainless steel
General specifications
• Integrated cord storage
• Speeds: 3 and pulse
Technical specifications
Avoid breakages with this reinforced plastic jar.
Filter for clear juice
Crush and blend to perfection with these longlasting, ultra-sharp blades.
Transparent lid
Keep seeds and pips out of your juice with this
convenient filter.
Multiple speeds
See what you blend while you blend thanks to the
transparent lid.
Handy Spatula
Blend at different speeds and to different degrees
with a choice of settings.
The handy spatula ensures a safe stirring while
blending the ingredients.
Issue date 2012-02-07
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Version: 5.0.1
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Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips
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12 NC: 0000 000 00000
Capacity blender jar: 2 l
Effective jar capacity: 1.5 l
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 600 W
Voltage: 127 V
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