Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide
Quick Reference Guide
Accessing the Site
Creating Arranger Settings
For Travelers
1. In your Profile, click My Arrangers under Arranger Settings.
2. Complete the Travel Arranger Permissions section to
allow/deny others to designate themselves as your arranger or
make changes to your account.
3. Click Add a Travel Arranger, enter the arranger’s first and last
name, and click Search.
4. Click Add next to desired arranger name.
Enter your Username and Password
(both fields are case-sensitive)
Updating your Profile – Update your travel profile
online to ensure correct information is on file for our
travel agents.
Before you make your first reservation, click Profile in the
menu bar, then:
 Carefully review all personal information for spelling and data
 Review date of birth, add credit card for hotel guarantee and
add frequent traveler numbers if applicable.
For Travel Arrangers
1. In your Profile, click My-Travelers under Arranger Settings.
2. Complete the E-mail settings section to determine who
receives confirmation e-mails.
3. Click Add a Traveler, enter the traveler’s name, and click
4. Click Add next to desired traveler name. The name appears in
the Arrange Travel For menu on the home page.
Accessing Previous Bookings
1. Click Trips in the menu bar.
2. Click Select to access the booking you want to view, change,
or cancel.
 Click Cancel Trip to cancel a reservation. Be sure to review
messages to determine if your ticket is eligible for void,
refund, or use toward a future ticket.
 If a trip is on Hold, click Purchase Trip to complete the
 Click Modify or Remove to change items in your itinerary.
 Use the Add to Your Trip section to make additional
Using Trip Templates
 To quickly book repeat trips with air, hotels, and/or car
options, create a trip template. From the Trip Review &
Checkout page click the Save as Template link, enter a
template name and click Save Template. From the Reservation
Complete or Trip Details page enter a template name in the Trip
Templates box and click Save Template.
To use a template, click the Templates tab on the Home page
then click on the name of the template you want to use; or click
Templates in the menu bar then click Select next to the
template you want to use. Enter new dates and click Price
Booking Trips
Note! Airfare over $1000 is subject to pre-trip approval.
 Dates, locations, and times are based on what you enter on the
home page.
 To make only an air, hotel, or car booking, select only that box
on the home page.
 Company preferred providers are indicated by:
 Sort options by clicking on the column headers.
 If you want to check your current itinerary, click the view details
 If you want to change your flight search criteria during the
booking process, click the Modify Search link near the top of
the page.
From the Begin Search page:
1. Check the appropriate boxes for Flights, Hotel, and/or
2. Select Round-trip, one-way, or Multi-destination, then enter
your cities, dates, and times. You can also select additional
search options (if applicable to your site).
3. Click Begin Search.
Rental Car
 Choose your departing and then returning flight options using the
Select button.
 To narrow your choices use the Traveler Filtering function on the
left side of the page. (if applicable for site).
 Filter the shopping options by Flight Times, Stops, Flight Cost,
and Airlines by unchecking what you don’t wish to see and
moving the arrows along the slider bars.
 You can search for cars at an airport, train station, city location,
or near a booked hotel.
 You can click Express Booking to automatically select your
company's preferred car rental company.
 Choose a car by clicking on the desired rate.
GetThere Mobile
 Type the same URL into your mobile browser that you use to
access your booking tool via the desktop, or type
m.getthere.net/tnustravel into your browser.
 Enter your User Name and Password.
Checkout & Trip Review
 Modify or Remove any itinerary options if necessary.
 Sections expand if any required information is missing, complete
that information.
 Verify information on the page.
 Click Purchase Trip to complete the process. Print your
 You will also receive a confirmation e-mail.
 If applicable, you can select alternate, low-price options.
 Select your seats for each flight segment.
 The Home page displays, with company announcements at the
 You can search for hotels by: address or city, near an airport,
near company locations and other points of interest, or by your
company’s negotiated properties.
 Choose the hotel and room rate using the Select buttons on the
hotel pages.
 You can also view hotels on a map as well as in a list.
 Based on the setup of your site you can book air or hotel through
your mobile device by selecting BOOK TRAVEL.
 View active and held trips by selecting MY TRIPS.
 Obtain terminal, gate, flight and baggage claim information by
selecting GATES & TIMES.
 View agency name, office hours, and phone numbers by clicking
 Exit the site by clicking the Log Out button at the top of the
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