3000 Controllers Brochure

3000 Controllers Brochure
3000 Series
Temperature/Process Controllers
Improve process efficiency,
product quality and minimise waste
Control Optimise Simplify
Easy to use
technology so
powerful it’s simple
2 | 3000 Series Product Brochure
3000 Series
Temperature/Process Controllers
Improve process efficiency, product quality and minimise waste
with our high accuracy controllers. These feature-rich
instruments offer versatility in application and have clear, user
friendly operator interfaces. Quickstart features, help text and
PC graphical wiring ensure your engineering costs are
minimised even with the most sophisticated of configurations.
From the simplest needs...
...to powerful, advanced control
The latest range of controllers from Eurotherm provide our world class
excellence in control with clear, user friendly operator interfaces. Quick start
codes; automatic help text; custom text messages, and an auto-tune that
really works ensures the 3200 range makes high performance control simple
to implement and easy to operate.
With the emphasis being on simplicity and available in four standard formats,
the 3200 range provides precise temperature control with a host of options.
A simple ‘QuickStart’ code is used to configure all of the essential functions
required to control your process and, if preferred, this can be preset by
Eurotherm to your requirements. When accessing the controller HMI you will
find that every parameter is accompanied by a scrolling text message to
describe its function.
The 3200 has a host of advanced features including heater failure detection,
timer, setpoint programmer and a recipe feature that is unique in this class of
product. All of these features can be configured with an extremely simple to
use PC wizard configuration tool. Configurations can be saved to file and
reused or modified to suit other applications in the future.
The 3508 and 3504 offer much more than temperature control – advanced
features and options make them capable of small machine control. They
provide flexible I/O options to control and measure a multitude of processes –
temperature, potential, humidity, flow, pressure, level, viscosity, additive
dosing and many more. Specialist function blocks, recipe selection, setpoint
programmers, maths, logic, timer functions and flexible communication
options are just a few examples of what makes these instruments a key part
of a total process solution.
3000 Series Product Brochure | 3
3200 Series
Fast initial set-up using QuickStart code
– Enabling ‘out of box’ operation
Quick and easy commissioning with one shot
– No need for expert control knowledge
Expert configuration by PC wizard
– On-line help explains each step
Easy, comprehensive operator information
with custom messages
– Provides clear information of plant conditions
with scrolling text
Recipes can be selected from operator
– Easy to adapt for differing process needs
Clear alarm information
– Custom alarm messages that operators
Internal timer and setpoint programming
– Suitable for simple time based profiling
Heater failure detection and integral ammeter
Instant indication of heater faults with indication
of measured current
– Integration with PLCs and PCs using Modbus
Analogue remote setpoint
Economical solution for multi-zone applications
3500 Series
Dual loop
– Ideal for controlling processes with two
interactive variables
OEM Security protects intellectual property
– Prevent unauthorised copying of
Precision PV measurement combined with
high performance control
– Repeatable performance yielding consistently
high product quality
A Graphical Wiring Editor makes easy work
of creating flexible solutions
– Minimum training required. Easy to document
and understand applications
Flexible units with input and output
modularity - up to 6 I/O slots with 15
different module types
– Limited stock holding of same basic unit can
be adapted to many different applications
Easy system integration with standard
industry protocols – Modbus RTU, Modbus
TCP, Profibus and DeviceNet®
– Simple to integrate to SCADA and
programmable logic controllers without expert
knowledge of communication protocols
QuickStart HMI configures simple
applications in minutes
– Faster than it takes for a PC to boot-up. Ideal
for replacement of older Eurotherm products
such as 818 and 902
Advanced features
– A host of maths, logic and timing features
along with zirconia and humidity function
blocks offer the ability to develop custom
solutions and small machine controllers
4 | 3000 Series Product Brochure
Simple and intuitive operation
– Customisable displays to clearly show the
process information you need
Flexible Setpoint Programming with dual
channel capability
– Up to 50 time based programs can be stored.
Programs can be also be created using a PC
tool then downloaded to the controller
Products designed to integrate
Fieldbus networks
Designed to integrate seamlessly with
programmable logic controllers and other
supervisory control and monitoring systems the
3000 Series provides a unique level of system
System integration
Profibus and DeviceNet are used extensively to
communicate to Siemens and Allen Bradley
programmable logic controllers.
By devolving loop control to a 3000 Series
controller a PLC is able to concentrate on
providing fast and effective logic control without
the burden of running complex control algorithms.
The 3000 Series controllers also offer better
control performance than a PLC, the comfort of
single loop integrity and ease of replacement
without stopping the process.
A wide range of communication options are
catered for by simply plugging in the appropriate
module. All units support both RS232 and 2-wire
RS485 communications using the Modbus RTU
network protocol. Additionally the 3508 and 3504
support 4-wire RS485 and Profibus DP,
DeviceNet® and Modbus TCP network protocols
Serial communications
Utilising one of the most common protocols used
within the Industrial Automation market, the
Eurotherm implementation of Modbus RTU is
based on a fixed address table. Parameter
addresses are fixed and do not move depending
on how the unit is configured making
communication to intelligent masters very easy to
The 3500 range can easily be integrated in
machines where loop controllers are required to
act as slaves to a PLC.
Using a PC editor the Profibus GSD file required
for the PLC can quickly be created by simply
selecting parameters from a pick list.
When using DeviceNet the 3500 EDS file can be
registered and the parameter input and output
tables edited using Allen Bradley’s RSNetWorx™
configuration tools.
Ethernet connectivity
Utilising the popular Modbus TCP network
protocol the 3500 controllers can be connected
to an Ethernet network. This enables plug and
play connection to other Eurotherm products
such as graphic recorders and third party PLCs or
Modbus master
The 3200 provides the facility to broadcast one
parameter using Modbus RTU to a number of
slave units. Typically this would be used to
retransmit a Setpoint to other slave zones within a
furnace. The 3500 allows full read/write Modbus
RTU communications with multiple slave devices.
3000 Series Product Brochure | 5
Products designed for ease of use
As well as precision PID control from the World’s
leading supplier, the 3000 Series controllers
offer a host of features that make the units easy
to use and configure to save you time and money.
Heater failure detection
QuickStart code
early indication of a heater fault, this input can
A simple 10 digit code can be used to set up all
of the essential 3200 functions to control your
process. If you specify this code at point of order
your controller will arrive pre-configured.
Configuration Wizard
Within the supporting PC based software, iTools,
are configuration Wizards. These Wizards will
guide you through the configuration process with
interactive help and graphical demonstration of
The 3200 range can accommodate a current
transformer input that can be used to monitor the
status of the heaters. Normally used to provide
also be used to measure the actual current
flowing and indicate the value on the front HMI,
provide alarm output, or make information
available to a supervisory system for power usage
Easy recipe selection
Recipes can be used to change the operating
parameters of the controller or even to change the
full configuration - allowing one basic controller to
configuration options.
be easily adapted to many applications. Recipes
QuickStart HMI
understandable user defined name, by external
Eurotherm have designed a QuickStart HMI
Wizard for all of the 3500 Range controllers. In
just a couple of minutes the controller can be
ready for use as the wizard leads the user
through all of the basic set up via the instrument
HMI. There is no need for additional tools, PCs or
even an extensive knowledge of control.
Informative displays
All of the 3000 Series displays provide clear
messages and data to ensure operators get the
information they need about the plant conditions.
They provide, clear, complete text information with
a custom message facility – (the 3200 uses
scrolling text to maximise clarity for operators) –
along with help text for each controller function.
The 3508 and 3504 also have user-defined
displays to offer views onto the process that are
best suited to the operation of the plant.
6 | 3000 Series Product Brochure
can be selected by the controller HMI using an
hardware signals, or by digital communications.
Config adaptor
PC configuration of all 3000 Series can be
achieved by using a configuration adaptor. It gives
Eurotherm iTools the ability to communicate and
configure devices without any power being
connected. This device is ideal for distributors and
OEMs who need to stock a wide range of
Flexible and Creative Solutions
Graphical Wiring Editor
Setpoint programming
An impressive Ramp/Soak programmer is
available in the 3500. The ability to store up to 50
different programs, each with dual channel
capability makes its ideal for applications such as
heat treatment furnaces, autoclaves and
environmental chambers – where often more than
one variable needs to be profiled. The 3500 has
functionality not normally found in a product of
this class and its flexibility in being able to interact
with other
function blocks
The 3500 is capable of providing simple solutions
makes it a very
to demanding applications. Eurotherm iTools
powerful device.
includes a Graphical Wiring Editor to quickly
implement and document such applications within
the controller. This flexible tool provides drag and
drop wiring and function block placement to save
time in configuration and to aid with plant
Specialist function blocks
The 3500 supports a comprehensive range of
function blocks to provide solutions with simple
Setpoint programmer for time based profiles –
ideal for furnaces and test chambers
Zirconia input for carbon potential control
Wet/dry humidity measurement
Transducer scaling – load cells, melt pressure
Maths, logic and timer functions
I/O expander
The I/O expander provides increased programmer
functionality by increasing the digital I/O capability
and expands the 3500
logic capacity
by up to
40 I/O.
A system product
The 3500 is ideal for use in systems with flexible
communication options to suit the architecture
and integrate with other products. Its functionality
with maths, logic and timers could also negate
the need for a small PLC – saving money, time
and space in the system.
Feature packed
• 2 PID Loops
• SP Programs
• Maths Timers
• Fieldbus Comms
• Carbon
• Humidity
• Custom HMI
3000 Series Product Brochure | 7
Real-world applications
Whether it’s for excellence in control, ease of use
or its flexible and creative solutions, the 3000
Series can be used in many applications to solve
problems and save time and money.
The 3000 recipe function is unique in a controller of this class. Recipes can be
stored under a user-defined name to recall a number of parameter settings. These
settings may include operating variables or configuration parameters, providing a
very powerful means of altering the set up of a controller in a single operation.
Recipes may be recalled either from the HMI, over the communications link, or
using digital inputs.
The simple timer in the 3200 may be used to control batch
operations, eg. food ovens, sterilisers, fryers. Ideal for any
application requiring a single dwell at the end of either a
controlled ramp or natural approach to setpoint without the
need for an additional timing device.
Switch off
Heater failure detection
Feedforward is a control technique used to
compensate for future disturbances or process
changes. It provides an offset on the controller PID
calculation to ensure that corrective action is taken
to prevent the measured PV being disturbed. A
typical application is additive dosing. By measuring
the flow rate upstream from the dosing pump it is
possible to use the feedforward feature of the
3500 to achieve an output proportional to the fluid
flow rate. This means that the dosing rate
immediately tracks any changes in flow rate and
so prevents any possibility of dangerous over
A current transformer input in the 3200
measures the current switched through the
load. The measurement is filtered so that the
on current and off currents can be separated.
From this it is possible to diagnose several load
faults including partial load failure, over current
and an SSR fault. Typical applications include
plastic extrusion, laboratory ovens and other
applications where early indication of heater
failure can save energy and rework costs.
8 | 3000 Series Product Brochure
Many applications need to vary temperature, or other process values, with time. The
setpoint is varied by using a setpoint program. The program is stored as a series of ‘ramp’
and ‘dwell’ segments. All 3000 Series controllers provide this feature. The 3200 has an
extremely easy to use 8 segment programmer for simple applications while the 3500 has a
very flexible dual channel
programmer with
storage for 50 programs.
The 3500 is ideal for
End Type = Dwell
furnace, environmental
chamber and autoclave
End Type = Off
Holdback at
applications that require
start of dwell
greater flexibility.
Dual loop
The Dual Loop capability in the 3500 makes it ideal
for controlling interactive processes such as those
found in carburising furnaces, environmental
chambers, autoclaves and fermenters. All of these
applications require control and often setpoint
programming of two variables. By using the
advanced maths and logic functions within the 3500,
intelligent control strategies can be created to
compensate for interactive effects between variables
and maintain them at setpoint.
The HMI on 3000 Series
controllers are
customisable to show
plant information in the
format that is most useful
for the operator.
Customisable scrolling
text can indicate event
and alarm conditions, to
trigger another function,
or instruct an operator of
the current state of the process. The 3500 has
additional facilities to enable a user to design their
own user interface.
Transducer scaling
The zirconia block calculates
carbon potential, oxygen
concentration and dew point
based on the temperature and
probe mV measurements from a
zirconia oxygen probe. Probe
burn-off sequence and
diagnostic alarms are also
available to help extend the life of
the probe and predict impending
probe failure while minimising
downtime and rework. This
feature enables the 3500 to be
used to control carbon potential
in an atmosphere furnace, an inert atmosphere in a
sintering furnace and dewpoint in an endothermic generator.
User calibration can be performed in all 3000 Series
Master comms
The 3200 provides a simple two point calibration on
its input and the 3500 has a comprehensive set of
transducer scaling options that make it ideal for melt
pressure, load cell or comparison type calibrations.
1Kg Reference Weight
In all 3000 Series controllers it is possible
to use the Modbus RTU communication
link to send a value (often setpoint) from
one controller to a network of slave
devices - providing the economical
creation of multi-zone temperature control
Load Cal
PV input of instrument
under calibration
Dual valve positioning
The Dual Valve Positioning (VP) feature on the 3500
allows two motorised valves to be modulated from
one controller. Typically one valve would actuate a
burner or hot air inlet and the other a cooling damper.
This feature removes the need to interface the
controller via external positioners.
The VP feature can be used with or without a
feedback potentiometer and can also be used with
PID in either control channel to provide control
strategies such as PID Heat/VP Cool.
3000 Series Product Brochure | 9
Success stories commercial benefits
CASE STUDY Accurate and Reliable when it matters most
US Airways Flight 1549 - the most successful ditching in aviation history. Our customer provided the
aviation tension springs inside the Ram Air Turbine (RAT). We ensured the process control for their
high tolerance springs production was accurate reliable and traceable.
The RAT was deployed when both engines failed after striking a flock of Canada Geese shortly after take
off. The RAT provided the hydraulic power for the pilot to manoeuvre the aircraft into position for a water
landing in the Hudson River-subsequently known as the most successful ditching in aviation history.
Customer Challenge
Vital that production is entirely accurate predictable and traceable so the precision high toleranced springs
manufactured are robust, reliable and therefore, predictable.
• 3504 advanced Temperature/Process Controller for precision Temperature Control
• AeroDAQ AMS2750E Data Management Solution for data acquisition and thermocouple monitoring
Customer Benefits
Flexible control and measurement of multitude of variables
True Out of the Box operation with QuickStart code
Clear user based display
Security of intellectual property gives peace of mind
CASE STUDY Protecting expensive injection molding equipment for years to come
The 3216 temperature controller has been successfully implemented as a Chiller controller in the USA
plastic market
Customer Challenge
Our injection molding customer needed long term protection for their new process molding machinery
while aiding consistent production. They wanted consolidated control over multiple chillers.
• The 3216 controller regulates the chiller’s functions. The chiller will provide stable temperature, flow
and pressure
Customer Benefits
Stable temperature flow and pressure means
• Protection of expensive plant machinery 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years and years to come
• Increased production
• Reduces rejected parts while increasing the number of parts produced per hour
• The 3216 controller replaces several interconnected devices to chillers
• The level of functionality, programmability and alarming allows the user to create a local custom alarm
strategy for optimum operating safety
• This minimizes downtime and improves quality
CASE STUDY Life, the Universe and everything…
Accurate control and monitoring of Liquid Cryogen is vital in advanced Neutron science and the
Eurotherm 3504 controller is the preferred choice at a world renowned research facility, combining expert
measurement and control with a comprehensive and clear user interface.
At the facility, neutron beams can be tailored to probe the fundamental processes that help to explain
how our universe came into being, why it looks the way it does today and how it can sustain life.
Customer Challenge
Within the institute, one of the services for advanced neutron science research; chose Eurotherm to resolve
the issues of a particular type of instrument that kept breaking down, a liquid cryogen Level Monitor.
• 3504 Advanced temperature controller. Our solution accurately monitors
levels of liquid Helium and Nitrogen and cold valve controllers.
Customer Benefits
• Ideal for demanding, high accuracy applications due to its precision
control of melt pressure and other key variables
• It is a highly flexible solution with interconnectivity, and a totally
customisable display
• Very tough and durable
• Best ongoing technical support for any issues in the future
Further information on
how our products are
being used by Services
for Advanced Neutron
Environment (SANE)
can be seen at the links
to the institute’s website
Nitrogen Level Monitors
Helium Level Monitors
Control Valve Monitors
For the full stories and all our successes go to www.eurotherm.com/success
10 | 3000 Series Product Brochure
Selection guide
3200 Series
3500 Series
Single Loop
Panel size (DIN)
IP Rating
Display Type
Supply Voltage
Safety Approvals
IP65, NEMA12
IP65, NEMA12
Main: 4 digits
Lower: 5 character starburst (3216/08/04)
9 character starburst (32h8)
24V dc/ac
85-264V ac
Main PV: 5 digit plus
4 line alphanumeric
24V dc/ac,
85-264V ac
EN14597 TR, CCC Exempt
mA, CT
TC, RTD, mV,
mA, Volts
On/Off. PID, VP
On/Off, PID, VP
Special Features
Recipes, Text messaging
User wiring,
Master comms
SP Programmer
4 Ramp + 4 Dwell
50 Programmes,
500 Segments max
Analogue IP/OP
In: 2 Out: 3
In: 5 Out: 6
Digital IP/OP
Digital Comms
In: 3 Out: 4
In: 40 Out: 41
Modbus, DeviceNet,
Profibus, Ethernet
Input Type
PV Accuracy
Control Types
24 Calculations
Maths Equation
Combinational Logic
24 Operations
Day and Time
Real Time Clock
Alarm Types
PC Configuration
Hi, Lo, Dev, Heater fail
Sensor break, Event
Hi, Lo, Dev, Heater fail
Sensor break, Event
Graphical Wiring
3000 Series Product Brochure | 11
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