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Coke Making Technology - DMT
Distillation columns
Distillation columns
Process Engineering
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Coke Making Technology
Problem solution during operation
ressure control optimization at the gas
collecting main
– Coke Plant in France
eduction of tar water content in the tar
separator by hydro-dynamic simulations
– Coke Plant in Belgium
ptimization of the process control to minimize deposits in the coke oven gas network
– Coke Plant in Korea
ealization of energy saving potentials in the
pressurized air and steam network
– Coke Plant in Germany
ncrease of efficiency of distillation columns
– Coke Plant in Korea
If your projects require process oriented planning and also
safe execution, then DMT is a capable partner whose coke
making technology division covers the whole spectrum of
process engineering with innovative solutions.
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of coke plants – Development and
implementation of projects during operation of the coke
oven gas cleaning plant
Plant extension and modernization – Planning and
turn-key supply of coke oven gas cleaning equipment
Development of innovative products and process
engineering solutions – Innovative PROVen© system for
single-chamber pressure control, new furnace door
gasket and door cleaning system, optimized processes
for gas cleaning, dust emission reduction at the
quenching tower, increase of the efficiency by
process optimization
Consulting services – Layout optimization of equipment
or components for the efficient utilization of (the
resource) coal, concepts to solve operational problems
Coke Making Technology –
Virtually opened heating chambers of
a coke oven battery
By-product plant
Claus plant with ammonia cracking
By-product plant
Ammonium Sulfate Plant –
Completed projects
Claus Plant –
Completed projects
Cooling and Chilled Water System –
Completed projects
Turn-key supply of an ammonium sulfate plant at a coke
plant in France
Design of four Claus plants for coke plants in Korea
The Claus process is an important component of
low-emission coke production.
Turn-key supply of a cooling and chilled water system
at a coke plant in Germany
Low temperatures guarantee a better cleaning efficiency
of the coke oven gas in the scrubbing plants. This means
an improvement of the emission value and the quality of
the products especially in the warmer summer months.
To match the increased requirement of cooling capacity
an existing cooling tower was replaced by a new one
and additionally a new chilled water system was erected.
clean the ammonia loaded coke oven gas a
half-direct process was used where the coke oven gas
passes through so called spray saturators
nThree of the existing saturators were replaced by two
new saturators including the downstream peripheral
nThe volume of coke oven gas treated amounts to
45.000 Nm3/h per saturator
nThe ammonia loading could be reduced from
9 g to < 30 mg per Nm3 coke oven gas
n Pressure drop in the saturator is recorded with less
than 130 mm WC (13 mbar)
Contract included:
nBasic Engineering for 4 Claus plants at two different
sites in Korea
nDelivery of key components for the process
nSupport of erection supervision and commissioning
The throughput of each plant is 6.000 m3 vapors per hour
consisting mainly of H2S, NH3, HCN, H2O
Completion: September 2007
Project duration: 26 months
Completion: May 2008
Project duration: 17 months
nThe new cooling tower was designed for an amount
of 2.900 m3/h cooling water. This amount is cooled
down from 43OC to a temperature of 26OC
nThe new chilled water system consists of two
compression refrigerating plants. Per unit 462 m3/h
chiller water is chilled down from 24OC to a
temperature of 17OC
This project was realized in a consortium with Axima
Refrigeration GmbH, Lindau, Germany.
Completion: October 2007
Project duration: 11 months
Plot of an ammonium
sulfate plant
Site visit in
Gwangyang, Korea
Cooling towers
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