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Imation BD-R 1-4X 25GB Single Layer
Imation Blu-ray | HD DVD
The next generation
Imation is proud to announce Blu-ray, the format that will change the way television, video
and games are experienced. It will also revolutionise data storage for business and home
users, thanks to Blu-ray’s amazing capacity: Up to 50GB of storage on just one disc!
Suddenly High Definition video recording is a reality; music can be recorded with no loss of
quality; games will be far more lifelike and vast amounts of data can be stored on just one
disc. With impressive levels of industry support they are going to be the defining formats of
the 21st Century. Right now, new High Definition Ready Plasma and LCD TVs are widely
available; HD movies are being introduced that will change the way we watch video forever,
and with HDTV broadcasts scheduled from early 2006, Imation’s launch of Blu-ray could not
be more timely.
Blu-ray. The format for everything – When you consider a DVD stores 4.7GB of data, it’s obvious that with its staggering
50GB, Imation’s new Blu-ray really is the all round format. Suddenly, one disc will take the contents of 10!
Backwards compatibility makes sense – With the introduction of a new format you’d expect to have the problem of no
backwards compatibility, not with Blu-ray. CDs and DVDs will play and record on the new Blu-ray drives and recorders
whether under the TV or on the computer.
It’s what consumers are looking for – Research indicates that consumers are ready to embrace this new technology by
nearly four to one when asked to compare it to existing disc formats.
Imation, world-leading manufacturer of Blue technology – Manufacturing Blu-ray is the toughest challenge yet in the
field of optical storage. Tolerances are extreme, with track pitches of 0,32μm (1/250 x the width of a human hair!), so
achieving consistent results is vital. Imation has risen to this challenge by building on 25 years’ experience in optical
storage and investing over $10 million in its R&D plant in Oakdale, Minnesota, establishing itself through its own
pioneering technology as a world-leading manufacturer of BOTH the new Blue formats!
High Definition Format
Single-layer capacity
Dual-layer capacity
Disc size
Backwards read compatibility
Video codecs
Audio codecs
More information
Blu-ray Disc
Recorder Drive
2 hrs of MPEG2 HD
4 hrs of MPEG2 HD
12cm disc compatible with current optical formats and 8cm disc that’s ideal for portable
high-def recording
Blu-ray hardware is backwards compatible with current CDs and DVDs
MPEG2, VC-1, MPEG4 AVC high profile
Dolby Digital, DTS (DTS-HD), PCM
Blu-ray Association
Ordering Information
Imation Europe BV
Siriusdreef 46-52
2132 WT Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 23 521 2000
Fax: +31 (0) 23 521 2222
UIC i24264
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UIC i26165
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BD-R SL 1x-4x 25GB 1 Jewelcase
BD-R DL 1x-2x 50GB 1 Jewelcase
BD-RE SL 1x-2x 25GB 1 Jewelcase
BD-RE DL 1x-2x 50GB 1 Jewelcase
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