King-Fisher Company inc. KFCi
King-Fisher Company inc.
Advanced technology for your evolving life safety needs
World Leader in Critical Protection Systems
Monitoring and Radio Reporting
For educational facilities, industrial sites, military bases and municipalities, there are plenty of challenges. Providing
the best detection system does not have to be one of them.
King-Fisher’s reputation for high-end technical developments in radio fire, security, medical reporting systems, as well
as computer-aided dispatch software has earned the trust of clients around the world.
If you are seeking technological experience and unparalleled customer service, KFCi is the choice for advanced
technology for your evolving life safety needs.
State-of-the-art and cost-effective technology
Faster transmission times
Radio transmission for notification systems
KFCi leading-edge communications systems rapidly
transmit signals, saving critical seconds during emergencies in the most diverse conditions. The receiving station
can be engineered for AM (or FM-FSK) capabilities and
is designed for radio fire alarm, emergency and critical
process applications. Radio transmitters have the capability for transmission of redundant (dual) frequencies for
increased system survivability.
Our receivers and processors receive and decode transmitted signals from up to 25 miles (line of sight) without
the need of a repeater. KFCi manufactures a complete
line of repeaters, which can extend the range to any
required distance, or may be used in locations
with severe topographical challenges.
More cost effective than hard-wired systems
Radio systems are easy to expand because there are no
hard-wired connections, and no monthly
equipment and/or phone line leasing costs.
Continuous Monitoring
Signals are instantaneously received
at an emergency management center
where they are processed and
immediately acted upon.
We receive signals from any major fire alarm panel
What sets KFCi apart?
Our products
A KFCi system includes receivers/processors, radio call boxes, interfaces, evacuation devices, (PAS) antennas,
battery chargers, and rechargeable batteries.
State-of-the-art and cost-effective technology
We base our leading-edge communications systems on radio transmission technology. Radio-based systems
tend to be more economical than traditional hard-wired systems.
With our technology comes our:
• Reputation and experience
A staff that represents hundreds
of years of combined experience
within the fire detection/suppression and emergency communications industries.
• Service
Factory-trained technicians verify
the operation and functionality of
your equipment. Certified technicians perform extensive system
tests, which provide the benefit
of an extended protective
• Customer training
King-Fisher technicians and engineers answer technical questions
and explain the functionality of
various components. This environment offers time for visiting
technicians to gain experience
with the panels, receive answers
to questions, and learn the latest
in fire alarm, security, and codes.
We offer this 5-day, 40-hour training course at our headquarters
located in Wheeling, Illinois, USA
Industry reputation
Formed more than 40 years ago with a focus on monitoring, detection, and reporting, we have grown to be
one of the leading manufacturers of communications systems based upon radio transmission technology.
Our advanced technology and reputation developed as our customers demanded flexible solutions to meet a
variety of life safety needs. Our customer base includes commercial, industrial, institutional, and the military.
Simply put, as technology advances, we are there with new product offerings and the reputation to support
your requirements.
Unparalleled technical/field services
King-Fisher offers ongoing maintenance contracts to ensure your systems stay at peak performance and
reliability. Our on-site support options range from periodic maintenance and scheduled testing to the option
of contracting for full-time on-site assistance from factory trained KFCi representatives.
Complete Product Offering
KFCi is a leader in critical protection systems monitoring and radio reporting. A KFCi system includes
receivers/processors, conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels, radio call boxes, interfaces,
evacuation devices, Mass Notification Systems (MNS), antennas, battery chargers, and rechargeable batteries.
Fire Control Panels
Our Industrial Radio Alarm Control
Systems are modular, self- contained systems capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures (-40o F) and designed for
detecting the operation of any
approved signaling and initiating
Our radio call box transmitters
are capable of transmitting fire,
police, medical aid, and a variety
of specific or customer defined
emergencies to a 911 Center,
Emergency Management or
Security Control Center.
We designed our receivers for
monitoring and annunciation of
virtually any type of KFCi remote
alarm transmitter or device.
In accordance with NFPA codes,
at least one signal transmission
is recorded no less than every 60
Mass Notification Appliances
Our real time voice and siren
systems deliver clear voice and
emergency messages for both
large or small geographical areas.
Our listing agencies
approvals include
FCC, UL, and FM.
Consisting of speakers assemblies
with up to 360º coverage, realtime public address modules,
NEMA 4 siren control cabinet,
cabinet mounting bracket, controller, tone generator, automatic
gain control (for real time voice),
built-in amplifiers, and battery
charger with optional solar
charging (120/240vac).
We market and distribute our products through a network of factory-trained and authorized distributors worldwide.
KFCi’s customer base includes commercial, industrial, institutional, and military customers throughout the world.
KFCi systems are currently in service in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and Guam. KFCi
systems are also located in diverse locations such as Antarctica, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf area.
Worldwide Distribution
King-Fisher Company inc.
81 Old Ferry Road, Lowell, Massachusetts 01854
Voice & Fax
978 596-0214
978 596-0217
888 687-5324 (US Only)
877 687-5324 (US Only)
Email: [email protected] | Website:
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm EST
After hours/emergency: 978 596-0214
Form No.: CSB052609, Rev 1
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